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Bow Hunter Breaks Down Bow and Arrow Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ

November 29, 2019

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  1. I was hoping they were going to show Legolas' long shots like the warg attack
    Or the one at 0:59 <- on this video

  2. I love Avengers, but god I wish they hired an archery instructor or something. Hawkeye has such horrible form. The beginning of End Game annoys me because the girl's elbow is so freaking sky high

  3. You can never have enough legolas kill scenes . Too many epic ones . Can never imagine anyone else playing him other than Orlando Bloom . My favourite Good Charector of the movies

  4. Now you guys should get a guy who is an expert on traditional archery and have him review the same scenes. Hanes is an expert on modern archery which is fundamentally different, I bet they'd have very different views.

  5. What quantifies a bow hunting "EXPERT"? Just curious, as I know quite a few bow hunters and am not sure of they would be called "experts" or not

  6. really enjoyed your video.I'm an instinctive archer using a recurve bow.I "love" how the movie archers can hold back for ages on a shot.I use a 50# bow and its,pull back ,sight,release.No holding back for 5 minutesgetting the shot

  7. Before I watch eleves are OLD they have more experience then anyone would ever be able to get so some things could be possible

  8. Pretty sure in game of thrones he was messing with the kid.
    With lord of the rings those guys being elves they are hundreds of years old………so a lot of time to practise lol

  9. Just to comment on the Game of Thrones scene Ramsey (the bowman) was purposely missing at first as to draw Jon (the horseman) farther into the field for specific reasons which are better detailed in the show.

  10. bow hunter but uses a bow with all the bells and whistles.. smh u aint the real
    deal if ur bow is all fagged out.. minus well use a rifle

  11. He should have reviewed Kevin Costner ripping the feathers off two arrows with his teeth. Then firing them both at the same time in two directions, killing two people.

  12. This guy to someone he doesn't know who he is, seems like a nice guy. But he literally bullies people online who doesnt share his worldview.

  13. I'ts so strange that when i shoot rifle i hold it against my right shoulder but when i shoot bow or slingshot i hold them with my right hand and release with left hand. It feels so wrong if i try to shoot bow the same way i hold the rifle. Also my friends find it strange than i swing baseball bat over my left shoulder istead of right like most right handed people do. (I'm righ handed btw)

  14. I love archery but i kind of dislike modern bows with all these things attached to make it easier like the wheels to make pulling the string easier or aiming devices or that string release mechanism. It just seems lame. Shooting with a classic bow is just so much more badass.

  15. I remember when I had a batch of new arrows for my 40 pound english longbow and were shooting them for the first time on the birthday party of my dad. Unfortunatly it wasn't really his day on the 3d parkour (shooting at foam animals instead of the usual targets) and he missed alot of shots. But that was the first time for me to hit a bear standing up over 25 yards with the first arrow into the kill zone where his heart would be

  16. Says, "It's gonna take reps" to get as fast as Legolas shooting the bow that quickly and accurately. I've always thought of it as, dude's got the reps, he's just under 3,000 years old. Plenty of time to practice as an archer.

  17. I shoot whisker biscuit rest without issues at distance up to 60yds. The key is to use feathers which fold flat as they past through the whiskers. Vanes do not which is what causes the arrow to be deflected as it passes through.

  18. Cameron: I don't like crossbows because it's less difficult to hit a target..
    Also Cameron: so don't use my fingers, I use this tool that gives me perfect release all the time..

  19. I think in the first one he missed the first shots on purpose. He is kind of a psychopath, its fun to him to build up the tension. He is actually a master bow man.

  20. Was kinda disappointed with the movie listings. Though I would love to hear his opinion on Robin Hood by Kevin Costner & Jamie Foxx.

  21. be a lot cooler if he talked about nations that had unique archery styles. like Legolas, i would compare to a short bow Mongolian archer. then he could have talked about that style of shooting which is some of the fastest archery shooting in the world.

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