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Bow to Blood – Relationships and Voting | PS VR

August 21, 2019

In Bow to Blood you’ll take on
the role of a challenger chosen to compete in a
fantasy reality show. Your goal? Survive to the end
of the season to be crowned Champion of the Arena. At the end of each match, the bottom two challengers
are up for the vote. You will need to balance
short-term gains with long-term consequence as every decision
you make will change how other challengers look upon you. “Betrayed another’s trust.” “But your
ruthlessness has paid off, at least for now.” “That cash was already looted.” “Liars!” “Those were our points.” “They were but we just
bought ourselves some allies.” “We need points to win!” In the next video we’ll be
talking about the Captain’s Quarters
and sponsorships.

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  1. Likeeee merecido friend 👍 tmj .
    Esperando sua companhia em meu humilde canal amigo. Se escreve galerinha eu rtb sua inscrição tmj

  2. I pre orded spider man ps4 it has 10 days counting but I can't get into my ps4 management I forgot the pass word but I still can sign into my account would I still be able to play it

  3. Hey bru! Let's play a video game about playing a video game while video game people watch a show about a video game!

    Some of the designs are interesting but if feels like they're trying to make a hefty narrative.

    Not totally sure about that narrative.

  4. Ehhh how about you remake ICO with lots of new content instead of… whatever this is supposed to be… Just saying

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