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August 18, 2019

what to we got Ted some duck hunters it
looks like well me and Aaron came out to scout this piece of public today this
morning before it got daylight and we are gonna set up if we started finding
some good sign but we’re not finding a whole bunch as we were getting down by
this little edge that Lake there’s a couple boats that are coming up the
channel we think they just dropped a guy off in the timber to go up probably to
set up a stand and huh doing my fair see their lines yeah so we’re gonna keep
creeping in here and try and get away from these other hunters somebody must
set up for a ground-and-pound set up right here brought their best Coleman
lawn chair while we’re headed back to the truck
it’s just breaking daylight here and we walked around this whole piece and
didn’t really see much or sign but that’s kind of what we’re doing to start
out this trip is just bouncing around in different areas scouting and tomorrow’s
Halloween and we’re supposed to have really good conditions with northerly
winds so that’s kind of what we’re looking for today is good spots with
good sign for north northwest winds so not hitting it very hard right now as
you can tell but we came in here and there was very little deer sign in here
this morning and hunters going in not too far from where we were planning on
setting up so we’re going to get out of here and go bounce around do a couple
different spots and see if we can’t get into some good sign though there’s a lot
of hunters when you’re running into hot hands might need this tomorrow some big tracks right here it’s about nine o’clock and we just
hopped out of the boat with them checking a bunch of areas around this
lake and we just came up this drainage and we were walking up this Ridge and we
just keep firing into fresh shrubs and we just saw a real big one about hundred
yards up from where we’re standing so we don’t think we’re probably gonna push
any further so we’re gonna mark this spot on onX and back out here this
spot should be pretty good in the next couple days there’s a rub right here
about ten yards there’s another one up there
twenty yards there’s a real big rub right up through those trees got sixty
yards away and the boat is back down here behind us back down that drainage or just heading back towards the boat
ramp we’re gonna check one more spot Aaron spotted a buck with a doe so we swung
around in the boat we’re gonna pull up here and try and cut him off Ted and I are in pursuit of this buck
that’s with that know along the edge of a lake down there while we were cruising
by in a boat I marked that bucks exact location on onX so that we don’t get
turn around a lot of times when you spot one from the road or from the boat or
whatever I try to go in there and stalk them you lose track of where they were
at because you’re coming in from a different direction so I mark them real
quick and now we’re moving around on him right now
thick bedding right here look at this scrape right here I think you got to go up that way ten
yeah up and around this way Oh glare round but I can’t pop 200-yard
yourself from the boat then we just been going real slow glassing every we’d come
up to a tree and glass whatever look we haven’t seen him yet so just probably
just gonna keep going right down through this low spot to keep the grass this
little ride between us and him probably 70 yards from this right now he’s in the
same spot yeah well he just kept coming up this edge
couldn’t seem couldn’t see him kept working up and then in Aaron’s like
all right there forty yards straight downwind pretty much he must have caught
our wind and then just kind of headed up that hill but he has nice real nice but
he’s going now pretty close for a 70 degree day huh yeah I mean but head back
to the boat scout around some more little bumpy Ted got a little rough yeah court muffins these are caramel rolls I
think those would be mine it’s two for each both burgers zucchini
muffins buns garlic butter minestrone stew chili barbecue dear should get us
started last Tuesday thanks Mindy oh yeah we appreciate you
and all the viewers appreciate you me and Ted definitely do because we just be
like gasp a favor last 24 hours tough decision of what to eat tonight
yeah I’m thinking maybe some minestrone and then a barbecue dear sandwich hey
thanks to the Fehrendorf’s too – thanks Shawn
this is so much better than hey this is a big upgrade from the time he films
this thing in night vision gun it’s wild like he’s got another extra thing coming
off like two or three brow tines the second beam and then a big Fork
look at that other one back there that’s just nuts he’s just walking bristled up
and that other one’s moving off these days are right in here every year it’s
just like you’re nuts such good hunts you know around the 27-28
through the first just huge when did you chase in another buck or
chase yeah I got her we’re back at beer camp here in Missouri
waiting for Brian from hushing to show up we’re looking through some of Zach’s
footage that him in Ted film the other day and one of our really good spots up
in Iowa and we just got a call as soon as we leave Zach goes and maybe she’s
won all right just keep us updated after we’re done showing you guys the Missouri
Public Land series Zach has had some unbelievable hunts from up in Iowa the
last few days so that’s gonna be on probably next week we’ll finish out this
week with whatever happens on our Missouri trip
hopefully Ted can zing one here in the next day or two and then yeah we’ll have
a bunch of videos from these hunts that Zach’s had up in Iowa next week you’re
not gonna believe what happens what do you cut those merrily oh yeah
insert the clip of Aaron falling down the bank 8 times wearing those the
left-handed shake yeah what’s up guys huh hey Brian how are you dad how are
you good this is the honey public in the middle of nowhere
Missouri public land whitetail killers that’s I don’t one thing I’m gonna
learning a heck of a lot about a different way to chase white owes based
on what we just experienced in Kansas and that’s what I’m most excited about
let’s get to know all you guys so join us we’ll give you a little tour of the
house yeah tomorrow and Thursday gonna be the days yeah it’s cool done a lot
since we’ve no doubt it’s already coming out more out of the West now than it was
like it was kind of humid this this evening this afternoon high about 70 oh
then it rained Halloween I mean didn’t me saying this is kind of completely
jinxes but it didn’t last you know Halloween is that Halloween dandelion
like it’s Halloween is good for everybody everywhere but for whatever
reason in Missouri like my entire life somebody’s killed one on Halloween
that’s cool right or multiple people have killed one and I think every time
that I punted on Halloween in Missouri I’ve seen in the chair by so hopefully
we can keep that going but me and Ted spent most of the day scouting we went
out this morning hunted a little bit but it was warm and we didn’t really want to
get too wild and crazy’ so we just spent seven or eight hours today boating
around and scouting different areas that I’ve either hunted in the past or known
about you know and we found a ton of sign that’s cool there’s a lot of bucks
this time I think oh well white-cell novice so don’t expect much what do you
guys would classify as like a shooter like what do you look for more age or size or pins like down it’s different up there definitely them yeah
yeah like anything was four points pretty much
I mean for speaking we’re in a County where we for point restriction on one
side so he’s got to have at least four you know he can be an eight pointer with
a sight broken and he’s legal but he’s got a four on one side and if you get on
a short hunt archery hunt and Missouri public land you get a crack at a two or
three year old buck that meets that requirement you might ought to you know
if it’s a real good yeah in the kill hole shot you might all think about
taking it there’s definitely bigger bucks around sure an older bucks as far
as antler size and age class you know if I was only gonna have three or four days
to hunt this area this would be the days I mean it was hot today and me and Ted
were just cruising around the boat scouting and ran into a nice buck with a
doe yeah we almost killed me I mean he heard us walking through the brush and
went to Circle downwind of the sound and got our win before Teddy gets shot but
we’re gonna go for a boat ride morning though come here and then to finish up
and call her out on a rifle hunt so I’ve got like the entire nation sings right
everything pretty much is here don’t laugh I just unload every rag I have now
we gotta move into the house just suck in rework it has like what what we got
rid of this is my poverty
rattling antlers that habit a bow because I kept banging at them oh yeah
yeah that’s all I had so yeah man he’s dead
roasty-toasty no ya know what that sound wouldn’t make that pop no no no no that
would be the first time in history he also started to drop before the arrow
got to him and you’re shooting uphill the stress Isabel this dress dress is a
bow hunter has the worst so we know there’s bucks in there somewhere
yeah and we can always fall back on that spot that we scouted today because it is
a really good funnel that’s leading into bedding and it’s like there’s gonna be
bugs going through there one of us very well may sit there and we go in way
early so that we can fine-tune all that stuff in the dark mm-hmm and sometimes
it’s complete rodeo yak imagine yeah sometimes yeah but sometimes we climb up
in a tree and kill one out of it yeah kill my vase well I guess the high
scoring book that I’ve ever shot doing that just going and completely blind
just picking a spot on the map that looked right as far as the type of
terrain and which one would want to bed in and slid in there and got in you know
got set up an hour before daylight I’ve got plenty of extra time on a windy
morning very similar to what we’re going to
so that’s definitely not something Cody with born and raised outdoors is a big
fan of the road bill several good crossing scrapes rubs where bucks are
going from this block to this block you know I’m anticipating the same thing to
be occurring right here on this other ditch to the east yeah except this is an
even shallower ditch with more bedding cover in it so with a northerly wind
were blowing the wind right back down the way that we’re coming in on both in
any Bucks they’re coming in from up this direction are gonna come through that
little pinch in the morning you know lots of Cedars with mixed hardwoods in
and around there and then CRP on top and tall switchgrass fields then we’ll go
one here drop off and go up in there and if we get in there and we don’t like
what we’re seeing them we’ll come back out and we’ll either post up observation
on the top of this hill or we can see clear across that field and call to
something or we’ll go straight up to that little road funnel in between those
two fields you know where they’ve got water there they have to come down in
there but more times than not they’re going to come to the just like an elk
they’re gonna come to that point where they can see the sound sure or they
should be able to and they’re gonna get nervous if they don’t see it what that
said we always bring calls

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  1. Its the moon phase half n half staying up in the day time mornings are golden the next 3 or 4 mornings good luck boys i seen a nice 8 pointer chasing yesterday morning and 6 does and a button buck

  2. guy at work-"did you hear Lee Lakosky shot a giant a few days ago?"

    Me-"No Shit?, he's had a few thousand Iowa acres locked down for a decade or so, super model wife, a bus to hunt from, running around on Crush $ must be hard. Nah bro I follow guys with 70's pornstaches and whiteboy fros (with rope belts) hunting out of beat up cars, Kayaks and a rangerPU. these dudes walk into public land in the middle of the orange army and pull a 140 out of the weeds like a magician pulls a rabbit. like its a everyday thing, no sweat. Nice UA jacket and big diesel truck, did you see this buck I just pulled out from under your nose while you were on your phone on FB, farting out last nights PBR and burritos? Cause if ya missed it, i'll put it up on youtube for you to watch tomorrow! THP, big titties, Murica and shit!"

    guy at work- "what just happened?"

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  5. Weather warmed up here in NC but bucks deff in rut and seen young one chase doe all over the place today! Good luck to yall…my only son (15) loves the REAL way yall hunt!

  6. I love how you hunt from the ground with bows. It’s more fair for the animal that way and takes more skill. Your videos teach me a lot!

  7. Whelp, as usual Halloween was pretty dead this morning for me on stand. But when I climbed down I saw a Hen of the Woods as I grabbed my bow-SCORE? I decided to switch tactics and went fishing this afternoon in the Yak instead, just finished a supper of Crappie, LMB, and Butch's White pizza with Hen of the Woods crumbs on top. Turned out to be a productive Halloween after all?

  8. Are you guys in the area where you shot that turkey this spring and found that huge shed while you were doing the post interview? I think that was Missouri.

  9. I’m muzzleloader Hunting in a national wildlife refuge, my stand has a huge clearing and I’ve seen some insane rubs, hopefully after 3 years of trying I can finally get my first buck. Good luck THP…. you’re much better then drury

  10. If y'all need me to do a collaboration hunt too, I can work it into my schedule. I'm not a famous hunter or anything. But I can drive up there. Just let me know when. Thanks.

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  22. Hunting with the HUSH crew….nice. Need to tell BMack to cut the eye guards off the antler if using for rattling.

  23. Would love for you guys to come to N. central Fl and see what you can come up with. Seems like these deer can bed/ feed about anywhere, swamps, palm flats, high grass/ new growth clear cuts. Have seen this scenario multiple times. Enjoy the season, and thanks to you and whitetail legends for the hunting license "hunt on us" gift card. They have alot of great products.

  24. Just a shout out to THP for the discount on ONX! Myself and a couple of buddies were drawn for a Conservation area and ONX has been indispensable. We had never hunted this area and ONX made scouting and marking our stands much easier. Where it really paid its way is when we were tracking a buck at night. ONX made it easy to get back to the truck after tracking more than 500 yards from my stand at night through woods we had never set foot in. My stand was half a mile in to begin with so it was a long way back through unfamiliar territory. It was a dark rainy night and I was VERY glad to have ONX.

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  28. I've noticed that most of y'all are using Whisker Biscuit arrow wrests and I'm glad to see that. I've been using the Whisker Biscuit ever since they first came out, best arrow wrest Ever! I've tried the drop away arrow rests and didn't care for them, but the Whisker Biscuit never disappointed at all. You can turn the bow anyway you want to and the arrow stays put. The biscuit does Not affect arrow flight at all. As a matter of fact……….My 60lb. Bear Motive 6 shoots 300 fps with a Gold Tip arrow and 100 gr. broad head @ 300 fps. That's pretty bitchen for a 60 lb. bow.

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