BOMB! Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (REACT: Gaming)
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BOMB! Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (REACT: Gaming)

August 27, 2019

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – (Finebros) Today you’re gonna
be working together to… – To…
– To… – (Finebros) …defuse a bomb. – (laughs)
– (Will) Oh! – This bomb won’t kill anyone, right?
This isn’t a real bomb? – (Finebros) The game is called
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. – Oh boy. – I’m gonna blow this place up.
(both laugh) – (Finebros) Each round, one of you
will be defusing the bomb via the Oculus, while
the other uses a manual to coach the other on
how to dismantle the bomb. – No way. I haven’t used
any of these before. – No, me neither.
– Hell yeah, I’m so excited. – Oh my gosh.
– I’m so sorry already. “Bomb Defusal Manual.” – (Finebros) And neither of you
are gonna be able to see what the other is looking at. – Just got to be clear.
– Yeah. – We’ll be fine. We’ll get it done. – You’re gonna help me.
– As long as you listen to me, everything will go smoothly.
– Speak up. – This is like– whoa, okay. “A bomb will explode… – (yelps)
– “…or when too many strikes have been recorded.” Are things happening? – “When the Defuser makes a mistake, the bomb will record a strike,
which will be displayed on the…” Okay, no. – Oh! Okay, okay. There’s six panels.
– Um, okay. – You have to disarm
all the modules. Okay. – There’s three wires.
Are there any red wires? – There are no wires at all.
– Cut the second wire. – There’s no wire. – It’s a big button, and then… – But the module though.
– Oh my god, I pressed something, and it had an X, and it…
– No, that’s definitely wrong. – What the heck? Dude,
there’s 23 pages! Okay. “Some disarming instructions
will require specific info…” – You’ve wasted a minute! – I see a button. It has “hold.” And I see a number combination with the number 2 on the green screen and then the number below…
– Oh, a button. – …is 4123. – There’s five wires, a blue,
two red, a black, and a yellow. I have to cut one, I think. – “Only one correct wire needs
to be cut to disarm this module.” – There is six wires.
It’s white, red, white, blue. – Okay, wait. There’s six? Okay. Okay, “If there is exactly
one yellow wire and there is more than
one white wire, cut the–” – Yeah, there’s three white wires. – Is there one red wire?
– There’s two. – Okay. Are there no black wires?
– There’s one black wire. – How many wires are there? – There are no wires. They’re buttons.
– There are no wires? – Okay, cut the fourth wire.
– Are you sure? – Yeah, yeah.
– Okay. One, two, three, four. The blue, right?
– I think. Try it. – All right. All right.
It just gave me a green light. – Okay, cut the first wire. – Are you sure?
– Yes! – Oh, good. It’s green!
– Okay! – I am just gonna click things now. (timer clicking)
♪ (suspenseful music building) ♪ Green! I see the green button. – Buttons to press.
So how many buttons are there? – There are four buttons for the–
– What colors are there? – They’re all one color.
– They’re all– what color is that? – Um, just gray. – Do you have a keypad one…
– Yeah. – …with random–
– Like symbols? – Yeah.
– Yes. – Which one?
– Okay. Uh… whatever you see. – Uh, I’m gonna pick the one
that literally says “see.” – I see the number 3
and then it’s like 1432. – It looks like a little circuit board… – Yes.
– …or computer. Okay. – I think so. I think that’s it. – Maze– it’s like a maze thing, okay.
– Two minutes left. – It’s just six buttons says,
“you are,” “UR,” “uh huh,” “you’re,” “like,” “A.” Or, “like,” “U.”
– Wait. – “Only one column below
has all four of the symbols from the keypad. Press
the four buttons in the order their symbols appear from
top to bottom within the column.” – “Do not cross the lines
shown in the maze.” Oh my– oh, okay. Okay, there’s
some lines here in the maze, and they’re invisible to you.
Only I have them. – What are the symbols? – There’s something that looks like zero with a stick in the
bottom, like a lollipop. – Oh, I have a– okay, lollipop. – Where are the circles’ position? – I’m gonna go down four
and then go right four. And then the next one is–
– Is it just like two over? – Yes.
– Okay, yeah. – There’s a bunch–
– There’s like six buttons. – (frustrated) What is this? Okay, go to a different one. – Already did the keypad one.
– Oh, I pressed something, and it– (kaboom!)
(both scream) – Oh my god. That scared me. – “Exploded.” Oh.
– Okay, so we lost. – If you started on the left one,
head up one dot. Head right one dot. – Okay.
– And then go up and then go up one more. – That’s it? – Okay.
– I just pressed B. It didn’t really do anything. – Is there a backwards C with a line and a face that looks like
it’s screaming to the left? – Yeah.
– Okay! Press the screaming to the left.
– Okay. – Press the lollipop.
– Okay. – The one that looks like a doughnut.
– Doughnut? Oh, okay. And then the other one?
– The double curly. – Good!
– Okay. – Is it like a maze?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. There’s two green buttons. There’s a red arrow that’s turning. – “The defuser must
navigate the white light to the red triangle
using the arrow buttons.” – It should have a big box with a number. – Yeah.
– Okay. – There’s a minute.
– Okay. “Press the button in the second position.” – The 2?
– Yes. – ‘Kay, good. – Move the white light
to the red triangle. (buzzer)
Is it doing it? – Yeah, but it’s just giving me a red– Okay, no, I’m scared.
No, it’s gonna blow up if I keep– (kaboom!)
– Is it? – Wait. It turned black.
– It turned black? – Yeah.
– Does that mean we died? – “Press the button in the same position as you pressed in stage 1.”
– Okay. Good. – “Press the button with the same
label you pressed in stage 1.” (buzzer)
– Wrong. – “Press the button in the same position as you pressed in stage 1.”
– That got wrong. – Ten seconds left.
– (whimpers anxiously) Okay. – “Press the button
in the first position.” (kaboom!)
– It exploded. – Do I just start pressing things?
– Yeah, pressing things. Press, press things.
– Nope. – Oh, okay.
(kaboom!) – Oh! Okay, I’m dead.
– Aah. – Oh, oh. – I didn’t understand
anything she was saying. She’s talking about wires. There were hieroglyphics, but… – You figured that one out by yourself, and then I couldn’t keep up.
– I know. I got that one. – It looks so simple,
but it’s not. Like, argh! – There’s so much. Like,
what does this even mean? – I actually think we did pretty well.
We got two modules done. – (Finebros) We’re now gonna
have you guys switch roles. – Oh wait. We’re not doing the same thing? – Oh, cool. I get to see it. – Okay, here we go.
– Okay, what do you see? – Now there’s only two
available ones. There’s still– There’s a box and it has
a 3 in a little TV thing. – 3 in a TV thing. Okay. – It says “hold.” There’s a big button. – Well, don’t touch it yet.
– I’m not touching anything yet. – We have a button.
It’s yellow and it says “abort.” – Perfect! Press and hold the button. – There’s one, and it’s like a square. – Is it four boxes? Like,
blue, yellow, green, red? – Oh, yeah, yeah. – “If it’s display 3, press the button
on the third position.” – So 1? Okay. (click)
I pressed it. There’s a green light. – There’s a green light. That’s good. – “If you start holding the button down, a colored strip will light up
on the right side of the module. Based on its color,
you must release the button at a specific point.” – What color is it?
– Blue. – Blue? “Release when
the countdown has a 4.” – Man. 9, 8… Oh wait, it’s 4:47.
– Go! – “One of the four
colored buttons will flash.” Is any of them flashing?
– Red. – Uh…
– Should I press the one that flashes? – (hesitantly) Uh, yeah, I guess.
(buzzer) Press blue.
– Blue? Okay. (buzzer)
– Yes? – No, no, that did not work. – It’s red. – “Release when the countdown timer
has a 1 in any position.” – Okay. (click)
I did it. – Woo!!
– I totally did it. I totally did it. – We did it!
– Oh my god. Okay, okay, okay. – All right, all right. See, this is going better.
– So now what do I do? – For display 1,
press the second position. – Okay. (buzzer)
Oh, there’s a red button. I did something wrong.
– Argh! Press B. Press B, move on.
– Press B? Okay. – Press green? Are you positive?
– Yeah. – Yes!
– Yeah! All right. Another color should be flashing.
– Okay, what’s flashing? (colors beep)
It’s still red. Oh, red, yellow. – Yellow’s flashing?
– Yeah, yeah. Red, yellow.
– Okay, um… Dang, does that mean that
we still have two strikes though? – Yeah, yeah, go, go, go.
– Okay, so press the blue. Press the blue.
– Blue? (kaboom!)
Oh. No, that’s– That’s probably a detonated bomb. – What do you see?
– Oh, there’s wires on the back. – Wires. – There’s a box, and it has a 1 on it, and then it has four
numbers underneath it. – I guess if the big number on the top…
– Yeah, it’s 1. – “Press the button
in the second position.” So whatever the second one is.
– Okay, I did it. – Display number 3.
– Press the third position. – Third position is 1. – There’s a red one on top. There is a black one underneath it,
a yellow one, and a blue one. – There’s only four wires.
– But there’s a space in between the yellow and the blue one. – Now it’s 4.
– Now it’s 4? – Yeah.
– Press the button in the fourth position. (buzzer)
– Oh shit, I [bleep] up. Okay, it’s 2.
– Press the button in the second position. – Okay, we’re back on track. – Display number is 4. – “Press the button in the same position as you pressed in stage 1.”
– Okay. So 1, 3. – Aah, there’s red lights. I think we’re getting
into a critical zone. – Is it more than one yellow?
– No, there’s only one. – Then cut the last wire.
– Okay. Aah… (buzzer)
Okay, I cut it. There’s a red light. I think I got an X. – That’s so hard.
– I know. (nervously) Aah, it’s gonna blow up. (kaboom!)
Aah! Okay. I’m dead. – 3.
– Press the button in the third position. (buzzer)
– (irked) What the hell? You said third position, right?
– It says third position. – I definitely pressed
the third position button. Oh, we have one minute
and, oh, I have two strikes. – Okay. Well…
– Can I do a different module? – “Press the button in the same position that you pressed in stage 1.” (click)
– Okay. Display number is 3. – “Press the same label
you pressed in stage 4.” So the same one as you pressed in stage 1. – Oh, okay. That was 1. (click)
We’re good! We’re good!
– Next thing. – Oh. There’s red lights flashing. Okay, so it says V-Z-E-P-O.
It has, like, letters. We’re definitely at 47 seconds. Like, it’s in a green box. The letters are in a green display.
– There’s no colors on here. Okay, we’re at like 12. 10. I’m scared this is
gonna do something scary. – Let’s just let it blow up. (kaboom!)
– Okay, so it exploded. So this is not going better. – Five letters with arrows on top of them.
– Okay, okay, okay. Cycle through letters. The first one?
– M. – First letter’s M?
– Yes. There’s no M. – Y?
– No. – T?
– No. Wait, I’m confused.
Are you still on the first– – Yes!
– Oh, in the first one, there was a T. – Oh my gosh. Okay, T. – If the first letter’s T,
the second letter’s H. (clicking)
– Okay, there’s an H. (light bulb buzzes)
– It’s either gonna be E, I, or R. – There’s an R. – Okay, then the next one is E-E.
The word is “three.” – Okay, we’re good.
– Yes! (triumphant chime)
– Bomb’s done! – Woo! – I don’t want to be a spy anymore. That’s it. It’s too hard. I give up. I’m just gonna move to Greece
and start a pie shop or something. – It’s a very fun game. – It’s very satisfying
when you get it right. – It’s a positive teamwork game. Like, you’re on the same side,
and it’s a helping game. It’s not like one of those things
where you never see each other. – It definitely is some good
friendship building stuff. It will help you make
a connection with the person. – ♪ You’ve got a friend in me ♪ – Thanks for watching us dismantle
bombs on the React channel. – What should we play next?
Let us know in the comments. – Subscribe! New
Gaming episodes every week. – Bye, everyone!
I gotta go duck for cover! (explosion)
Oh god! ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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  2. Twin power 😀 I am a twin that's why I am saying this plus they're the only ones who solve all puzzles

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