Boris Johnson denies any offers of peerages to Brexit party
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Boris Johnson denies any offers of peerages to Brexit party

November 19, 2019

Have you, your party, or anyone associated
with your campaign promised Farage, Nigel Farage, a peerage for stepping down
some of his electoral candidates? – Nein, nein. What is this nonsense? I know, this is on the front page
of the Daily Telegraph, isn’t it? – There we go. I have the evidence for
you. Normally, they’re on your side because
you were in their pay. – Normally, I’m absolutely unimpeachable. – It talks about corruption at the worst
level. He says he’s been offered eight peerages
as incentives to what he likened to living in Venezuela.
[Boris Johnson laughs] Many thousands of phone calls have
been made to the party’s candidates, remaining 300 candidates who are
still standing, so you’re saying no calls have been made from anyone
in Conservative party central command to the Brexit Party? – Look, I mean, that would be a big thing
for me to investigate. I’m sure that there are conversations taking
place between politicians of all parties but certainly nobody’s been offered a peerage,
I can tell you that. – Right. Well, we’ll take you at your word. And just so you understand Rachel,
the Conservative party doesn’t do deals of this kind. It’s just not the way we operate. – Well, it’s a choice. It’s a choice for our
listeners and our viewers this morning. Who do we believe? Boris Johnson or Nigel
Farage? A bit of a dilemma for some. – All I can tell you is that we don’t do
deals and I think that will be pretty obvious from what has happened, actually. That we’ve made no undertakings.

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  1. In 2005, Tony Blair appointed 16 new life peers to the House of Lords, giving Labour their first ever majority in the House…

  2. Boris has lied to the nation for too long, and has let too many people down. He doesn't even know any immigration numbers or targets. He's been rumbled and his pact with the Brexit Party also has been made public, though as always, he denies it all the way to the ditch.

    Impact assessment refused to be made public, Russian interference signed off a month ago also withheld.

    Boris is leading the new USSR

  3. Yeah right. Look how many down the years got knighthoods and seats in the Lords simply for writing a cheque made payable to the Tory Party. If he says it hasn't happened,you know for a fact it's a lie.

  4. Boris is lying again, tut, tut, tut,  an acting like he's death, dumb, and blind, yer right, he is right at the forefront of all these dirty tactics and we all know it.

  5. do not believe him what so ever, even despite the Tories support for Brexit (allegedly), when all is said and done they are every bit as corrupt as the communists they oppose.

  6. Maybe they were in informal talks but to seriously offer peerages would be something no political party would do – it's just bizarre. Clearly the Tories didn't offer actual peerages; it might of been jokingly thrown around but that's very different to actually offering peerages. But it's all about the headline these days.

  7. This is a man who is a war historian he attacks on all fronts this man would sell his granny if she were alive today an absolute crazed lunaticthat he is.

  8. People call him a liar even though no evidence has been brought forward to prove him guilty. This isn't how justice should be done ye children of chaos!

  9. Conservative means country will remain poor. The people will have to work harder so these scoundrels can live a lavish lifestyle.

  10. I am done with the Tories and Boris Johnson for their stubborn and hateful treatment of the Brexit Party. He is no longer someone anybody should trust or depend on.

  11. I wonder if Boris knows the bottom of a Remembrance Day wreath , from the top ??? If you're not sure that he does , check out the Cenotaph footage for 2019.

  12. Nein nein ?? He says
    A man that truly is a Legend !!!!
    ( in his own mind ) and could not possibly be engaging in Treason ??????

  13. Do we just forget the treason put on 17.4mill Boris you should not trust london police brexit get batons remainers get moved on I want more clip 1.19 is bad.

  14. I was a life long Conservative voter, however if the choice was Farage and Widdicombe over Boris I would believe Farage and Widdicombe

  15. I find it amazing nobody's being looked into for colluding with another country treason I think its comic Jo can stick her two fingers up at democracy but lets be honest 2016 was the year of rich spoiled bad losers against the people.

  16. I know people joke about the british government being a bunch of Skeksis but the barely contained contempt in that smirk of his is skin crawling.

  17. The rotten to the core 2 Party system along with 80 % of the UK Media and the the house of snakes its all over for their Orwellian, Deep State, Illuminate agenda and their reprehensible philosophy, its like watching a snakes that have swallowed their own poison/venom, they writhe and twist before the inevitable..Vote BREXIT Party at the next GE…. DRAIN THE SWAMP..

  18. Liar Liar. His face is so red, and his nose looks like its got bigger. This man is a bare face liar. He can look you directly in the eye and lie.

  19. Who cares its only the shitty left BBC…… What we should be talking about is how much money Children in Need has raised and why the BBC sits on it……….

  20. Somebody's somewhere is "Lying"……& with the current way the conservatives have lied betrayed & cheated us all….Hmmmmm

  21. Royaume-Uni : Une femme au cœur d’une affaire embarrassante pour Boris Johnson?????

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