Boris Johnson’s Tory manifesto: the key pledges in 90 seconds
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Boris Johnson’s Tory manifesto: the key pledges in 90 seconds

November 30, 2019

Here it is. Here is the route map to take us forward. We pledge 50,000 more nurses and their
bursaries and 50 million more GP surgery appointments. And today we make this guarantee to the
British people that we will tackle crime with 20,000 more police officers and tougher
sentencing and that we will sort out our immigration system with a points based
Australian style system, that we will invest millions more every week
in science, in schools, in apprenticeships and in infrastructure and control our debt
at the same time. And that we can reach and we will reach net
zero by 2050 with clean energy solutions. We can do all these things without raising our income tax, VAT or National Insurance contributions. That’s our guarantee. We can support our police putting more and
more on the street, support them in fighting knife
crime. They say stop and search is inappropriate
and oppressive. We want higher wages and we’re raising the
living wage by the biggest ever increase. Let’s go for sensible, moderate but tax cutting
one nation Conservative government and take this country forwards. Thank you all very much.

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  1. The Conservative government has overseen a massive wave of third world immigration into the UK. Nothing they do or say is based on virtue or truth; they don't have the spine or the will to stand up for conservative values

  2. On the day that families buying sweets in the cinema for a screening of Frozen 2 had to cower in fear from a machete brawl it is welcoming that the Conservatives will increase the use of stop-and-search, introduce longer sentences for violent offenders and create 10,000 new prison places…

  3. He pledges to pay the women for their pensions but what about us men who keep seeing their.retirement age going up and up

  4. 1st he's going to ARREST everyone with his POLITICAL POLICE
    & Jail you in PROFIT PRISONS Maned by the U.S. Corporations!
    ……. Just think it took less than 300 years for the Colonialist to OWN YOU!
    Is that really what you want?

  5. Here in the USA we have so many police it's not safe to go out.
    BARS <– and I'm not kidding CLOSE ON HALF the HOLIDAYS now.
    KOPS are in UNMARKED CARS looking for INCOME by setting up Citizens
    and Legally <-<-<- confiscate without any conviction based on TRUMP UP Charges.

  6. Thanks for a 90 sec video Guardian…I can't sit through the whole Conservative manifesto without going insane at listening to Johnson's lies.

  7. No change to demonizing the sick then, no effort to stop knife crime, just more coppers to lock up the protestors. Sounds like business as usual eh?

  8. 'we are the party who can magically get loads of nurses to care for your sick loved ones… we are the party who are going to push through Brexit and we abolished nursing bursary's'. Oh hang on…….

  9. Control debt not add more like the Corbynated Chicken and his braindead Turkeys who want to turn the UK into Venezuela on steroids

  10. johnson has promised £2.9bn in public spending, a year, with another £80bn a year, to help the private sector, but he is keeping schtum about that.

  11. There is no one nation, Boris, the UK is deeply divided and is composed of 3, with one additional territory belonging to Ireland.

  12. Don't make guaranteees Boris that have no hope or merit of ever seeing come to fruition for if they were meant to jolt the public's attention,come 2020 will you still be saying let's get Brexit done

  13. It’s easy to give everyone what they ask for but it’s got to be paid for. Labour’s promises are lunatic.
    The most important thing for our country today is to come out of the EU. It’s ever expanding doctrines are highly dangerous for mankind.
    Boris says he’ll do this. Let’s hope for the sake of our children that he does.

  14. Ground filling policy of reducing potholes public services cut to the bone NHS slowly but surely privatised no help for GP s on home visits

  15. 15 million more GP appointments, how is that possible when GP appointments need to be longer than 10 minutes to meet demand and there's a shortage of GPs already. Looks like a step towards privatisation (as they'll justify the need for it).

    This is the biggest ? fantasy manifesto ever produced..

  16. I would prefer it if instead of the plant pot he is standing behind said Do not get brexit done, rather than the silly slogan they have on it,

  17. Boris is so full of BS!! All that without tax increases? If you believe that I've got some ocean front property for you in central France. Britain look at D Trump. BEWARE!

  18. the Labour manifesto has been written by ira terrorist high on crack.Labour are anti british terrorist clowns you can never trust a IRA clown.

  19. I mean just how dense does he believe voters are?
    He's promising to nearly give back what they have stripped away.
    Who would fall for that?

  20. Well done Boris at last a realistic manifesto and a strong leader with the balls to stand up for our country
    Unlike that sit on the fence Marxist Corbyn

  21. If the polls are accurate, he is the next UK PM. I wager that he will also be the last. The polls also show that the SNP are ahead again. No way will the SNP work with the Tories. IndyRef2 it is.

  22. This period of austerity was created by the Financial Crash 10 years ago where lots of money had to be borrowed quickly (check out some public borrowing/spending graphs). Austerity just means spending less, publicly – (I.e. if Labour spend as much as they plan they will have to borrow a lot – then the Tories will likely be re-elected and there will be another 10 years of austerity, prob many more years if Corbyn gets his way). The Tories' spending plan looks ahead decades, not just years.

  23. How much did it cost to fund uk nuclear fusion project? And will leaving cause the project a 20 year deficit as a direct effect from losing eu funding? Asking for a freind.

  24. "we the conservatives will give back 20,000 of the 40,000 police we took away, we will return some of the investment we cut, we pledge to finish the work Thatcher started and finally Turn the NHS private"

  25. Pay less tax – Less money into services – They become privatized. Private healthcare. NHS dead.Hope you can afford it. Vote Tory

  26. Well I can vote for Sh ar ia and corbyn nasty fridnds or vote for england and freedom of speech and movement.

    Lol guardian do you have any english people in the comments.

  27. Get Bwexit dumb? The Tories can't get anything done. Look at the last decade in power. Austerity and a botched attempt and Wrexit. Thanks to their incompetence, we are grateful.
    Boris De-PFI-Fool Johnson will attempt to sell out the NHS under the smoke screen of 50,000 nurse lying. He won't get away with it.

  28. Fine for all those that belong to the billionaires club, but for every day ordinary working people they will have their NHS sold off whilst the richest will be able to hide their taxes abroad. That's the reason they don't want us in the EU. Wake up people, before it is too late! DO NOT VOTE TORY.

  29. How can people look at the polls and pretend there's even an election going on. It's not just 1 poll, the last 15-20 polls, from various pollsters, have the Tories at over 40% of the vote.

  30. Public spending battle lines drawn as Boris Johnson launches Tory manifesto ►

  31. The Tories have had years to do all this? Why would anyone believe they're going to do now what they never did while they had the chance?
    Well done packing so many lies into 90 seconds.

  32. Their Manifesto could have been covered in half that time lol, so more of the same and some 2000 food banks across the UK now which is a disgrace.

  33. Just remember this guy said we would be out of the EU by 31 oct or he would be dead in a ditch and lied to the queen. Can you really believe anything he says now?


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