Bow Hunting In The Late Season: 2 Doe Kills Mean Venison For The Freezer! (#216)
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Bow Hunting In The Late Season: 2 Doe Kills Mean Venison For The Freezer! (#216)

August 13, 2019

GRANT: As cold weather sets in across the
Midwest, Adam heads north and Heath and Lindsey head west. Both of ’em bring home some venison. ANNOUNCER: is brought to you
by Bass Pro Shops. Also by Reconyx, Trophy Rock, Muddy Outdoors, Non-Typical Wildlife
Solutions, Eagle Seed, Nikon, Winchester, Redneck Hunting Blinds, Dead Down Wind, Antler
Dirt, LaCrosse Footwear, ScentMaster, BloodSport Arrows, and Prime Bows by G5. GRANT: Heath and Lindsey Martin from Arkansas
are one of our Prostaff teams. HEATH: (Whispering) Kill him. GRANT: They’ve shared some great hunts with
us in the past. LINDSEY: We caught him in the act. That right
there is why we’re getting rid of him. GRANT: During November, Heath showed us all
how to get it done as he had a great self-filmed hunt in Northern Missouri. GRANT: I was very impressed with his efforts
to get that footage and tag that Northern Missouri buck. GRANT: More recently, Heath and Lindsey took
a road trip to Kansas. A couple of days earlier, Heath had scouted a property from the edge,
working his way in and actually filmed some deer by a creek bottom. GRANT: It looked like a good place to hang,
so now they’re back with a couple of Muddy’s getting ready to hunt. HEATH: We’re on a new piece of ground, trying
to figure it out. It’s the first morning we’ve ever hunted it. It’s always fun to pick up
a new piece of property and try to figure out how to hunt it, so hopefully, we’re gonna
see some deer. GRANT: Not long after their setup, Heath and
Lindsey are in for a pleasant surprise as Kansas puts on a wildlife show. GRANT: Lindsey laid down some cool footage
of three young bucks that had apparently got back in to a bachelor group. I really like
the footage of them drinking from the icy edge creek and later crossing that very cold
creek. GRANT: Then they spotted some bobcats. GRANT: As the younger cat moves off, listen
closely as you can hear that older cat’s drawn out growls. GRANT: It’s not long until they see a target
of opportunity about 100 yards across the creek. HEATH: (Whispering) I’m trying to decide if
that’s a big doe or a little doe. She looks big to me. GRANT: The doe works her way across the creek
and is finally in range of Health’s bow. HEATH: (Whispering) Stay on her. GRANT: Slow motion reveals a well-placed shot
was avoided by this doe. Normally when this happens, that deer runs to the next zip code.
But this time, Heath was gonna get another shot. HEATH: (Whispering) Did I not hit her good? GRANT: In less than three minutes, she’s worked
all the way back. Actually, coming closer than where she was standing during the first
shot. GRANT: I’ve known and shot bows with Heath
for years. I knew when that doe was coming back in, it wasn’t gonna go well for her. HEATH: (Whispering) (Inaudible) GRANT: Heath was using a G5 Striker head and
BloodSport arrow. And clearly that combination zipped right through that shoulder. GRANT: About the same time Heath and Lindsey
were in Kansas, Adam had rolled north to hunt Northern Missouri. ADAM: Let me tell you — it is quite the change
to hunt in the Ozark Mountains and to head north and hunt in all that crop land. So,
the first afternoon, I climbed in the tree and couldn’t wait to see what would show. ADAM: About an hour later, I caught movement
in the trees and it was the first deer of the afternoon. ADAM: As they worked their way down the edge
of the field, closer to my position, and I’m filming ’em, they nudge a doe and she runs
right out in front of me. ADAM: (Whispering) I have no idea…where
that doe came from. Well, it’s just painted with blood, so it was slightly quartering
to, but that big T3 expandable head — I’m not worried about her at all. It’s always
a good sign when you see one glowing nock in the quiver. ADAM: Somehow it all worked out. I was able
to get my bow and get the shot off. Had a great hit. And it was a short blood trail
to follow. GRANT: These cold days are not only good for
hunting; they’re also great for continuing to work on that predator/prey relationship. GRANT: Trapping’s not only a great way to
balance the predator/prey relationship and work on the conservation model for your property,
it’s a wonderful way to introduce others to the great outdoors. New Year’s Eve here at
The Proving Grounds and out running a trap line this morning with my buddy, Austin. Austin
had some time off school and wanted to join me. We’re just a few traps into it and we’ve
got a raccoon right here in one of our Duke traps. Austin, what do you think about that? AUSTIN: Well, it’s nice to have a raccoon
in one of these traps. GRANT: Yeah. Yeah. Austin’s been sharing with
me. He got a .223 for Christmas and he’s gonna partake of Missouri’s youth season here this
weekend but we’re gonna get a little fur before youth season, so I’m gonna take care of this
raccoon and show Austin how I set this Duke trap. GRANT: Here, Austin. Here’s a little souvenir
from the day — if you want it. Of course, we’ve got a big spring coming out here and
we’re right by the road, so that’s kind of two travel corridors coming together. GRANT: Unlike deer hunting which often involves
sitting still and being quiet for hours at a time, trapping is full of energy, moving,
looking and seeing new sites. It’s an ideal way to share Creation and create that love
for the outdoors into other generations. GRANT: Alright, buddy. Let’s go down the road
and see if we caught anything else. CLINT: We’re out here checking our traps — the
5th of January. As you can see, we got quite a bit of snow on the ground last night. Uh,
snow is one thing. The problem we had was it rained a lot first and it iced over our
sets. So, what we’re doing today is we’re coming in, scraping off that top layer of
ice and it’s still snowing. I’m gonna put this calcium chloride down. Uh, to put this
down, you do need your traps to be properly waxed or treated in some way ’cause it will
rust your traps, but this will keep that top layer from crusting back over if it does thaw
today. Uh, traps will still fire fine through the snow, but the ice is where you run into
problems. So, we’re fixing to scrape all this ice and everything off and try to get these
traps working again tonight. CLINT: No big deal. We can deal with that. GRANT: Whether you’re out looking for sheds
or working on balancing that predator/prey relationship, take a moment to enjoy Creation
and more importantly, take some time and listen to what the Creator is saying to you. Thanks
for watching AJ: This is what happens when you try to run
your trap line after a snow storm in the Ozarks. Came about two inches from death, but Clint
over there — a heck of a driver — and maneuvered it into this life saving cedar. Here you go,
take a look. You got the truck there and about a 40 foot drop off into a ravine. But he saved
it. AJ: Well, that was not a fun ride. CLINT: Oh, heck, no. AJ: Me and, uh, Clint — we’re gonna let things
thaw out before we attempt to get anything out of here. ‘Cause I think we’re running
out of miracles. CLINT: Amen. AJ: So. Got the tractor chained up. Rocks
under the tires. Hopefully, she doesn’t go nowhere. Uh, it’s gonna have to wait for some
warm weather. Let’s get out of here.

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  1. Keep you a vehicle with a spare set of rims and some alterain tires and only use them for days like that when a street tire isn't good enough

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