Bow Hunting SPEED TEST Mathews HALON 6 – A Hunting Bow Review
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Bow Hunting SPEED TEST Mathews HALON 6 – A Hunting Bow Review

December 28, 2019

Hi guys, Dan Pickar here with Eastmans’
gear lab today we got the new Matthews Halon in. Its a 30 inch axle to axle got
the new cross center cam system which is kind of an evolved cam from the no camp
but you can see they shaped it a little bit different so it’s not a perfect
wheel it kind of reminds me of the wake. If your dual bridge riser and you have
your wider limb pockets and wider limbs for more torque resistance. Should be a
fun boat we’re going to get set up and take it for a test drive and see how it
performs and compare it to some other Matthews bows. That’s a good place to
start and we can make adjustments from there we have a 300 spine arrow on a 70
pound bow. This is the 85% lead off so it should be pretty close it might be a
little stiff but Matthews a lot of times I’ve had success with stiff arrows on
Matthews bow so we’re going to go, stiff. So we took one shot out of the
Halon and pretty impressive make much due to their cross centric camp system
and their zero knock travel built off of the no cam technology from last year
with the zero knock travel as well. It makes it incredibly easy to set up and
to tune apparently like I said I just eyeballed my knocking point and my left
to right on my rest and we’re off to the range now let’s go shoot it at some real
targets. Okay so here’s a comparison between 2015 wake and the new Halon. You can see how they kind of kept the limb pockets they change the design a little
bit but the width and the limb styles are very similar. You can also see they kind
of got away from the honeycomb type riser and it’s a lot shorter than
the Wake too. And also new with the Halon this year, is the flat back grip and
that just provides a nice wall a nice shelf to prevent torque when you’re
shooting this bow. So here’s a side by side comparison of the cams of the Wake
and the Halon they’re similar but you can see they sit totally different and
they’re constructed totally different. It’s a little smaller axle to axle at 30
inches, but I think we’re going to see with these larger cams and the cross
centric cam technology that it’s going to shoot actually like a 33 or maybe a
34 inch axle to axle bow. So it’ll be interesting to see how this bow shoots
once we launch a few downrange. Okay we’re going to chronograph the
Halon. On paper it looks pretty similar to the Chill R which I’ve shot quite a
bit this is 29 inch draw length. 85% let off mod on it. This is a victory rip it’s
300 spine cut to 27 and a half inches and I think I’m right about 410 or 412
for my grains for my weight on my arrow. So that’s our specs let’s shoot it
through and see what we get. 3:09, wow it shoots fast. That’s going to
put me pretty darn near to the same specs as my Chill R for speed 310 feet
per second. We’ll shoot a couple more and see what
we get. 3:14, so we shot the Halon through the chronograph three times we
got 309, 309, and 315 for a bow that’s much quieter and roughly I mean it’s
smaller it’s 30 inch axle to axle. I think the Chill R is 33 inches
axle to axle. So a smaller compact bow, that doesn’t shoot like a 30 inch axle to
axle it shoots more like a 33 or 34 inch axle to axle with this big belly on
the cam. So it’s it’s quieter and it’s just as fast, and pretty impressive so
numbers don’t lie on that. 315 feet per second on the 2016 Matthews Halon. Okay we’re out here hunting with the new
Matthews Halon. We got a big 200 blosser out here about 43 yards, I’m
gonna draw back send one down range. Big buck. We got it!

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  1. How does the Halon shoot compared to the Wake? Also if that arrow is really ~409 grain that bow is smoking fast.

  2. Shot a Halon today. 28", 65#'s, 350gr. arrow and speed was 308fps. Turned it up to 70#'s and got 318 fps. Have not found any better bow to this point than my Mathews Z7. This is as smooth and 20 fps faster. No hand shock and quiet. Some say it is heavy but it does not feel heavy in the hand. I have had Mathews bows since the day of the infamous Z-Max. That era of bows were fast but were way to light and very inconsistent. Thinking' I am going to get one.

  3. Been shooting Hoyt for years now, used to shoot Mathews in there as well. This is the first Mathews I have shot for about 6-7 years. I really liked the draw cycle and seemed very dead in the hand through the shot as well. Arrows flew straight and fast. Even though I am a Hoyt guy (just suits my shooting, and accuracy better) this Halon is a really nice bow. Looking forward to shooting it again.

    Curious in the beginning what kind of target is that?

  4. I have a 28dl on my Halon 6 with the QAD HDX Drop away rest could I have my East Carbon Injexions .330 spine arrow cut down to 27" or 26.5

  5. That's fast I chrono'd mine, I have the same draw and poundage @385 grain arrow the average I got was 313 fps. Almost seems like yours is over ibo, maybe was the no monkey tails lol. 15 fps for string and 10 fps for draw and 85% let off. I would have like to seethe numbers on a 350 grain arrow. Thanks for the video.

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