Bow Hunting: Sit Down, Shut Up, And HUNT (#253)
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Bow Hunting: Sit Down, Shut Up, And HUNT (#253)

August 15, 2019

GRANT: Archery season begins September 15th
in Missouri and Adam and I were eager to get in the stand. GRANT: It was a great feeling, to be back
in a stand; safety harness on and bow hanging, ready to see some deer, but probably due to
the warm temperatures at our location, our observations were limited, and all the deer
we saw were out of range. GRANT: Our hunt ended without us getting a
shot, but the highlight came as we were headed to the truck, and received a photo on our
phone of Seth Harker and a deer he’d just tagged. SETH: Opening night of Missouri archery season,
unfortunately, my brother couldn’t make it. I’m not gonna let that stop me. I’m
gonna grab the bow, grab the camera, and I’m heading to the woods. GRANT: Like Adam and I, Seth was eager to
get in the stand during opening day. But due to work, his cameraman was not able to join
him. SETH: (Whispering) Well, we finally made it
to the tree. Having all kinds of opening day problems. GoPro won’t work. We spooked three
does out of the food plot – a flock of turkeys. None the less, we’re hunting a hidey hole
food plot. We’ve got a nice little pond we built five, six years back. Um, we’re
gonna set here, because it is opening day, self filming. You’re not gonna get to see
what’s going on behind the tree, behind the scenes – whatever you want to call it.
Still excited, good to be in a tree. We’re gonna enjoy it. We always do, so I’m gonna
sit down, shut up, and hunt. ANNOUNCER: is brought to you
by Bass Pro Shops. Also by Reconyx, Trophy Rock, Muddy Outdoors, Non-Typical Wildlife
Solutions, Eagle Seed, Nikon, Winchester, ScentMaster, Dead Down Wind, Antler Dirt,
LaCrosse Footwear, Redneck Hunting Blinds, BloodSport Arrows, Prime Bows by G5, Outdoor
Edge Knives and Flatwood Natives. SETH: (Whispering) Listen. SETH: (Whispering) What is he doing? SETH: (Whispering) It’s a small buck, that’s
generally with Rambler and Waldo. SETH: (Whispering) Let’s hope they do the
same thing, ‘cause if they do, they are in….trouble. SETH: (Whispering) Man, I hope one of our
hit lister’s show. We are in their wheelhouse. This is the bedroom. SETH: It’s about 30 minutes before dark.
I saw tines slipping through the cedars, hit record on the camera to see Waldo make his
appearance into the food plot. SETH: (Whispering) I put it to him boys. I
put it to him. The Prime put it to him. Where’s Waldo? There he is, right there. Double lung.
Opening night success! What do you say? Oh man! Filming myself tonight. Yeah! I just
nailed him. I mean nailed Waldo. (Laughter) Dude, you had to work. I can’t help it.
Yes. I thumped him good. Why would I be talking this loud, with this much light? If I..the
deer is down. Right here, he ain’t, he ain’t going nowhere. CHASE: Right here on this limb. He went in
right here. Be hard to see blood in this. SETH: Well, we weren’t finding much blood.
I guess it’s where we hit that offside shoulder. We turned our lights off. I see a Lumenok
up here. Don’t know if that’s where the deer is, but we’re gonna head towards the
light. SETH: He looks like a Jim Dandy, from here.
Where’s that Lumenok? SETH: Beautiful deer. Period. Wow. Look at
that knot, dude. Look at that thing. Look at that. AARON: Where? SETH: Look. Wow. That is cool. What a beauty.
Look. Where have we seen this before? And I’m not Ted Nugent, but we’ve got another
sticker shot. Look at the G5 sticking up through. I mean, literally, blew that shoulder. Look
at that G5 point. AARON: That, that’s it? SETH: What’s he gonna go, Chase? 40? AARON: I can’t believe… CHASE: Yeah. I’d say 145, 1, between 145
and 150. AARON: I can’t… SETH: Is that not cool? AARON: What? SETH: That paddle. You don’t have a knife?
You want to use this one. SETH: I don’t know. You better watch for
it. CHASE: That sucker is sharp, ain’t it? SETH: They work perfect. AARON: Dad, pop that. SETH: I ain’t popping that. AARON: Why? SETH: Here. That’s a sharp knife, son. AARON: Pop it. CHASE: Which way we going? Should be a path,
right over here. SETH: We let the Prime Bow bark, the G5 eat,
and we have got a big deer on the ground. Tickled that he didn’t do what he did last
year, and he is a magnum deer this year. He’s put on mass. That’s just what they do, when
they get older. And he is definitely an old specimen. When they get four, they are on
the hit list. GRANT: Seth is, obviously, a great hunter
and off to another great season. I look forward to sharing more of his hunts, throughout the
year. GRANT: (Whispering) Let’s try this. GRANT: (Whispering) Wind is perfect. I like
an eight/nine mile an hour wind that’s constant. It’s perfect to hunt. It’s the first time
we’ve hunted this hidey hole food plot. This was a wheat patch this summer. We’ve
got it in shape, got it planted, and we’re in the middle of a big hardwood area. Acorns
aren’t falling yet, so we do expect to see deer. Second reason is there’s an east wind.
A front just passed through. When you hunt an east wind, in the afternoon, your back
is to the west, so you’re not starring into the sun. You’re sitting in the shade. A
lot of conditions are just right for success tonight. First mature doe we see tonight,
or mature buck, I’m launching an arrow. GRANT: About 6:45, Adam caught the first movement
of a deer moving toward our field. GRANT: (Whispering) (Inaudible) GRANT: The younger does and yearling buck entered the
field, head down, and started eating the Broadside. But the older doe was clearly alert. Her head
was up, and she’s doing what I call periscoping – looking around, not at us, but actually,
the opposite direction, as if she’d heard something down in the woods. GRANT: I learned years ago, through ugly experiences,
not to take a shot at deer 30 plus yards that are alert. Even with the quietest bow, there’s
a good chance they’ll duck that arrow. GRANT: It was obvious the mature doe was 20
or 30 pounds heavier than any other deer in the field, including the yearling buck. And
having recently been told by Ms. Tracy, that we needed more venison in the freezer, I had
my sight set on that mature doe. GRANT: (Whispering) Yeah. It’s perfect color
all the way through. She’s not far. GRANT: Right through here. Here, here, here,
here. A lot of blood, right in here. Oh yeah. GRANT: Big doe. Right here. Magnum doe. Look
at the cut in there. That’s the entering side and look at that cut. That is a magnum. GRANT: My gosh. Cut right through a rib, on
entry. Right there. I love hunting hidey hole food plots. Catch deer going to get a quick
bite, before they go to a larger food plot, and it worked out perfectly tonight. GRANT: Per Tracy’s request – she said
she wants some fresh venison. We produced tonight, a good feeling. Let’s get this
process started. GRANT: Using this gut hook on a swing blade
knife, I had no worries about busting the rumen. Makes it a cleaner job for me – better
tasting meat for the family. GRANT: See that dark spot right there? DANIEL: Um-hm. GRANT: That’s the developing egg, right
there. DANIEL: Really? GRANT: Yep. So, it hadn’t been in fertilized,
yet, but she’s a lot closer than I thought she’d be. GRANT: I put my knife – lay it on the bone,
and then, just go right down the bone. GRANT: Not only did this hunt provide my family
with some fresh venison, there were some great lessons. Clearly, this doe yielded much more
venison than the yearling buck. And the second lesson is, I always aim right where the white
and brown hair meet, very low in the vital zone. That’s low on a deer – but I assume
almost all deer are gonna drop just a little bit. If they don’t drop, I’ve made a great
shot. If they do drop, I’m still in the vital zone. That’s exactly what happened
on this deer. She dropped seven, eight, nine inches in the 31 yards the arrow was traveling. GRANT: The first week of season here in Missouri
proved to be very successful for the GrowingDeer Team. A nice buck tagged and fresh venison
in the freezer. I hope you have a chance to get outside and enjoy Creation this week,
and most importantly, take time and be quiet, and listen to what the Creator is saying to
you. Thanks for watching SETH: Not get my GoPro to work, so I found,
I didn’t find nothing out. Why…(Laughter) (Inaudible) ADAM: Earlier in the hunt, I could not get
that stinking GoPro to work, so I got no secondary camera. SETH: Wanted to throw it out of the tree,
over the hill. Earlier in the hunt, I could not get my GoPro to work. No. Yeah. Yeah.
I could not. You ready? Earlier in the hunt, I could not get my GoPro to work, so I did,
why do I keep saying “I found out”? I didn’t find out anything.

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  1. Love watching all of y'alls vids! We look forward to them every Wednesday! Hopefully soon we'll be getting some deer down on video too!

  2. Grant what is your opinion on shooting does who have fawns present. I wanted to harvest a doe this morning but it seemed like every doe had a few fawns with it.

  3. yeah i learned the hard way not to shoot at an alert deer on opening day.   would have been my first bow kill to

  4. Another great video! going out on sunday for the first time this season. do you have any thoughts about stalking whitetails with a bow? impossible?

  5. Grant do you have any statistics of fawn mortality after their mother has been killed. I'm just curious how they fend off hunters, predators, the winter months etc… This is in central Michigan with large agriculture fields and small tracts of timber. Winters are rather harsh from November to early April with several feet of snow and very cold weather is the norm.

  6. Great shot. Nice placement on Waldo. Hope Y'all keep them coming. Great video and can't wait to see some new ones. Good luck on your season.

  7. Man that's great for you guys … 22 years and I'm still waiting for my first deer …. This year is my year has to be

  8. Grant I got a question for ya, on my farm I have 45 acres which is pretty small but we try to make the best out of it it's about 60% hay field and the rest is unkept wood lots this coming winter we are going to working in them and there slot of sweet gum and maple saplings are either one of these 2 types of trees any benefits of having for deer. If you could answer this question that would be great. I hoped your blessed with a great season.

  9. Quick question! How do you have all that land and how do you pay for all of supplies that the deer need to grow? Did you inherit all of the land? And how much money a year do you put into your deer growing process?

  10. Wow!  Where do I start, with this one?  I could definitely watch this video more than once, Grant!  One of the things that sticks out at me the most is your advice on aiming a bit lower.  A few weeks back, I was enjoying my first hunt, of the season, out in "God's creation," when a nice doe, with her yearling in tow, steps out into the Deer Cane site.  Call it early season jitters, but not only did I shoot over momma, when she bolted, I also shot over the youngster, all in about a minute of time.  Oh, well.  That's why they call it huntin'!

    Your video is fantastic, as always!  I love the camera in the tree, covering both you, & your cameraman!  Those are some angles that are hard to get, while self-videoing.  Both you, as well as Seth, could not have asked for better shot placement!  My hat goes off to both of ya!  Great advice, on not shooting at the skittish doe, too!  Ya gotta love the outtakes, which is something I need to work into my videos, as I typically have quite a bit of material, I could use, that just ends up taking up space on both my hard drive, as well as my external hard drive.

    I could write a book, here, but I won't!  Your channel is awesome, Grant, & I will continue to enjoy your show!  I'm thankful to not only call you my "Missouri brother," but my "brother in Christ," as well.  "Here, there or in the air, my brother!"

    Matt in west central Missouri

  11. What are some pine/cedar/sprice trees that allow deer to have nice bedding area. I don't want trees that just get tall and loose all of their lower branches though. If you could answer that would be awesome Thx

  12. I go out Sunday for hunt #2of the season and my life lol! I have one idea what I would do if a deer of that caliber walked in distance and a good lane. Would I even be able to get him out of the woods? I don't have high hopes of seeing any deer on Sunday because 1 it will be near 80 degrees, and 2 I have no idea what this part of this piece of land is like on the ground. I will be as much scouting the area has hunting it. I am more interested in finding a good spot for when the weather finally cools Down. But I do hope I get a deer.

  13. Thanks Grant for pointing out key issues for maintaining situational awareness of your surroundings when planning a hunt.

  14. Great tips on how a deer can drop and cause you to over shoot the aiming point and how to improve your chance of success by aiming at a lower and still vital location.

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