Bonus video! “Operator gloves” w/ unique feature
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Bonus video! “Operator gloves” w/ unique feature

August 19, 2019

Hey everybody, Rob Rosenberger here for
Mostly22LR. In this bonus video, I want to talk about “operator gloves.” I know a lot
of AR-22 shooters like their little operator gloves. You can get these on Amazon & eBay,
they’re real cheap. I think these were less than $10. The brand is called “My God” [laughs].
As a .22LR owner, I really like these [type of] gloves. They fit well, there’s lots of
great adjustments on them. I mean, these work as operator gloves But one of the problems
that I have with operator gloves is the [short] length of time that I normally wear them.
If you’re a .22LR enthusiast and you are out all day long wearing operator gloves? That’s
great! But my problem is trying to [repeatedly] take them off. They are a bear, especially
with– it’s actually 83°F here right now in the community center [laughs] and as you can
see here, it can be a real bear to try and get these off. I have a different set of gloves
that I want to show you that, although they’re not “operator gloves,” they do fit the bill
and I like using them a lot. Hang on just a second here and let’s
go ahead and try them on. These are Wells Lamont gloves. These are “work
gloves” and they have a unique feature to them. They are fingerless gloves as well.
I use them for shooting; I use them for driving in particular, long distances in the truck.
I could use operator gloves when I’m driving the truck up to Chicago, let’s say, from South
Carolina. But what I like about these is that they are– (once you get them on! I wiped
my hands across my brow just to make sure that the sweat that was taken by the other
gloves wouldn’t compromise these gloves right here when I review them.) And, I mean, it’s
very tight. They’ve got a good contact point right here so that when I’m driving, I have
positive authority over my steering column. They’re thin enough so I can use my AR-22
with them. Or I can actually go hunting with them if I want. There’s any number of things
that I can do with these gloves. But the one thing that I like about them are these little
“catches” right here for my two fingers. They just simply– the whole thing pops off very
quickly with these little “catches.” And I think what it is, is that Wells Lamont has
a patent on this, and they just come off very easily because of these two “catches.” As
you can see here, these used to be black but I’ve owned them for so long that they’ve started
to fade out. But I don’t care: they still do the job very well. Nice nylon meshing,
it’s– I don’t think there’s any cotton in here. But you can adjust this right here.
There’s all sorts of things that you can do. These are very comfortable. Now, are they
“operator gloves”? No. You know, your knuckles will get rapped, unlike here where your knuckles
won’t get rapped. You’ve got this part right here to cover your knuckles. There’s lots
of things that you can do with the operator gloves, but– and you can control how they
fit your wrists. These are just gonna go on top of your wrists. But if you’re thinking
about operator gloves and you want something that you can get off easily, [that] you can
put on & take off very quickly, this little– I think this is patented from Wells Lamont.
This little “finger hook / catch” makes putting them on & taking them off a breeze. So– or,
I’m sorry: it makes [just] taking them off a breeze. I want to show it to you one more
time so that you can see. Put it on here, and then all I do is I put in my two fingers
and I pull it off, and it comes off very quickly, unlike the operator gloves. And those operator
gloves– these are the correct size for me, I’m not undersizing these gloves. So, just
one more thing, a little cute video for those of you guys who are into AR-22, you like carrying
it around and you want to carry [it with] something that will protect your hands while
you’re going through brush and woodsy areas. Or you’re just plinking and you just want
to have on gloves that look cool. Wells Lamont “work gloves.” I’ll include some links in
the description for this video, but it’s just a little bonus video I wanted to do to show
you, so that when you see those gloves in action sooner or later on Mostly22LR,
you’ll know what those gloves are. I’m Rob Rosenberger for
Mostly22LR. And remember: .22LR is real ammunition.
Treat it as such.

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  1. Sooo, why not just stitch some tabs to the operator gloves? they look like they are basicly just the fingertip section of any other glove. or could use a couple of thin "coat hook loops" like in jackets…remember, real men know how to use a needle and thread 😉

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