Boris Johnson says election is ‘powerful new mandate’ for Conservatives
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Boris Johnson says election is ‘powerful new mandate’ for Conservatives

December 14, 2019

Clearly, lots of results are still coming
in and we’re still only dealing with projections. But at this stage, it does look as though
this one nation Conservative government has been given a powerful new mandate
to get Brexit done. And not just to get Brexit done but to unite this country and to take it forward
and to focus on the priorities of the British people and above all, on the
NHS. And yes, we will recruit 50,000 more nurses
and 6,000 more jobs and we will build 40 new hospitals. I want to thank the people of this
country for turning out to vote in a December election that
we didn’t want to call, but which I think has turned out to be a historic election. That gives us now in this new government
the chance to respect the democratic will of the British people, to change this country
for the better and to unleash the potential of the entire people of this country. And that is what we will now do. And if we are lucky enough to be returned
as the polls, as the exit polls seem to suggest, then that work will begin tomorrow.

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  1. Well done Boris on your resounding victory!
    (I wonder if we'll ever see that joke Boris youtube account on here ever again?)

  2. 50,000 more nurses and more hospitals, wounder where they will afford that from, possibly from selling the NHS to american then charging people making more cash and putting a country into more debt.

  3. Well I’m out. This was the best and probably last chance to completely change the country. But the people have spoken, so congrats I guess..
    5 more grim years of the tories. Looking forward to the breakup of the uk, the destruction of the nhs and the economic Pandora’s box of brexit.
    Happy days ?

  4. Mr. Johnson, please don't let us down… We count on you and not just with Brexit deal but also with the crime, NHS, business and foreign affairs.
    Thank you.

  5. Embarrasing. Johnson basically failed his way to the top. He has a pretty shoddy record in everything he has done, and yet his fairy tale has continued.

  6. I thought the Americans were dumb for electing a neanderthal like Trump, turns out the Brits aren't any different for electing his copycat cousin LOL

  7. Trump rings with congratulations – "Its the hair buddy ….. keep the hair the way it is, just like myself ….. the winning formula buddy"

  8. boris is pm , ? thought so. i did like corbyn and i think hes heart is in the right place. i knew the country wouldn't elect him though. he's politics swing to far to Marxism for most people's comfort and in any case when it comes to the labour party can we ever get passed the shadow of tony blair

  9. It’s all words so far Boris, back up your policies and free the UK and give Britain hope again. Get rid of the No-Go Zones. Make Britain Safe Again!

  10. My whole family voted labour while i secretly supported conservatives. I wish I didn’t forget to register and this would’ve been more sweet of a moment. I still love my fam tho

  11. you haxe just given a proven liar to do what he likes, he will have no restriction and not be accountable to anyone, he show his contempt for parliament, the law, respect for the people of this country,
    we will all pay for it, shame on you

  12. The British people just screwed ourselves.

    This is what happens with decades of media misinformation and the rise of populist nationalism.

  13. There were 3 elections for the people of the U.K. to prevent damage from the brexit. 3 times the citizen of the U.K. voted for lies. That's it. So long. In some years when Britain collapsed maybe we'll let you join again. But without the priviliges the U.K. had in the past in contrast to other EU members.

  14. Congratulations, Mr. Johnson, on this convincing election victory. Now the British people are back. And I sincerely apologize for the embarrassing and daily behavior of Germany's political and media leadership clique since 2015 at the latest, with a large part of the German people, to you and all clever British people. Please note that the political alternative for a truly democratic self-determination and self-preservation of the peoples in a peacefully cooperating Europe grows in this country too and will be passed on to the side of the great British nation again.

  15. Election winners and losers: few bright notes on a grim night for Labour ►

  16. I'm just an observer from Australia. But whats with the weird and embarrassing dudes standing behind Boris during what is suppose to be an important and serious speech. From my perspective it turned this speech into a joke.

  17. Congratulations Prime Minister Boris Johnson from EU! We sincerely hope you will do your homework with Brexit without any further delays now. Rejoice the freedom and let the party begins!

  18. I do hope that this means the world is finally waking up – that right-wing conservatism is winning and far left, globalist ideology is slowly, but surely gasping and dying.

  19. Who noticed the man on the left with white tshirt with BB COMUNIST THEN WRITTEN UNDERNEATH SOMETHING ABOUT EPSTEIN MURDER ..

  20. I am just an observer from Nepal, after reading comments I found why Mr. Boris has won. Congratulations to all British citizens for the new govt., Hope this government will resolve the issue regarding NHS and Brexit.

  21. I’m American and watched the news of Boris and corbyn without questioning why Elmo or the guy with the goofy yellow hat was on stage.

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