Boris Johnson says he is ‘looking at’ scrapping the TV licence
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Boris Johnson says he is ‘looking at’ scrapping the TV licence

December 14, 2019

Why don’t you abolish TV licence fees? For everybody? Well, I don’t think at this late stage
in the campaign I’m going to make an unfunded spending commitment like
that but what I certainly think is that the BBC should cough up and pay for
the licences for the over 75s as they promised to do. But at this stage, we are not planning
to get rid of all TV licence fees, though I’m certainly looking at it. Well, I will say is that, I’m under pressure not to extend prise policy on the hoof, but you have to … You have to ask yourself whether that
kind of approach to funding a TV, a media organisation, still makes sense
in the long term, given the way other organisations manage
to fund themselves. That’s all I will say. I think the system of lot of funding by
out of what is effectively a general tax, isn’t it? Everybody has a TV. It bears reflection, let me put it that way. How long can you justify a system whereby
everybody who has a TV has to pay to fund a particular set of TV and radio channels? That is the question.

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  1. I'm surprised he isn't pushing for this. Perhaps if the funding for the BBC is cut then Politicians won't be expected to give interviews.

  2. Yet he can't look at a picture of a child with pneumonia on the floor at an NHS hospital. He can though confiscate the journalist's phone (showing the image) to avoid tough questions. Boris U$$R is out of control..

  3. why would the BBC provide someone with a free product?
    it was the tories who stopped paying for the over 75s licence.
    this is how he manipulates ignorant people who do not know the facts.

  4. pensioners are the bbc s audience so they should pay along with the rest , If you dont want to pay then dont watch it. There is plenty of alternate choices ,i would never pay to fund peadophile enablers like the bbc

  5. A man completely detached from reality or the concept of truth. We'll all crash and burn if this liar gets in and Brexit will be an unprecedented disaster there'll be no escaping from.

  6. Well I’m “looking at” a guy who said he’d be dead in a ditch about now, doesn’t mean I expect it to happen in reality…

    But that’s what conservatives do, they play with your hopes and dreams. ?

  7. The more I see of this mug the more I realise this country is doomed if he wins the election corbyn might not be a favourite either but atleast he isint just all for the rich

  8. On Brexit day he'll be fit to be acclaimed as 'Boris the Great' for having defeated the insurgency against democracy and prevented the annexation of the UK to a Germany led consortium of foreign powers. Boris, you knows that 'posterity' is not something you have to scratch but something to be on the right side of coz eventually it finds out everything.


  10. "Public services falling apart crumbling hospitals and schools , zero hour contracts, working standards and pay cut , violent crime and robbery up, food banks, in work and out of work poverty, bruiish red cross have an action programme in place in this country , inadequate social care etc, etc,etc. let look at the tv license abolition this man is disconnected from reality of life as a working class person."

  11. The same video on the Sun's channel is full of people proud to not pay their license fee (while having a TV of course).
    Right wing politics is nothing more than a collective of sociopaths these days.

  12. Wise move Boris make the rich Stormzys panic a man once for the street now for blood money make media fair we fed up with rich spoiled bad losers

  13. Don’t pay TV license anyway, haven’t paid it for years, and I don’t watch live TV either. Sooo I’m still voting Labour !!!

  14. How anybody could possibly be stupid enough to be taken in by this imbecile is beyond me. He cares for himself and the money men, that's it. Why would a privileged toff like him be concerned about the ordinary people of this country or the NHS and services we all rely on ?

  15. Spread the word ? ~ Boris Johnson Blocked the Release of Report into Russian Interference ~ Donald Trump & Boris Johnson tied in with Russian spies ?

  16. If he does abolish it. It's so they can shove more lies down our necks via the TV for free. You do know, TV is being used to shrink people's brains? Theyre laughing at us, the rich don't have tv's for a reason.

  17. If you have a TV or radio, then you have to pay taxes to support the BBC. A friend of mine in Puerto Rico and I discussed this once many moons(a little Indian lingo here) ago, and we came to this conclusion: "It's legalized theft."

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