Born and Raised Outdoors 3D Archery Shoot
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Born and Raised Outdoors 3D Archery Shoot

August 10, 2019

hey we stopped right in here at the born
and raised outdoors tent we got Trent here from one raised
outdoors good to meet you asked me – yeah you too here so we are on the road again headed towards
Bend Oregon and we have some friends there we’re gonna stay with actually
gonna be meeting up with my brother so we’ll see you in a bit hey welcome back to another actually
only video hope you’re doing well I hope you got a smile on your face cuz today
it’s a beautiful beautiful day we were up here at the North West Mountain
challenge and we’re doing a 3d archery shoot today with my brother Jake hello
everybody and then we have our two friends here Jay and Tanner so why don’t
you guys just explain what type of bow you using today if this is like your
first time doing a a course like this and what you’re expecting I’m shooting a
Hoyt Power Max bow and I did I’ve done one one of these shoots before so this
is gonna be my second actually shoot and the one we did last year was extremely
fun so we’re really excited to do this one this year shooting the new bow let’s go morning morning dead five eight ten
yeah not 11 sit mark but the mark on the insert okay so like this mark touching
would be ten so I’m at ten yep J here this is my first archery shoot so I’m
excited to see what it’s happened happens up on the slopes I’m shooting a
Hawaii defiant it’s been good to me hopefully we get to me up on the slopes my second time at the Northwest mountain
challenge should be really fun today it’s beautiful gorgeous out shooting the
bow I just got set up on Tuesday it’s Saturday today so kind of gonna be
interesting so expedition excursions six I’d say that’s good dang it any genius
yet no just 14 yeah what do you do about it
did I get it so Jay how did the shoot go today you know it was a lot of fun I’m
surprised how tough it is you know I practiced a lot of these ranges but once
there’s like a thumb target up there it looks like an animal things start to
spread out but they’re the last great time fun time with Bros hanging out
slinging some arrows great experience Jake how did it go for you good didn’t
losing the arrows or breaking the arrows but definitely not shooting quite as
well as I’d like to be for hunting season so it’s a good wake-up call at
how my group spread out shooting at 3d targets compared to the block and just
need to keep hammering win super good I beat everybody in our group panic agreed
everybody I was the best shooter on the mountain today
I had the lowest score so that means I won no you’re supposed to have the
highest score to win it I did not shoot very well at all but I had a super good
time it’s beautiful weather out I’m getting to shoot with a bunch of guys
that all have the same hobby of archery and it’s totally a blast
so I watched a handful of your videos my brother is really into hunting he
watches it all the time so I’ve heard a lot about you and being a youtuber
myself I just wanted to kind of ask you a question like how did you get into
YouTube you know kind of give me just a synopsis of your YouTube experience
absolutely absolutely so we started out and doing DVDs because we thought that
DVDs is a way to go actually when we first started it was 11 years ago a guy
said you guys got to do this thing called YouTube right now we’re not
YouTube you know that’s cat videos that’s you know I wish we would have
taken its actually so it took us some years down the road we’ve only been
doing YouTube for about a little over two years now it’s just been awesome the
YouTube platform is it’s obviously world wide but it’s just amazing how much
content that’s spread on YouTube and it can get your message out there get your
content out there it’s it’s been a journey but YouTube is a awesome awesome
platform for us it’s just been yeah awesome so if you haven’t seen their
channel go check it out born and raised outdoors and if you’re into hunting
you’re definitely going to love it yeah thanks guys so much if you’re new to the
channel and push that subscribe button all the way in and click the bell so you
get notified when we post new videos and leave us a comment down below if you’re
new and just say hi we’ll see you later hats off to you

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  1. It was great getting to meet you and seeing the awesome stuff your doing with your channel!

    I love the fast pace edits!!

    Your killing it brother!!

  2. Good bow shooting video. I wander what those decoys are made out to withstand all the arrows. Seems like a good time was had by all.

  3. Hola Amigo! This was fun to watch! Good timing of editing shooting arrows to them hitting the targets!

  4. Check out Scorpion Venom if you are an archer who practices with targets. (affiliate)

  5. Haha we were there too. Can't believe how crowded it was this year. Maybe we'll catch ya next time around!

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