Bow Hunting Whitetails With Garmin Xero Bow Sight
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Bow Hunting Whitetails With Garmin Xero Bow Sight

August 16, 2019

– [Narrator] From CarecoTV, one of the longest
running outdoor programs on television today. Exploring the country
and the coast, in search of adventures. From the mountains of
the Great Northwest to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean. This is Americana Outdoors,
presented by Garmin. Last year, Garmin debuted the
groundbreaking Xero Bow Sight and rapidly revolutionized
the world of bow hunting. This week on Americana Outdoors, Garmin’s very own Rehan
Nana is joining us with his Xero Bow Sight in hand to bring home his very
first Texas white-tail deer. – [Rehan] So we’re down
here in South Texas, I think it’s about two
hours away from San Antonio. I’m coming from Kansas City, hunting that Midwest area, so coming down to Texas,
with this type of stuff, it’s big country,
it’s beautiful, it’s
really interesting. Pulling up here I didn’t
know what to expect, but there is a lot of
ground to hunt here, see a lot of deer already, I think I saw a
couple driving in, so I was just really
excited to get down here, check the place out, food
was already ready down here, but I was kind of champing at
the bit to get out hunting. This week we’re down here
going after Texas white-tail. You always hear about
Texas deer, the size, everything about ’em so I
was really excited to do it. To get invite down here,
and to try out the new Xero. (mellow music) So Garmin Xero is
Garmin’s new bow sight and it’s this incredible
piece of technology, that incorporates both
range finding technology and bow sight into one. So really in short, instead of having to pick up and use a range finder and
then figure out distance on your bow sight,
it’s all in one, it’s a compact little unit
that goes right on your bow like a typical bow sight and when you’re on draw, there’s a button that you press and it actually
gives you the range and drops the pin on a
retical dot right there, to the exact yardage, which is just
fantastic in my mind. And what’s so nice about it
is you’re not splitting pins or anything like that,
you get the exact yardage, it compensates for angles, and it gives you
that precise shooting when you really need it. I actually started shooting
recurve when I was younger and so coming into the
compound with a Xero, it was a big change, but
it’s the kind of the change that I was looking for, I mean it was one
of those things that
I’ve been shooting it just day in and day out. The thing is, with that Xero, it’s a fantastic
piece of technology but you still need to practice, it gives you that presicion
and aiming when you need it, but you gotta do everything
up to that point, so I’ve been ducking
out from work, over lunch and getting shots in, knowing we were coming
down here and hunting back on my farm and what not,
in this entire season, every time I use it just
kind of blows my hair back. It’s everything you
want in a bow sight and one of the fun
things that I do is just picking random
spots and random angles that you’d be shooting from and it’s just dead on every
time, you know what I mean, starting at, going 20,
23, 27, 30, 33, 35, it gives you that exact
pin, every single time. One of the things that
the Xero won’t do is, you still have to know deer, you still have to practice, you still have to be comfortable and most importantly
know your limitations. For me, I really
felt comfortable into
that 30 yard mark, especially from the
sitting position and you just have to
draw that line saying, while this side can go out
to a 100 yards per target, this is where I feel
comfortable as a hunter and that’s the limitations
that you have to follow. As hunters, we’re
always trying to make the most ethical shot
and one of the things you never wanna do
is lose an animal. If it’s deer, if it’s
birds, if it’s anything and so one of the things
that I really love about this is that sight
helps you in those situations because instead of
having splitting pins and guessing yardage, when you’re putting
that pin on that animal, it’s exactly where it should be. Down here in Texas
there’s a lot of deer and there’s lot of
eye balls on you when you’re in the stand
so having that ability not to be moving
with a range finder and then with your bow, is really, really
helpful down here. It’s just one fluid emotion
up, range it, let it fly. – [Narrator] Visit to learn more about this incredible technology and add it to your
collection of hunting gear. Well, coming up! Rehan makes
his way out into to the field with the hopes of tracking
down a mature Texas white-tail. Americana Outdoors
presented by Garmin is brought to you by: Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, your adventure starts here. GARMIN Xero, leave
the guess work behind. YAMAHA’s proven off-road ATVs
and side-by-side vehicles. It’s the morning
of day one out here in deer camp and a strong
cold front is blowing through, along with some
pretty gusty winds. Let’s see how it affects
today’s game plan. – [Rehan] Coming down to Texas I thought it was
gonna be 65 and sunny, the weather changed
pretty quick down here and I felt like I was
back in Tornado Alley. I mean we just had north winds
going 20/25 miles an hour. So talking with Wade, we made the decision
in the morning just with the wind
to really set up in a ground line that put
up it was on some oats, so a food plot there and great setup, back brushed in a bit there and immediately deer
started coming through and as much as we
say it as hunters, it never gets old
seeing those animals, in their element
doing their thing. (mellow music) Down here, what’s really nice is they follow a
management program for those bucks and so
really one of the things we’re looking for is that four
plus year old eight point, five plus year old 10 point and so that first day
while we saw some deer coming through that were
nice, they were young and it’s just following that
plan gives an opportunity to really have a constructive
management program out here, really healthy deer, and get the opportunity
for the deer that you’re looking for. (mellow music) Rusty, we got one
right over there, too. Not a shooter, but. (mellow music) – [Rusty] There’s a good deer. – [Rehan] The wind
is both, I guess, is your best friend and
worst enemy sometimes. One of the things
that’s really nice is that it covers
sound a lot better, and so speaking with
Rusty, our cameraman, still in that low, hushed voice, but being able to just
communicate back and forth, admiring those deer
that’re coming through, talking about the different ones and so that was nice. It’s sometimes, it helps you out so you’re
not just sitting there in dead silence and dead still. So a little bit more sociable
aspect of it at sometimes. (mellow music) So we’re out here on day one and we snuck in here an
hour before, just in time, saw a nice axis come through, still young and then
deer started flooding in, it was great, there was a
couple possible shooters there but it’s day one so we
just decided to pass on it, but a lot of opportunity
here and it’s just great to see this many
deer, on day one. Right now as you
may be able to tell, we got quite a bit
of wind going on and so we’ll set up
in a ground blind. I’m not as familiar with
the ground blind as I am stands, but I was
out, getting shot in and everything like
that yesterday. It’s about 8:45 right now and deer have stopped
moving through so we’re gonna turn
in, get some breakfast, and then hopefully get back
out here this afternoon. – [Narrator] During
a hunt like this, where you’re surrounded
by large country and have little to
no cell service, It’s really important to have
the ability to stay connected. As they make their
way back to deer camp, here’s a little tip on
how you can stay in reach with fellow hunters
or loved ones. – [Rehan] So, you can
see we’re just out here pretty far in the
middle of nowhere and one of the things
is we lost cell service and so we’ve been using
the inReach back and forth, but I think that this
is just a prime example of being able to
have the technology to be in contact
with people in reach, inReach tiny little device,
I call it the ‘Mighty Mouse’. It’s a two-way SMS
communication device that works on iridium satellite and so when you’re
in an area like this that’s outside of cell service, you still have the
ability to get in contact with camp or loved
ones back home and then you have the
SOS capability as well, it’s got everything. It’s got weather forecasting,
it’s got tracking, it pairs into your cellphone for Bluetooth
mapping capabilities, so you have the
energy to explore which is the larger
unit that has terrain mapping,
but there’s many Bluetooths sent
to your cellphone so, if you want to you can
throw that in your pack and still navigate all of your
cellphone based on your app. – [Narrator] When we come back, Rehan gives us a little insight into another vital piece
of technology from Garmin, before venturing right to the
second half of his outing. Americana Outdoors
presented by Garmin is brought to you by: HIVIZ SHOOTING SYSTEMS, see what you’ve been missing. STEALTH CAM Digital
Scouting Cameras, proven. Record Rack, serious nutrition. THOMPSOSN/CENTER,
America’s master gun maker. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Now, when we left off,
Rehan was just wrapping up the morning portion of his hunt, as he makes his way out
to his next location, this time in a tree stand, let’s learn about
the Garmin Instinct, another rugged unit
designed to withstand even the toughest terrains. – [Rehan] This is
big, big country and so, the ability to
always have GPS service out here is really critical. I’ve been wearing the
new Garmin Instinct, it was made for hunters. You can see it’s got
that orange on it. One of the features
that I really love, it can actually pair with
so many different devices. Garmin’s always making
ecosystems a product, so I actually pair
the inReach to it so you can get messages
right directly on your watch. You can hit SOS if you need to, but one of the things I
really like about this watch is the backtrack feature. We were driving to the
spot where that tripod was and I was able to
just immediately hit, I’m gonna start a
GPS track right there and it will track
you all the way in. When you wanna get out, what’s really nice is you
just hit a backtrack feature on that and it will actually
just guide you right back out and if you start getting
even a little bit off course it lets you know and it will get you right
back on that right track and so that way you can
get back to the track and get back home to safety
as soon as you need to. (mellow music) This morning we
saw a lot of deer. Wind was picking up. We actually moved
to a different ranch called The Javeline down here and we got a nice
creek bottom draw and apparently, pretty much
everything moves through here, so we’re just gonna wait
and see what comes through, but hopefully we’ll
get our buck tonight. We already got
movement down there. Luckily that weather
moved through a little bit but we still had some wind so, in that tripod with the wind, wasn’t able to
communicate with Rusty on that one as much and
so it was pretty critical that we weren’t moving as
much, you gotta be careful and when we set in,
it was kinda crazy, almost immediately we
had deer coming in. I didn’t even have
time to put on my coat, and I think I counted
about 12 deer just sitting, within 30 yards of us. We had an axis come through. Then we also had just
does moving through. Few small bucks, wasn’t
what we were looking for but, that’s patience I
guess, it’s a virtue. (mellow music) The way that that
tripod’s set up, there’s a couple
different shooting lanes, but it’s pretty, there’s timber and it’s pretty brushy, and
out of the corner of my eye, I see this really, really
nice buck coming through and I just caught
a glimpse of him and so, immediately
just stopped moving. He was standing at
a thicker draw area, so just, slowly got
back, settled in, and got a really
good look at him and immediately knew
that was the deer I was looking for, I mean,
just immediately knew that that was in that age
class that we were looking for, that was a fantastic buck and you wish you could just
draw up immediately right then. You wish you had that shot, but he didn’t wanna
give us an opportunity and so he stayed pretty thick. I was thinking where he was at, he was gonna cruise
left a little bit and give me a nice
shot at about 25, so I was positioning
for myself for that, but it was it was just
a waiting game there. When he gave me a little
bit more of a chance to look at him, you could
tell he was an old deer. You could tell that
this was his turf and he’d been here for a while. He had that sagging belly. He looked like he was
just a little bit older, maybe smaller than
he should’ve been. Just a really, really
nice mature deer and when I got that, first
saw his rack there, that’s the deer I thought
we were looking for, but when we got to see a
really good look at him, it was solidified
that was the deer. There was no questions
and all we needed to do was have him give us a shot. Seeing that deer I had a
little bit of buck fever and it’s this weird, half crouching, half
standing position as you’re getting up so, you may see me shaking just
a little bit on that one and that’s alright,
good deer deserves that. – [Narrator] While this
buck is approaching the position for a great shot. However, like Rehan
mentioned earlier, sometimes the wind can
be your best friend or your worst enemy. – [Rusty] hold on, hold on. – [Narrator] Americana
Outdoors presented by Garmin is brought to you by: TenPoint CROSSBOWS,
perfection lives here. ConQuest Scents, hunting scents and
dog training scents. Smith & Wesson
Performance Center, performance when
it matters most. – [Rehan] Communicating
with Rusty, our cameraman, he’s
awesome, does a great job. One of the things in
that tripod is tough is that when I was
on the swivel seats, so he was behind me,
he was yelling at me, “Hold on, hold on, hold on!” but with the wind and me focused on that buck, I could not hear him
for the life of me. That deer came in, he was a little under
15 yards, 12 yards. I think I got him, I think
that was a pretty good shot. As soon as that arrow’s gone, the work’s not done. You still got a lot more to do, but, I feel like I was shaking
like a leaf I was so happy and one of the
first things we did was we got out that inReach and we sent Wade
a message saying, “hey, buck down, we got it.” After the shot, you always wanna see a deer
go down as quickly as it can. When it ducks into that brush it starts creeping in
your mind the what ifs. – [Rusty] Can you
see your arrow? – Yeah. – [Rusty] Can you
see the fletching? – Yup. – [Rusty] Is it a
different color at all? – The arrow? – [Rusty] Yeah. – No there’s, I think there’s
blood on the fletching, yeah. – [Rusty] Okay. Hey, let’s give him 30 minutes. – Yeah. – [Narrator] When it
comes to bow hunting, it’s important to give the deer an ample amount of time to
let nature take it’s course. Even if you’re confident
you took a perfect shot. Once you’re positive
enough time has passed, it’s time to start tracking. – [Rehan] In the
stand we could see there was blood
right by the arrow. There’s a little
bit on the tree so, we knew that we had
made a good shot on it, but sometimes it doesn’t
immediately bleed as much as you for want for a track and so for that
first little bit, we were seeing spots
here, spots there. That’s when your
gut starts flipping and you start running
through everything again and did I do this right,
did I do that right. Was it the shot that
I thought it was, and at that point
all you can do is, really start tracking
and start looking and luckily we have
some great people here and, almost immediately we came on some just
nice, nice blood for it. Two spots of it
so it looked like it was from both sides. I think probably within
another 10, 15 yards somebody hollered out. And when they hollered out,
I knew I knew we had it. (upbeat music) I was pretty worried there right after we got
down out of the tree and there wasn’t as much
blood as I had hoped and died off there a little bit but we caught onto
a nice, nice patch. Here he is, I mean. Yeah, what an awesome deer. My goodness. He had a lot of
time in his season or a lot of time in
the stand this season and just really
wasn’t able to connect but then this thing came in and I just couldn’t believe it. It was finally all
coming together, and I had that Xero on there and it was right at 12 yards and I was like that’s
couldn’t believe that that’s where I thought
it was gonna be it further shot than that. Right on it and here
he is, unbelievable. – [Rusty] You made a
perfect shot right there, because he didn’t go where, I mean that’s your
tree right there. – [Rehan] Yeah. – [Rusty] I mean he just, he
was running the whole time. When we talked about your
hunt, the biggest thing, you didn’t care how big he was as long as you made a good shot. – [Rehan] Yeah. – [Rusty] Your boss told
me that you had shot the string off of this bow. That you had shot every
day for lunch, and that’s, man that’s phenomenal. That means you care
about the animal. – [Rehan] That’s why
this thing is so great. I mean, in my mind
it’s that you know exactly where you’re shooting,
you know the exact yardage, with wind everything
going on around here and going through the trees,
that just really helped. – [Rusty] That’s just too cool. – Yeah. – [Rusty] I couldn’t be, I
couldn’t be happier. (laughs) – Wade, I tell you what, I couldn’t be happier either, so let me shake your
hand again on that one. Thank you. Hunt’s wrapping up
and I’ve just been looking back on it and
it’s all the practice, all the arrows you fling,
first season with that Xero, I couldn’t have thought
of a better way to end it, this entire season I
was thinking about Xero, and that buck I was
hoping to take with it and at the end of the day
everything came together. We got a really nice mature buck that had been on this
property for at least 7 years. Using that Xero,
we were able to get that exact shot that we needed. It went 35 yards and dropped. I don’t know what more
you could ask for. This is one of those hunts
that everything comes together and I’m sure my next
hunt’s gonna be pretty bad but for the time being I’m
gonna enjoy the moment. – [Narrator] Hey,
thank you for watching, and join us next
week on a new episode of Americana Outdoors. (dramatic music) American Outdoors is
a CarecoTV production.

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