Boris Johnson refuses to see picture of boy sleeping on hospital floor for lack of beds
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Boris Johnson refuses to see picture of boy sleeping on hospital floor for lack of beds

December 12, 2019

What was your reaction when you saw
that shocking picture of Jack Williment, the four year old on the floor of a hospital? I’ve had every possible sympathy with
families and with patients. – How did you feel when you saw the photo,
prime minister? … who don’t have a good experience
in the NHS and what we want to do. And though I think most people do. The NHS on the whole does a fantastic job
and we back them and we support them. Have you seen the photo, prime minister?
Have you seen the photo? No, I’ve just been told about it
by the BBC. We need to be making investments
– This is the photo. We need to be making investments now
and that’s why we’re putting 34 billion pounds This is a four year old boy, prime minister,
suspected of pneumonia, forced to lie on the floor on a pile of coats. I understand, and obviously, we have every
possible sympathy for everybody who has a bad experience in the NHS and that’s why we’re putting
a record investment into the NHS now. But we cannot get on and
make those investments, we cannot get on and turn this country around,
put in 20,000 more police upgrading 20 hospitals, 40 new hospitals. –I’m talking about this boy, prime minister.
– I know, I know you are. How do you feel looking at that photo? Of course. Let me tell you I haven’t had
a chance to look at that but … – Why don’t you look at it now, prime minister?
– I’ll study it later. Look at it now.
This is Jack Williment. If you don’t mind, I’ll give you
an interview now. What we what we are doing is
we are taking this country forward and we are investing in the NHS. And what would be the worst thing
possible would be to have a government that is mired in more deadlock, more disarray
and unable to move forward. – So I have every sympathy with …
– You refuse to look at the photo. You’ve taken my phone and put it
in your pocket, prime minister. His mother says the NHS is in crisis.
What’s your response to that? I think it’s a terrible, terrible photo and I apologise, obviously, to the family
and all those who who have terrible experiences in the NHS but what we are doing is
supporting the NHS. And on the whole, I think patients in the
NHS have a much, much better experience than this poor kid has had. That’s why we are making huge investments
into the NHS and we can only do it if we get parliament going, if we unblock
the current deadlock and we move forward and I really think we’ll be totally wrong
for this country to spend another year in paralysis, another year with no forward
movement and deadlock and division with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon,
sorry, in coalition. And I’m sorry to have taken your phone.
There you go. Thank you, prime minister. Thank you very much.

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  1. Woman says account hacked to post fake story about hospital boy ►

  2. Brexit: one of the biggest red herrings ever thought up. Tories came up with the idea, implemented it in a desperate bid to keep themselves in power, led the country up the garden path for 3 years with it, and now use it as a reason for an NHS in crisis brought about by Tory austerity cuts. What a cunning web of deceit and diversionary tactics.

  3. What is the penalty for attempting to steal someone's phone in the UK? I seem to remember something from roughly four years ago: "Thieves will get longer jail terms or other sentences if they are convicted of taking belongings with “substantial value to the loser regardless of monetary worth”… does that sound about right?

  4. NHS UNDER LABOUR (1997–2005) We should get rid of the foundation trust status and the independent monitor. This will allow reintegration of the health service and bring it back into direct parliamentary accountability Labour nearyl ruined the NHS when last in power. Vote Conservative

  5. 10 years of Tory cuts has brought the NHS to it's knees. But he can't even look at a photo of a little boy suffering as a result of those cuts.

  6. Bojo doesnt care about this boy or the NHS he only cares about winning the elections an filling up his pockets with more money. The rich will get richer after brexit and the poor will be worse off

  7. Noticed that the boy was white, what do these lefty journalists expect when theres open border immigration. It has to put pressure on social services.

  8. Bedroom tax + UC Universal Credit + PIP Personal independence payment….. All disgusting choices by this goverment that affect shop many people ?

  9. This is just gutter journalism, what were they expecting him to say? Of course a child lying on the floor sucks. Should he break down in tears over it?

  10. This is exactly why he should not be our leader. Vote Lib Dems what have we got to loose. I would not want Boris or the labour leader in charge.

  11. Boris the puppet, he doesn't have a lucky screw ( cockney talk ) and he rambles on so many words but the other crew we will eventually the 4th Brexit
    till about 2024-2026 ~ Boris the snail, absolute farce ?? ….

  12. A true statesman. He jacked that phone like a pro pick pocket and didn't miss a beat.
    You trust this character with the NHS? ?

  13. Vote for corbyn tomorrow this is your last chance to undo 15 years of Tory hell. Vote for him to save starving children and the nhs. Our best leader ever.

  14. Tories 2017 manifestos less that half of manifesto fine don't trust the Tories a turkey would not vote for Xmas but maybe a human would because we a dumber

  15. this man and his cohorts will be running the Country as of tomorrow. Swinson and Corbyn should hang their heads in shame, SICK OF IT ALL !

  16. If the bloody hospital staff let it happen how the hell is he supposed to know and wave a magic wand?some people need to get a grip of how things work.

  17. Absolutely despicable and disgusting behaviour, the arrogancy he has is unbelievable he did not want to look at the picture.

  18. So there wasn't a bed available right. Do you honestly expect us to believe that there wasn't a chair in the waiting room, clearly done as a publicity stunt.

  19. People complain about the state of the NHS but they don’t want any privatisation whatsoever.

    You would have to be stupid to not realise the irony in that.

  20. No matter what he does and doesn’t do people will still vote him. But when he screws every working class person over they only have themselves to blame.

  21. There's not a bed for everyone and that's why we shouldn't let everyone in. Surely someone in one of the beds is an illegal and should have been sent packing

  22. West and South Yorkshire waste £1.4 million on unnecessary “diversity” jobs. How many beds in children’s hospitals does that cost? Guardian value jobs are hardly a Tory thing.

  23. The interviewer forces an anecdotal case on a man who wants to talk about the general situation of NHS, interviewers who have no respect for the big picture shouldn't be interviewing in politics.

  24. As terrible as it is. NHS under labour had much more of these. Children born in corridors, lifts. And let's not forget Stafford hospital.

  25. He (Borris) makes me laugh. He practically had the phone rammed in his face before he would look at it. He is so annoying, this proves how he doesn't care about people. His logic is: if i can't see the bad things then they're not happening.

  26. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson, you should have said poor Boris. Don´t you think that the times has really changed? From servants of evil to a people´s representative? Sincerely, I´m not an Englishman and far, far from a "lefty"; Get this fossil out of the World of polite people.

  27. Absolute trash seeking anti tory publicity photo taken on phone by an uncaring mother .Jack was diagnosed with tonsillitis and sent home.

  28. 'Cause all you people are vampires and all your stories are stale.
    And though you pretend to stand by us, I know you're certain we'll fail.

  29. What a cold hearted looser! He wants to sell out the NHS to USA and Big Pharma at the expense of patients health and safety! I would like to see fat Borris lying on a pile of coats on the ground in a hospital ward and see how he likes it! As a non-UK citizen, I have to say you have the best health care system in the world, and you definitely don't want to go down the route of health care privatization. What you have is a national treasure that only the foolhardy would seek to destroy. The UK government must invest more funds into the NHS and improve it.

  30. I nearly choked on my food laughing when he casually remarked: "you've taken my phone and put it in your pocket, prime minister"…I almost expected him to say: "phone, what phone, I don't see a phone!" It's almost like a Monty Python sketch, but even funnier.

  31. go to 1:45 and you’ll see he actually looks at the photo and shows sympathy and hands it back to the reporter, just badly handled the first time

  32. For years weren't people already sleeping on the streets because of poor social securities, bureaucratic nonsense and a sick social-economical system? It is not like that happend because of this government alone. What for all the predecessors?

  33. What a very unsympetic man.
    He is just a tory man with his friends of the university of Camebridge and Oxford.
    Chris Stroo holland

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