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  1. CNN news is a joke it's false news. They have no idea what they're talkin about. Iran is attacking viciously and we're going to give them ice cream. Idiots

  2. This man & his people arangeing Brexit ! Right ?! And uts takeing like forever, if Boris hope for some massive suport, no one comming ! Each country must explein to their people, het another American, TEFT WAR, yes Oil & Opium, again ! Bastards. Killers !

  3. Interesting that Bouris Johnson Would Say as Such. He is Rite adout that Britain, France, and Germany Would do Better with a Trump Deal then the One they have Now. It Would also Help with Britex. The Most Interesting Aspect is what is Happening in Washington DC. We have the Lowest Level of Tarriest Threat and the likelihood of War is Actually Non-existent. Or Not on the Horizon of Ether. So why the War/Powers Act. Just Waisting Time with A Dog&Ponie Show For Fat-headed Facist and Ass-Hat,s. The Sad Thing is. It's Allowed.

  4. Europe has just been threatened by Iran.. Iran went against the European treaty.. Iran is really asking for it aren't they!!!!

  5. I can imagine folks who watch CNN and believe their bullshit to be the most rat looking vermin out there. Hey libtards, when you bringing the circus in town again?

  6. LOL! How does it feel, knowing even your libtard base hates cnn now? You have no integrity. You are yellow journalists. And the slimebags you gave up everything to please, hate you as much as conservatives now. It's pathetic, but very funny!

  7. Boris Johnson: "It was negotiated by Pres. Obama and from that point of view it has many faults."
    Well if that isn't a blatant racist or bigoted statement. He doesn't argue on merits of whether JCPOA was or wasn't working. Like Trump, it was bad cause it was Obama's legacy, nothing more.

  8. The Trump Train is not only making America Great Again but he is making the WORLD Great Again!! After Don Jr wins in 2024, We are sending Trump to run or destroy the United Nations, its his choice, intelligent Americans is behind him 100 percent. 2020 is already behind most of us, we are now looking to the future!

  9. This is what Trump has been saying since Jan 2017 , to replace the "Obama deal" w "Trump deal". This isn't a new idea that Boris Johnson claims he came up with it.

  10. Trump put them in a position to where they are enriching uranium again. He made that possible. And inevitable. He's a child in a big boy world

  11. We are giving them a deal we are giving them more sanctions.Then they can negotiate a deal to remove sanctions and not have a nuclear program…..

  12. I hope Iran does get a nuke. It would save all of us from paying for endless wars in the Middle East by deterring the world police state the Yanks and Brits continue to run. It would also stop the endless refugees leaving the area. Sure it would be dangerous. Couldn’t be any worse than tRump’s other nuclear buddies.

  13. Not an American problem with the agreement it's a problem conjured up in Israel, YouTube Aipac conference 2017-18, both parties leadership cheering on netanyahu as he orders Iranian destruction also pompeo and Kamala Harris speeches to Aipac, the strike was a two front attack, narrative change for impeachment and doing the bidding of the Aipac lobby, chief campaign contributor for both parties

  14. Top General Assassination/killing, Ukrainian airline crush and victims, and protesters are just USA conspiracy. CIA ultimate goal is to change the Iranian regime and “elect” a president who would obey the USA. Unfortunately the Airline 179 victim lives were just part of USA invasion plan. What a Shame to such so called democracy. Sadness

  15. شما می توانید پسر کره ای شوید زیرا آنها زباله های کل جهان هستند. آنها اندونزیایی و همچنین زن هندی را صدمه دیده و خونریزی می کنند. بچه ها را نادیده بگیر

  16. WHY WOULD Iran need nuclear weapons they got the ritual to darkness? Jesus said if you gain the whole world but lose your soul.

  17. Iran has no obligation to unilaterally be forced to follow up with the agreement, while other parties have walked away or are in breach.

  18. The US needs to honor its treaties. The Iran deal was approved and ratified by both the GOP and the Democrats.

    Trump is an idiot.

  19. Do excepting to go back to deal by killing a top General, no way. That wasn't only trump who order it .it was the whole government system of U.S.

  20. At first we Africans did not like trump because of the media. The media always portrays him as a Hitler. After the Iran scandal, our eyes are open and we now see the lies of the media. He did something good by killing the top terrorist but the way that he was treated is not fair. The politicians and the media reacted in a negative way. But why is he so hated? Africa now loves trump and we don't want to hear from the media anymore.

  21. Lmao so they’re gonna sign a new deal called the trump deal. Watch it be exactly like Obama’s deal and they will all of a sudden love it 😂

  22. Iran is NEVER going to deal with Trump! Trump is demented and he is about to leave office as an Impeached criminal! Boris just doesn't seem to get it! But then has Boris released the Russian papers? Or is he still refusing to!? You've got a Putin problem with Boris and Russia interfering with your elections and pushing brexit! Figure it out before it's too late!

  23. This disease this cancer is delusional. It needs to end a small piece of LED traveling at a fast rate of speed and fix all these problems

  24. Iran a bunch of pussies do they really believe they could take on the United Kingdom🇬🇧 let alone the United States!!! 🇺🇸

    Fuck outta here Iran figure out who you wanna be angry at The Uk, US, Israel or your own government Make up your fucking mind

  25. I do love how stupid and wrong trump has made the dems look on everything he does! They have fought him every step and trump has been absolutely correct on his every move! God bless the USA god bless TRUMP!

  26. Yet another corrupt leader. Billionaire Children have grown up and they think they are ENTITLED to rule the world. Somehow we have to deal with it.

  27. Boris, that is not how foreign policy work. Your statement make you looks like Trump's puppet, and UK is under control by America. Such a shame~ Such a shame~

  28. This is all rich coming from the likes of America. They scuppered the deal that was in place, and why should Iran not have nuclear weapons? Which country has used nuclear weapons on others since they were brought into use? The Americans, yet they want to be able to decide who has them. Fucking hypocritical. The deal put in place wasn't perfect but it was working. Iran should not be making anymore deals.

  29. Remember when Hillary deleted 30,000 emails?
    Also when she said she would go to war with Iran if she was president?
    Or when Obama delivered a billion dollars in cash to Iran?
    Also, remember when Epstein didn't kill himself?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  30. No body cares about Trump. North Korea is busy testing, Iran is not scared of the US anymore. Mexico is not going to pay for the wall.

  31. Let's understand this: Trump pulled out of our Iran deal which had our inspectors inside to monitor the country's nuclear development activities, and he wants to accuse Iran for breaking the agreement. At least it's consistent with Trump's idiot con trickster behavior.

  32. What type of nonsense they say. The disbute mechanism started by Iran 6 month after Trump left the deal. Now EU claiming starting it ? Well say we want to quit becuase we cannot deliver. As long as Iran allows inspection of its facilities, we are safe. Trump left the deal, EU shat his pant and could not deliver its promises.

  33. He admits it ! The only thing wrong with the Iran nuclear deal was Obama’s signature !! Absolutely pathetic ! All Trump cares about is rubbishing every thing Obama achieved ! And Boris is his bitch !

  34. Yeah so trump or the next president will come after 2 years and say you know what no we fucked up like always so let’s make ano one lol I swear America and England probably think Iran and other countr and dumb lol but the truth is Americans are a joke


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