Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clash over NHS during PMQs
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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clash over NHS during PMQs

January 17, 2020

Mr Speaker, this issue of people
waiting in trolleys is a very serious one. The number doubled in December
and now is at it’s highest ever level on record. The prime minister promised to put
the Conservative party’s inadequate NHS funding pledge into law. Can you explain why it is necessary
to cement into law a pledge which the Health Foundation has said
is below the amount needed to maintain current standards of care? Mr Speaker, it is only under this Conservative
government we have the resources that will enable us to invest in our NHS. And it’s because of the stewardship
of the economy after the wreckage that Labour left when they were in office,
that we’ve been able to make both those colossal investments
that I would I would remind him, I would say that not only was it this
Conservative government that rebuilt the A&E, as he correctly points out. It is this Conservative government
that will be rebuilding the entire hospital. Mr Speaker, I don’t know if the
prime minister had a chance to read the Labour manifesto in the election,
but we made it very clear. We have a plan. We have a plan.
A very clear one. It is free personal care. It is more funding and it is support for carers. And we’re very happy, I’m very happy
to send him another copy of our manifesto so he can read it. The prime minister has said many times
he’s going to put this NHS funding issue into law. If he’s really committed to fixing the crisis,
his government has created over the last decade, he should end the empty rhetoric
and back our proposals to give the NHS the funding it needs
rather than putting into law an insufficiency of funding. The NHS is our most precious national
institution, fund it properly that everyone can rely on it. Those that cannot afford private healthcare. Mr Speaker, I’m delighted he’s still fighting
on the manifesto that he submitted to the attention of the British people
at the last election I think it was pretty clear what they thought
of it. What they thought of the credibility
of the promises that he made. But it was also clear what they thought
of what we’re going to do, because they see that we are the party
of the NHS, Mr Speaker.

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  1. Labour's open door policy has put a huge strain on the NHS and they were people waiting on trolleys in hallways in blairs days.

  2. The Tories not only invented the NHS they have presided over most of its existence. The only party to flog it off was Gordon Brown and the labour party.

  3. Jeremy Corbyn great politician. Boris Johnson ignorant and I'll mannered.
    Not fit to be prime minister. The Tories have drained this country dry especially working families. Tory government are a different breed and haven't a clue about the struggles millions of people are having in this country.

  4. “It’s clear what the British people thought of your manifesto” uhhh no, it’s clear that the British people were manipulated by a web of lies spun by media in favour of a Tory government, again.

  5. I dont understand people's trust in Boris. What has he done to show you he wants to make the country better other than telling you obvious things that you want to hear? He has always sort to further his career and nothing else much and has belonged to elite high society clubs that include awful people, voting for this boys club does nothing to help the working class and blaming immigration or 'socialism' for every single one of our problems isn't going to work. People arnt being racists to white people, your free speech isn't under threat and teaching people about homosexuality wont ruin the country!!

  6. The real founder or free healthcare 4 children elderly n the very poor was John Henry Temple in 1864 a Tory. 36 yes b4 the labour party was FOUNDED in 1900

  7. I find it amazing people don't realize that if you have a shopping bag and you keep filling it and filling it, eventually it will bust at the seams or overflow. Get a small island with infrastructure for x amount of people and keep filling it and filling it faster than new hospitals etc can be built and staff trained, then what else would the outcome be. Labour would exacerbate this hugely as they have a much more open stance to visitors (unchecked visitors that can't contribute to vital staff).

  8. They need to get shot of corbyn because nobody in that room takes him seriously anymore, even if you agree with him he doesn't hold any real power anymore. Best bet for labour would be to hurry with the vote for the next leader, corbyn cannot put up any sort of fight anymore and thats the truth.

  9. I thought Corbyn was supposed to quit as Labour leader after his loss in the election? Shows how much bile comes out of his mouth.

  10. What I’ve learned is British people like to cut their nose to spite their face – what’s the fuss about now? You guys voted for him.

  11. EU immigration contributes to financial pressure on the NHS, but its annual impact is small compared to other factors. Whether EU immigrants pay enough into the public finances overall to cover their costs is difficult to say, and researchers give different answers. However, it does appear that they make more of a net contribution than other groups. The UK doesn’t claim back as much as it could of the cost of treating Europeans who come here for a shorter period as visitors or to live as pensioners, which is mostly down to the NHS not asking for money it is due. There is also evidence that EU immigrants may be healthier so will only pay into the NHS via tax etc. Most of the talk regarding over population in the UK is an issue with the government not acting on current laws available to it. The UK already has full control of the boarders as if an immigrant has not found work within three months the UK has the right to deport the person/s in question back to the originating country. This is already EU law, unfortunately the UK Gov has not funded the means to implement and carry out this basic EU law.

  12. JC stands for nothing. He just keeps holding on trying to say what he thinks is right. Get him out of the way focus on building this country back up. Labour need to get rid asap

  13. CHLORINATED CHICKEN CORBYN….. old grandpa loser is hanging on to increase his wages and pension ….paid for by all the poor people he claims he fights for .

  14. It doesn't matter what Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson says, until we stop seeing people being lined up in hospital coridors waiting to be treated he just isn't sorting out the real issues. Answer the dam question.

  15. Corbyn and his Champagne Socialist lost the election in a big way with their dreadful manifesto why would a Prime Minister read that drivel.

  16. how can jeremy talk about anything – he is a dead horse now and people need to remember that
    Labour left the working class and for that they got hammered.
    And get rid of that Momentum

  17. The Burrage Report was instigated by the Conservative Party in 1941 Unfortunately a small matter of the Second World War took precedence Agreed for many reasons Labour won the 1945 election after the war was won but proceeded to wreck the a Country as usual Don’t give me that Bolox that the NHS is a Labour institution If Blair and his ilk had not ruined the education system the population may have had a grasp of our political social and economic history and realise Corbynski is a nasty ignorant traitorous little man

  18. Your in the depths of a forest, loaded revolver pointed at Boris Johnson's head. Do you pull the trigger? Do you put conscience or country first?

  19. Corbyn is a spent force and traditional labour supporters rejected him out of hand. He has only ever been a protest politician and couldn't even make his mind up over Brexit.
    The majority of his shadow cabinet were remainers !

  20. The NHS waiting lists began the day mass immigration started under BLIARS watch, yes we need Doctors and Nurses , but with immigration at 220,000(OFNS) per year we will need even more doctors and nurses and teachers and it goes on….Luton has a population of 222,000, a hospital employing 3,500 staff, many clinics in its catchment , dental surgeries , schools, nurseries, fire stations ,police stations, council workers, 220,000 housing places.
    Every year we need to build an infrastructure the size of Luton just to support the amount of people entering the country, are we doing this …NO, can we afford to do this NO, will the problem get worse YES.
    Take a look out of the window….are you queuing more, spending more time in traffic, waiting longer for appointments.
    Forget bigotry around Racism….The immigration policy is an economic Mammoth , only funding large corporations looking for cheap labour.
    Corbyns manifesto policies are just fanasy land, and will never stop the problem labour started.
    We now need an immigration policy where we recruit ONLY assets to our country, straight into jobs that need their expertise, regardless of creed colour or country of origin.

  21. i think Corbyn forgot to mention that he had just grown a money tree in his back garden to fund all the things that he had promised

  22. If that trot Corbyn was really bothered about Conservative mismanagment of the NHS the best thing he could have done was to have stood down as Labour leader so somebody with an actual chance of winning a general election could have been appointed in his place.

  23. I love how the Guardian a "left wing" paper acts like a 1945 "right wing" paper deleting comments it's pathetic censorship that only leads to more divide and pushes people further to the fringes

  24. Just to remind everyone here that the NHS was proposed and founded by a Labour MP and many conservatives actually opposed the idea.

  25. DePfeffel’s on thin ice… He will always weasel out of answering, and when he fails to deliver we will take our vote back.

  26. 350k+ people migrate to settle in the UK every year, that a medium city the size of Bristol moving to the UK every single year. There is no possible way infrastructure nor the NHS can dream of keeping up with numbers like those, no matter how much money you throw at it nor how many doctors and nurses you can pinch from developing nations via the lefts Intellectual Colonialism policy.

    It's mass migration or the NHS and looking at the current state of the NHS soon you will be FORCED to choose.

  27. Why does this sound like children bickering I wouldn't let the children in class behave like this what a poor show the word shambles comes to mind

  28. "NYYeAHhh" wtf is this, a secondary school argument. I believe the people on mic should speak (Jeremy and Boris) and the rest should stfu and sit there.

  29. A decade of this govt has brought the NHS down to it's knees. We've seen hospital waiting times go up, thousands of cancelled operations, shortages of beds, patients left on trollies in corridors for hours on end before they can get seen to and we seen doctors and nurses who are overworked eventually leave the job they love because of the pressures they are put under and the PM has the cheek to say " We're the only party on the side of the NHS " Tell him to go back to his fridge and have a long hard think about he said.

  30. Can we get past all this stupid nhs stuff and get to what matters? WHAT are we going to put on the next batch of 50p's and do you think it'd cover ringing the bell?

  31. Corbyn doesn’t understand that the problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

  32. Throwing money at a problem will not solve it. Millions have been thrown at solving knife crime and gang problems and nothing has improved, because the money isn’t spent properly.
    The NHS won’t be fixed until the money is used effectively and in an organised way.

  33. Why can’t everyone in that room shut up not shout just talk and listen to each other without people in the background to shout

  34. Jeremy, despite being hated, and on the verge of resigning as leader of the Labour party, he still fights for the NHS and the care for the PEOPLE. Meanwhile Britain votes for a British trump.


  35. Having been in an NHS hospital only yesterday i have seen the problems they have. I worry this government doesnt give a toss about NHS and this is all talk. I also worry the next labour leader wont put as much pressure on the tories to do the right thing with the NHS

  36. 1:36 hmmm
    "His governmet" no corbyn no labout pit us in a recesion in 2009 and thats why conservative has won ever since. Trying to clean up your mess that you made. If there wasnt a recesion then i bet you most goverment funding lile schools and the NHS woulsnt of been cut

  37. Problem is nationlized medicine. Even if he did get in right away the care is sub standard compared to American Hospitals. Putting a bandaide on an amputated arm is not healthcare. Those who are really sick pay to come to Mayo Clinic here in my home state of Minnesota. Competition leads to innovation! Waiting longer than six weeks for tests such as MRI and CT Scans is a joke! These are immediately available in emergency rooms across America. NO Wait!

  38. PMQs verdict: flat, underpowered and frankly a bit dull ►

  39. Priminster Boris Johnson Jeremy Corbyn has nothing to talk about it but the NHS and we are the best with every thing regards the NHS more funding did they done greatest than us for the NHS the answer is no it dosent matters about the Lebour party Jeremy Corbyn let's talk about the new things the EU Saying yesterday the Chief Negotiations in the EU palament saying will be Borders in sides of the Britain sides well defenatly yes it's going to be Border checks every one entering our Britain land not only from the EU from the hall world lots of Deporting will be curry on and I think from the end of this month we are officially out of the EU but we have to end it completely in the 12 of 2020 we chouldnt expect eny one trying to enter Britain and who is already in Britain to be in title for British nationals must be have been in bitain not lest than 5 years. Today we heard of the German preformer Angeles Markle I think are already started feeling the fire hitting the EU she said Britain and the USA are going to be trouble to the EU she is trying thomting health to do with the Brexit priminster Boris Johnson make it don't break it Brexit with out deals completely this is the only way out of the EU have a great evening. ? by Hollywood mo RAAD political madical sicoligest law judges on Google youtube International? Mo?

  40. You are not fooling anyone here,BORIS we know the GOVERNMENT IF IT COULD would do away with the NHS, all your soundbites are just that pretty words to make everyone feel like Boris cares a gesture of putting his own money from his OWN pocket say £50,000 SHOWS SOLIDARITY TO THE NHS

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