Boris Johnson likens Andrew Neil to Lord Buckethead in interview row
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Boris Johnson likens Andrew Neil to Lord Buckethead in interview row

December 6, 2019

You haven’t sat down with Andrew Neil. Why don’t you ask the question yourself? Well, I will. I will ask one of the questions
that he asked in his monologue. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, which he did
at the end of his one with Nigel Farage last
night. Have you seen it, in fact, where he said, how can we trust the prime minister to sit
down with president Xi and president Trump on our behalf if he can’t spend half an hour
with Andrew Neil, what’s the answer to that? Well, as I said, I think, you know, I think
most people would say that I’m the only prime minister to have done not one,
but by tonight two head to head debates. I’ve done 118 sit down interviews with journalists. I’ve fielded innumerable questions because
we cannot accommodate everybody. There’s a guy called Lord Buckethead who
wants to have a head to head debate with me. Unfortunately, I’m not able to fit him in. We can’t we can’t do absolutely everything.

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  1. There's no law that requires leaders of any nation to even speak to members of the so-called media. Boris says he's done 18 interviews. That's more than enough.

  2. He has seen how Andrew Neil works. He would be finished if Andrew Neil interogated him and he knows it. A question I would like to ask honest Boris is: "Why did you lie to the Uk voters in the referendum campaign?" It might be a silly question but it was to undemcraticaly cause a swing to his selfish way.

  3. Well – that is no surprise at all. He lacks depth to such a precarious extent that he cannot be trusted at all. All he demonstrates is a profound tacit moral cowardice! He's afraid of being torn to pieces by a canny Scot in Andrew Neill.

  4. Boris has already sat down with world leaders, so this was a stupid question that only the Guardian would repeat and the bbc would want asking in the 1st place. Democracy is more than must doing interviews on the bbc when the bbc demand

  5. Boris Johnson's words are like the wind.

    Boris Johnson's affairs are like his words.

    But no one hears his wise words –

    Everyone has in their ears – new (pro) Apple AirPods.

  6. I have no choice to vote for the conservatives. But I am neither happy about it and absolutely disgusted at the disrespect shown to Andrew Neil who to a-lot of us up in Scotland is our only voice.

  7. Boris is a typical bully, a coward.

    The more he squirms the more yellow he looks.

    We cannot have such a coward representing us on a world stage.

    Look at how America is suffering from their president being mocked in public, do we really want that for *Great Britain?

    *excludes NI.

  8. Boris johnson is running an election campaign to become the new PM for 5 years , he's talked about watermelon smiles/comparing burkas to letterboxes/childrens mothers ignorant & illegitimate/working mothers children more likely to mug you & now one tory candidate this morning said people with disibilities should be paid less,how can anyone like these people they're just evil.

  9. Boris Johnson and Lord Buckethead would make a fantastic double act! Just in time for the pantomime season when he's lost the election.

  10. Don’t blame you Boris – he in only out to make himself look clever and the arrogant way he talks to all his guests is appalling. Must admit I did enjoy old Steptoe squirming ‘though.

  11. Boris does make people feel irritated for his words and actions. But, thinking about the opposite, Andrew should not feel entitled to interview the PM. His job is to question Boris on behalf of us, not to blame and to make a proposition. Andrew looks like a whiny kid being refused a toy.

  12. Johnson running scared of Neil, and Etchinham on ITV. Also replaced by a block of ice on the Climate Change debate. The most pathetic Prime Minister in British history.

  13. … Mr over-privileged-scarecrow-man is afraid of Andrew Neil and needs his dad to stick up for him – how pathetic !! …

  14. Why don't they do this to Corbyn when he didn't bother to turn up to the leaders debate a few days ago?

    I am not a Tory supporter in the slightest. But I really do not like these games the media play. Throwing mud! Seriously, don't fall for this hype! Nonsense!!!

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