BOW/RIFLE Coyote Double! Archery and Rifle Coyote Hunting – Solvid FIY
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BOW/RIFLE Coyote Double! Archery and Rifle Coyote Hunting – Solvid FIY

August 12, 2019

It’s definitely pushing dark for the last coyote hunting call set of the evening The birds are awful noise, and where there are magpies, the coyotes are usually not far away. The rancher would confirm this, as he has issues with coyotes and his cattle year round. A few hours later, with light fading fast, a coyote pack began barking back on the ridge, out of sight I know the coyotes can hear me, but after several different calls with nothing, Its time to throw in the diaphragm in and start making my own noise. That was the ticket. With in 3 or 4 minutes, 3 coyotes appear, heading my direction. Just rolled that dog! Took a while for em to come in… Pretty obvious the weren’t going to get into bow range though, so I gues I can put this bad boy away. Well this coyote hunt is over, or so I thought… As I am messing around with my camera and equipment, I hear something heading my direction. This coyote and two others to the left decided to check things out. So back on goes the Solvid CamStrap, and I get my weapons ready. With an arrow to the chest in the first coyote, the other two don’t seem to know what’s going on. Dang, I had him ranged at 40 yards, but he jumped at the sound of the bow, saving himself. Its not over yet though, as he comes even closer. And another miss as I guess the yardage at 35 yards and hit low. Well, that’s strike three. This could have easily been a quadruple, or even more. Which would have really impressed

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  1. what types of calls do u use?? I live in the east and we have a bad coyote problem but I cant figure out what type of call to use

  2. Hey solvid I was wondering if u could do a video with a cellphone on the your awesome mount I just bought one with a cellphone adaptor so I'm pretty curious

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