Bogenturnier / Archery tournament Kleinkahl 2016
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Bogenturnier / Archery tournament Kleinkahl 2016

August 12, 2019

Last weekend, the local shooting club
held an archery tournament. They could have wished for better weather, but the threatening black clouds weren’t going
to be enough to put these people off. Thirty targets were scattered about the forest. Participants were divided into
a number of small groups, and each group was assigned
a different starting point. They then had six hours to tour
all thirty targets in strict rotation. I tagged along with group 1, which started,
appropriately enough, at target 1. The targets were plastic models of animals,
often hidden among the trees. A range of different weapons could be used, from the basic longbow
to modern high-tech affairs; there were even a couple of blowpipes. Each contestant can fire up to
three arrows at each target, scoring points for a hit. The fewer arrows needed
to hit the target, the more points are scored. Extra points are scored for a “kill”, a hit
inside a specific marked area. Wooden pegs hammered into the ground
show where contestants must stand. Red pegs are for those using sights, blue for those without sights, and white for under 18s. The targets are in publicly accessible woodland,
which certainly adds an unpredictable quality. Participants must have
third-party liability insurance, and it’s also their responsibility to ensure that there are no people or live animals
in the firing line. As the day wore on, the clouds thickened, making it even harder to find the targets,
let alone hit them. By the time we reached the refreshment truck
halfway through, it was pouring with rain. Back at the clubhouse it was time to double-check
the scoresheets and hand them in, followed by a much-needed meal. Finally, the awards ceremony, with prizes to the winners and runners-up
in a wide range of categories. It’s a niche sport. Exact numbers are unknown, but there are probably
ten times as many golfers in Germany as archers. Even so, it doesn’t look in danger
of dying out just yet. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video,
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  1. Dont have anything against archery but why do they have to shoot at fake animals. I hate hunters, couldnt they just use a normal target?

  2. Just wondering, how do people react when you turn up and just record them? I guess you asked first, but i did some nature recordings im my area and from time to time people walked by and told me stuff like "Kannste dich mit deiner Kamera nicht mal verpissen?!".

  3. Schönes Video! 🙂 Wenn du das nächste Mal bei einem Event teilnimmst, kannst du ja auch mal Aufnahmen von dir machen, wenn du z.B. schießt (in dem Fall). Gruß 🙂

  4. What is a '3D archery tournament'? Isn't archery three-dimensional by definition? After all, all three dimensions are important in this sport?

  5. Do you understand everything of the local dialect spoken in the video, or are you still getting used to it?

  6. There is no bad weather, there are only bad dressed people.
    I really like archery, but I don't like wandering through a dense forest for hours. Great video nonetheless.

  7. Awesome…I like their set-up….better than just standing around shooting at hay bails…good exercise and more of a challenge…

  8. Hey Rewboss I read abvout the green belt in germany could make a video about it and explain what it is and maybe showing it?

  9. Dieser Fuchs (?) bei 7:24 scheint mit irgendwie unangebracht, wenn man die Farbe, die Armbinde und die eigenartige Form der Nase zusammen betrachtet, nicht zu vergessen die Position des rechten Armes.
    Aber vielleicht sehe ich nur braune Gespenster …

  10. I've just got around to watching this video: it's very interesting, and looks like an enjoyable day. I'm surprised by the number of participants, and the age range (this isn't a sport you can just pick up and play, after all). The skill and practice it takes to hit a target is admirable.
    Do the proceeds from the sale of the targets go back to the archery club?

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