Bow Hunting Elk in Oregon
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Bow Hunting Elk in Oregon

February 15, 2020

well we just got dropped so we’re gonna
set up camp and I will do a glass tonight see what we can do we spot this bull from the top
up this bottom so we’re just moving down gonna try to go just rolled downhill he just died right there c’mon well we’re at the LZ and we’re gonna do
a few sling loads in to camp and then we’ll all haul in so I think probably
four trips total so not too bad but bringing a little bit of luxury items on
this trip ice and water and we are gonna have a generator up there so we’re
just gonna pack our stuff up and get everything sling loaded and start making
trips so all begins right now gotta have the fanny pack on I’m Bob staples with
blue mountain adventures we’ve been in business for 14 years
we guide in Eastern Oregon I would say we specialize mostly in elk and mule
deer and spring bear we have some in-house hunts out of the ranch we have
horseback hunts we also have helicopter hunts for areas that we cannot access
with horses and mules so the only way to get in there and get public in there on
public land is with helicopters well we just got dropped so we’re gonna
set up camp and get our latrine set up and water and everything like that and
we’ll do a glass tonight see we can do sling load time we got dropped off today or yesterday
actually and today’s opening day we’re in the middle of private there’s this
little chunk of BLM that we’re hunting surrounded by private and I don’t know
coming in here at the helicopter I think it kind of bumps on these elk and deer
out of here so we’re seeing some stuff on private there’s other hunters that
we’re watching hopefully a few days of doing this we can get a stock on
something that moves on to public looked all down there through that
country nothing kind of disheartening but just gotta keep covering country this
week we’re in here elk hunting however Oregon we can hunt elk and deer
at the same time so we’re elk hunting primarily with a deer tag in our pocket been looking for this buck this morning 3×3 he rubbed
his velvet off yesterday and so we didn’t see him out in the open today so
he’s probably timbered up not a lot of deer on this public piece so we’re just
gonna cross our fingers hopefully we get lucky well we put some bucks to bed up in this
basin that came down into the trees kind of into the bottom we’ve been waiting on
him for maybe an hour and a half to two hours I kind of moved behind some
junipers so we’re just gonna kind of move up all right we are on the basin where these bucks were bedded down here trying to relocate them just scanning all these junipers with
the shade looking at that shade and trying to find them I haven’t seen them yet a lot of stuff below me I cant really see very well so we’re just
gonna pick this apart maybe they’re up on their feet moving probably feeding
maybe it’s a full moon and it’s a noon and so they could be on their feet who
knows there’s no way we would be able to move quiet enough this
calm out it’s all this air leaf balsam where its like freakin potato chips these bucks are up and feeding and they
kind of zag back up the hill and they didn’t go to water kind of got overcast
out and the wind changed actually switched its going out our back now so
we’re just watching these bucks and I think we’re just gonna let him be for
the night we’re not gonna blow him out of here we’re just gonna watch him
that’s huntin weird front blew in and that’s a lot cooler and the winds like
directly out of the north now so and instead of south so we’ll watch them feed
up this open-face and call it a night we’ve got a bull coming up this draw
he’s in the bottom somewhere
we lost him and we have a bear and deer right here too so we are kind of pinned down well we spot this bull from the top
he’s coming up this bottom so we’re just moving down gonna try to cut off he’s coming
right up the bottom we lost him in the brush down here about
150 yards he was gonna work down here and hopefully we can get on him and get
a shot on him down here thats how you do it baby double long how fricking cool was that video video smoked him smoked him beautiful beautiful dude for what we’ve seen in here I was screw gonna kill him double longed bull you kind of draw it up the draw
I thought he’d go down a little quicker we gave him about 20 minutes I’m going to take a
layer off and we’re gonna go sneak down there so you can find him and it happened so quick I don’t even
know it don’t even know what to say really it’s just we haven’t seen a bull
on public land today and it’s pretty unusual and this bull was working up the
draw we had a good wind so I took advantage of it well he had to of gone down right down that
trail into the bottom he just rolled down hill like literally he just died c’mon c’mon man I’ll take this any day on a
general over-the-counter archery license nice six by six we were in this area
didn’t see any bulls on public today they’re all on private and man did I was
worried a little bit but but how this transpired was just absolutely crazy
it’s just boggles my mind today’s August 25th this is all spot in stock hunting
which I love to do there’s no bugling yet or anything as
things still has velvet on it which is really cool it’s a rush cover and
country let the glass do the walkin and be patient it’ll pay off down the bottom
of gully probably two miles from camp got a lot
of work to do before dark we got about an hour till dark we’re gonna get
butchered and get these quarters hung and pack some back to camp huh
that bears like 200 yards down from here hopefully doesn’t take my meat tonight good stuff well we’re halfway done gutless on an elk is a lot of work but it’s nice and clean
let’s get them rolled over this side ah well we’re gonna get this hindquarter
out well as the backstraps the tenderloins and we’ll get the rest
tomorrow two miles back bon voyage don’t fall in the fire the contrast elk tenderloin and then spam for the peasants I thought you were doing it for us this spam for dessert then okay is that how that works raspberry crumble and apple crisp for
dessert now you’re talking we’re going to eat that last night we’re
too full hopefully that spam don’t split fall on the fire on you we’re just gonna
give big old cut down here I’m gonna have to flip my card over there right after
this oh wow isn’t that beautiful not at all I mean that’s money that is money

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  1. That was a great hunt in many ways, and I understand completely the thrill of both a successful hunt and the satisfaction of a picture perfect shot. I wish the fist bumping, high fiving, "That's the way you do it!" stuff was not present. I love to hunt, but it still makes me quiet and a little in awe when I am successful. And respectful.

  2. Wow! Nice work. Great lead, camera work was superb, and the audio was on point. Right On Man, Never let down your sails!

  3. Disrespectful attitude to the animal. And seeing the poor bull lying there with its head twisted makes a good case for calling archery hunting inhumane.

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