Boris Johnson’s record of lying makes him unfit to be PM, says Chuka Umunna
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Boris Johnson’s record of lying makes him unfit to be PM, says Chuka Umunna

November 30, 2019

Your personal criticism of Boris Johnson
is quite tough. You’re not only linking him to this right
wing group of people but you’re saying that he is not honest and things like that. Do you think as a personality he’s fit
to be in number 10 and do you think this is an issue that should be examined
more closely? I am worried that if you can say and do
the things that Boris Johnson has done and for people to simply dismiss it
as a factor that is priced in in this general election, I am alarmed that somebody can spew
out the range of prejudice that has spewed from his mouth during
his time in public office and lie again and again and again and it should
not be an issue in a general election. It should be an issue in a general election
where you are talking about giving somebody the keys to number 10 for another five years. And so clearly, I do not believe he is fit
to be prime minister and if you look at the things he has said and done and his behaviour,
which follows the Donald Trump playbook, that should disqualify him from being able
to be in office in my view and it’s a perfectly legitimate point for
us to be making in this general election campaign. – Hear hear. [applause]

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  1. We have a Prime Minister under investigation for criminal offences in the 2016 referendum, for serious misdemeanour over public funds in the Arcuri case, a publicly and repeatedly caught-out liar in matters of state concern, a terrible track-record in every office he has held.

  2. Says the man that was roundly mocked on twitter just today for using a made up graphic that said the Lib Dems were polling 2nd behind the Conservatives and had knocked Labour into third…

  3. Yet polls have the Torys well ahead. It's almost like people want their politicians to be liars.

    Each year that goes by, the world gets further and further down the path to the movie Idiocracy.

  4. Keep going on like this parliament!! just dont be surprised when a sword from the average person finds your necks for what you have all done!.

  5. Lib/Dems lied to the electorate & their own members about what 'policies' they stood for – the Con/Dem coalition is absolute PROOF of that fact… what amazes me is how short the voters' memories are. Classic Machiavellian gaslighting to accuse others of what you're guilty of doing yourself though – so well done Chuka you utter plonker.

  6. Boris Johnson walks into a McDonald's…

    The cashier asks, "What can I get you Mr. Johnson?."

    Boris answers: "A Whopper."

  7. It's not just the lying that's a problem, it's also the fact that Johnson doesn't give a sh*t about Britain, he just cares about himself and power, and he's happy to take money from Putin to achieve it

  8. This tactic of Johnson's to appeal to the bigots in this country is similar to how Adolf Hitler managed to convince the bigots of Germany to support him. Same tactic and potentially same outcome.

  9. Being unable to achieve because of others blocking is not lying. If there is one person who is being economical with the truth it is Corbyn, he is promising the impossible. As each day passes we are promised another goodie, I fully expect that children will be promised two birthdays a year.

  10. Spanish coastguard intercepted a submarine full of drugs ? Fuhrer nige of the primitive Brexit xenophobia party may have troubles now to keep his fanatical voters Brexit moods up ?

  11. Boris might be the mouthpiece but lets be honest who is the Tory strategist with his hand inside Boris working him like a puppet?

  12. Pretty much like any politician who has ever drawn breath. I've got an idea. How about we don't vote again for any of you charlatans? No consent given here.


  14. Chuka Umunna attacks PM for 'following the Trump playbook' ►

  15. If the lib dems fare much worse than they expected at the beginning of this general election campaign will Mr Umunna then accept Brexit, including the proposed withdrawal agreement, is the result of a robust democratic process? Or will he only except the outcome this election if things go his way?

  16. We're is your evidence I mean really think people are going to take on board what u are saying when it seams to be just your opinion lol

  17. Tony Blair and indeed all remainers have a very odd view of democracy. They didn't like the answer they got from the 17.4m in 2016….so It's the old ditty….." Make those stupid , racist , uneducated peasants' go back and vote again and again until they finally see the error in their ways and give the right answer that we like!! The arrogance of the remainers is truly astonishing and beggars belief !!
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