Boris Johnson struggles to say what makes him relatable to voters in BBC interview
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Boris Johnson struggles to say what makes him relatable to voters in BBC interview

November 18, 2019

Why are you relatable to families
up and down and across the country? How can they relate to you and
your family? Well I, I think that the best answer
I can give is that, I, I, of course I’ve been very, I’ve had a very happy
and wonderful life in many, many ways. I, I, I was the beneficiary of … My parents gave me fantastic opportunities
and they brought me up to be very … intellectually – Family man.
– To do everything I possibly can. And what I want for every child in this
country is to have a sense that they can achieve their full potential. – How can people connect with you,
other than this man, who is like you say, is from a rather different background
to most of the people in this country. You’re privileged, that’s fine.
You’re lucky, but why are you relatable? I love this country and I want to serve it
and I think it’s an amazing place and if you ask me why am I relatable,
I don’t even know. Am I relatable? I’ve not the faintest idea. It’s seems to me the most difficult psychological
question that anybody’s ever asked me.

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  1. For Britain Party is the only party that will save the UK from its enemies foreign and domestic.

    But until they stand in the following election we need to support The Brexit Party in order to keep the Torys in check.


  2. All we see are photos of fat Boris.

    There are other "candidates" out there – other voices – but the BBC and the rest are fascinated by this elitist clown.

  3. I thought BEAR BATING had been declared illegal in Britain. I am disgusted by these relentless attacks by the British press on ONLY ONE candidate. Why don’t you ask Corbyn how he’s relatable? Or where his kids go to school?? Or his blood type? It’s no wonder your country is stuck in a bog of criticism and lack of confidence in itself. Nauseating as the press has become here in the USA, I always hope for something better from your press.

    Britain is a great country. Report that!!

  4. If he wants all children to reach their full potential then why has he supported austerity for the last nine years, which has massively reduced social mobility for the poorest families??

    Don't believe a word!!

  5. The first divorced prime minister (with unknown amount of progeny) with a girlfriend half his age and it's liberals like me that are irate and conservatives, the great defenders of the nuclear family, who are all for letting it slide. Odd times.

  6. kakistocracy [kækɪ'stɑkrəsi] is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens

  7. The Bbc & Guardian think they are clever doing this sort of thing but I reckon its gonna backfire spectacularly & Boris will get the result he wants.

  8. People forget Corbyn was brought up in privilge, private school living in London how is he any more relatable to the majority of voters

  9. i feel he thought he could simply 'gee' people up about brexit, but it hasnt worked. were in for a hung parliament.. im sweating nuts here, but its better to destroy it and rebuild something else without tories and private banking in it.

  10. He doesn't have to be 'relatable' – whatever that means. He just has to love this country and its people and try to do what he thinks is best.

  11. He's trying his best, currently to be seen on The Apprentice, posing as Tommy, the Cockney Barrer Boy.
    Not going too well there either apparently.

  12. The BBC really ought to stop with this meaningless, gotcha-style 'journalism'. When you open a bank account, nobody cares about how 'relatable' the CEO is. They want somebody who is competent. Johnson is intelligent and competent. If nothing else, he wants the best for his country. Corbyn is thick, incompetent and hates his own country.

  13. Waffle, waffle, waffle, throw in a lie, waffle, waffle, change subject, throw in lie, throw in pre programmed message, waffle, lie.
    A summary of a Johnson speech or interview. Simple.

  14. Interviewer: “So how are you relatable?”

    Johnson: “fudujdjfyfhdhdhsgsgdcydh LOOK OVER THERE A LETTERBOX!”

    Interviewer: ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  15. A politicians typical answer. To avoid the answer to a simple direct question. It's a very simple question and his non-answer simply states he relates only to his own rank and class. He actually did answer the question quite clearly.

  16. "Ask any of the women with whom I've had such fantastic relationships. They'll tell you I'm a fantastic all right guy. Per ardua ad astra. Fantastic"

  17. Seriously though, who actually cares if he is “relatable”? Surely we should be concentrating on the question “How are you accountable?” as we all should be demanding of all of our M. P.’s, council members and representatives across the U.K.

  18. NHS, workers rights, the economy. Every facet if the fabric is being destroyed by the Conservatives. Either his working class supporters are genuinely deluded over Brexit or like pain and suffering.

  19. haha Eton school boy born into the elite can relate to the ordinary hard working people of this country…what a joke….and he's still a babbling buffoon

  20. Oh he's VERY relatable to Sun readers, they LOVE him over at The Sun channel. Him and Rees-Mogg are working class heroes don't you know?

  21. Of course he relates to the British people, the rich and the tossers who voted to leave.
    If any non-privaleged people think he will help you, your sadly mistaken.

  22. ''Family Man'' what a joke
    He's been divorced twice
    His sister criticised him publicly
    His father said publicly he's wrong
    We don't even know how many children he has
    He made headlines by arguing so much with his girlfriend that the neighbours has to call the police

    Is that really a family man?

  23. I missed this as I was attending a terrorist funeral with corbyn…before anyone gets angry,we were present but didnt participate

  24. How are you related to the public, you lie, cheat, twist facts, unlawful acts, adultry?"
    "But not a Marxist"

    2019 Tory majority.

  25. This was one of the worst interviews ever. 25 minutes of Naga Munchetty asking the PM questions, then butting in and interrupting almost as soon as he starts to give an answer.

  26. He cudda just said that he's a human being who has feelings too. Maybe tell a story of a loved one who passed on. Then say that he like tea and Alan Partridge, chuck chuck. Boom.

  27. England's doomed if this man is to remain prime minister. I'd vote Corbyn personally. Isn't that Sajid Javid next in line for the Conservative leadership?

  28. I think it's more the fact it's a pointless question and irrelevant during the election process. None of the cabinet or shadow cabinet are relatable and it's really rather ridiculous to try and show him up over a stupid question. At least she didn't ask corbynski because his only possible answer would have been his striking similarity to steptoe

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