Boris Johnson is ‘the least trusted prime minister,’ says John Mcdonnell
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Boris Johnson is ‘the least trusted prime minister,’ says John Mcdonnell

December 14, 2019

I think you’ll find that there’ll be some
surprising results right the way across the country. And isn’t it interesting that as the prime
minister tours around different constituencies, he finds it incredibly difficult even to mix
with people because of the response he’s leaving and what we’re getting back on the doorstep [is] he’s most probably the least trusted
politician that people have ever experienced. Arlene Foster, I think has come to a judgment
this morning which was echoed right across the country. This is a man whose word
you cannot trust. It’s interesting when people start talking
about run on the pound and all the rest of it. I just asked them to explore the recent history
of the pound under the Tory government and suggest to commentators
that actually the instability brought about by a combination of incompetent management
of the economy, exaggerated claims about what’s potentially available in terms
of deals under Brexit, the threat of a no deal and then the markets recognise in that,
we have a prime minister whose word cannot be trusted. How can they have faith in our economy
when it’s managed by someone, who as I said last week about Donald Trump,
has a passing relationship with the truth.

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  1. "How can we have faith in our economy"…He has seen all the new labour propositions right? And how their going to plummet the UK further into debt if followed through with – I am in no way a conservative supported cause they screwed up Brexit. But cmon really

  2. Boris the least trusted? is this not the Kettle calling the Pot Black? oh sorry Abbot, was that racist? what a bunch of half wits (and I'm being kind)

  3. The instability of the pound has been caused by uncertainty John caused by the labour party holding Boris hostage and not able to complete Brexit watch it grow once Boris gets a majority. I'm no Boris fanboy but I trust Mcdonell far less. The pound would deteriorate far quicker under a labour government once the billionaires who are paying 50% of the tax in this country leave taxes rise and were left with record inflation.

  4. who here listens to anything these outdated relics have to say ?.. i swear people in politics should have a age limit so no one over 45 can run.

  5. Scary..

    If a PM who is NOT trusted and found to have lied repeatedly is put into office by the people…
    …then what kind of PMs should we be expecting in the future?
    …. it seems to have been on the decline since Tony Blair claims of WMD in Iraq and the search for a Saudi Man in Afghanistan…

  6. it is 1980s happening all over again. Another thatcharite privatization and destruction of society is at hand if brexit happens.

  7. you can imagine what has happened in britain; g4s is now the single largest employer in uk and second largest employer in usa after walmart. basically, close to 55% of the population are acting as security guards for the rich and businesses or doing highly unskilled jobs. ambition and social mobility has stopped completely.

  8. I suppose, by contrast, we should invest trust in a
    cadre whose original coat of arms was literally a wolf in sheep's clothing.

  9. General election: Matt Hancock apologises for boy having to sleep on hospital floor – as it happened ►

  10. WOW! the tory trolls are out in force LOL. But what's true is seeing the labour campaign out and about and seeing Hope for the Labour Party to Win on the 12th November Vote Labour so we can all get out of this tory mess. JC4PM.

  11. I’m voting conservative but I truly hope the decent labour voters get their party back from these fuckups , they despise decent people ,especially up north

  12. True Boris is the least trusted PM since the last Labour one Gordon Brown who bankrupted the country which everybody seems to have forgotten and Tony Blair who actually did sell off the NHS which also never seems to get a mention

  13. It seems you can trust Jonson but you can't actually trust the entirety of the rest of the government who blocked him at every point.

  14. Abbot comnents on Mao anyone ?
    This guy is behind the rail strike this Christmas promising
    £ millions in exchange…. no better than conservatives but at least THEY don't hate the country and all it stands for. Labour want to dilute GB history, culture and people…..think about that…

  15. Sounds a bit like ‘Traingate’ , began when filmmaker Yannis Mendez, who was travelling with Corbyn during his 2016 leadership campaign, captured the MP sitting in a vestibule.Corbyn used the scene to support his policy of nationalising Britain’s railways, and claimed he had been forced to sit on the floor. But Virgin Trains hit back later when it released selected still images from on-board CCTV which showed Corbyn walking past apparently “empty unreserved” seats a few minutes into his journey. Virgin, and Branson its billionaire founder, used the images to rubbish the then leadership candidate’s claims. The firm also released clips to broadcasters. Corbyn later told reporters that he had failed to find two empty seats for him and his wife and that a Virgin conductor later found the pair seats on the train.????

  16. Come on labour"" we all need you now to stop the tories and more cuts from feb that nobody seems to talk about" and how the tories have said we will never sell any of the N.H.S yet they just sold the blood bank side to a American company owned by a senator. Another bloody tories lie

  17. Not there to be trusted ,liked or loved Boris is there to do a job sadly it won’t be the job that the leave voters want done it’ll be leave in name only so the ESTABLISHMENT wins again , do not TRUST the establishment !

  18. I wonder why the opposing force against boris would say that boris is the least trusted prime minister?

    Doesn't take a genius to figure it out

  19. So when unelectable Corbyn gets replaced by unelectable Mcdonnell, can we take it your forgetting Tony Blaire was the worst PM in living memory.

  20. What's your stance on Brexit?…. "But ma NHS doh" err ok what about anti semitism? "The Tories can't be trusted doh" I see…. where's all the money gonna come from for all this free stuff? "She closed down the pits doh" yes, where's Diane? " …. Did I mention the NHS?"

  21. Lol remember Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.. they are the main reason we are in this mess. False wars, open door policy of letting anyone and their rapey uncle in our country and selling all our gold at rock bottom prices.
    Yeah vote Labour if you are a complete camel toe !

  22. Labour always say they will pay for their manifesto by increasing productivity ………Labour have NEVER ever increased productivity, they always destroy the economy.  
    Don't take my word for it, do your own research of past labour governments.

  23. Mc Donnell sacked by Ken Livingstone for being to left wing that’s saying something from someone who was labelled red Ken !!

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