Bloodborne Soundtrack OST – Gehrman, The First Hunter
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Bloodborne Soundtrack OST – Gehrman, The First Hunter

November 19, 2019

#ChamberMovement Hunter
Supreme, I hunted
To cleanse the soul from evil
An insidious Hunt
Wonderful darkness
This way I knew eternal misery
How to bestow eternal mercy

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  1. would have been cool if the garden that the fight takes place in would wither when Gehrman takes damage. at the start of the fight it's filled with flowers/plants and at the end everything is dried up and dead.

  2. There’s so much emotional weight to these boss fights. This one and The fight with Gascoigne are my favorites. Just…it’s some heavy stuff that stays with you. That, my friends, is what you call AMAZING STORYTELLING. Stuff that you can’t let go.

  3. I always fight Gehrman with my own burial blade, dressed as similarly to him as possible. Whenever he changes weapon forms, I do the same.

  4. The soundtrack that plays when the youngest of the coven awakens and tries to reason with his fellows that they are doing something very WRONG but cannot explain what or why.

  5. My first fight with him was completely ruined. He destroyed me the first few times, but like every I gritted through it and practiced. I prepped for my final encounter with him and midway through the fight he flew over me, clipped out of bounds, and fell to his death. Had to NG+ to finally get a real victory.

  6. I just beat Gehrman today for the first time ever and suddenly, this theme is even more hauntingly beautiful. Hearing him be relieved about being freed from the dream in combination with this music in the background brought me to tears. Bloodborne has such an incredible atmosphere and soundtrack.

  7. Let’s not forget that that it was Gehrman, the church and the scholars of Byrgenwerth who caused Yharnam to be cursed by the scourge of the beasts. Although his self-sacrifice was still admirable.

  8. I've never played this game because I'm a PC gamer
    but I already can tell this game is literally a masterpiece.
    (watched a couple of lore videos on it)

  9. this song just echoes with Gehrman's pain and suffering from being trapped in the nightmare. truly a beautiful song and a masterpiece

  10. It makes me wonder.
    Since the player killed Gehrman, then he's probably somewhere in yharnam alive right now!


  11. (Spoilers) Til the day I die I will never forget walking thru that gate seeing gherman on that hill of white flowers and eventually fighting him to the death.

  12. "Old Hunter, my blade may not be as quick as yours, my skill may not be as sharpened, and my mind may not be as burned, but rest assured, I will put you to rest. I will liberate you from this terrible and wonderous dream, so come now, rise and let me set you free. Come now, and let yourself be at peace. Come now, and let us dance a final valtz"

  13. Best game of all time,no dark souls Will ever beat It,and no xbox game Will ever be better than bloodborne,also remember dark souls players on Pc/Xbox,The souls saga itself was born with Sony,demons souls is The First souls game,and a Playstation exclusive.

  14. I still don't get how can God of War be held to higher praise than Bloodborne.
    Don't get me wrong, GoW is a great game but Bloodborne surpasses it in almost every conceivable way.

  15. This song actually made me go out and buy Bloodborne. Like I didn’t get it until THIS year. Why? I never thought I’d be good at it. Because I never played a Souls game before. But then I played Dark Souls 3 and listened to this song and thought “FUCK IT. I’M GONNA PLAY IT.” And here I am

  16. I think making this fight a one time thing per run would make it so epic. like you can't respawn. you have one chance. either you save gehrman or he saves you

  17. Piel de gallina al escuchar esto 2019 y aún sigo jugando esta obra maestra. El combate con gherman es épico. El escenario, su soundtrack, la historia detrás. JUEGAZO en pocas palabras. PD… hay latinos por acá?? ?

  18. I played this game maybe around 4 or 3 years ago

    Around 1 month ago I think I finally beaten it.

    I destroyed the moon prescense

  19. Me at first: "Why does everyone say this is one of Bloodborne's best OST?"


  20. Me: alright, I think I’ve got the hang of this game?
    Bloodborne: You master parrying yet?
    Me: Well, not mastered, no, but-
    Bloodborne: Get ready!!

  21. As the unassuming old man, Gehrman stood up, the hunter stood there in disbelief as this mentor was going to fight him for whatever reason. Little did he know there was a greater being pulling the strings. The old man pulled out his scythe and they locked eyes before Gehrman took the first strike, but the Hunter dodged it perfectly. Gehrman followed up with dangerous speed and scraped the Hunter causing a deep cut, showing Gehrman’s true might. The Hunter attempted to attack but Gehrman almost instantaneously backed up. Gehrman thought he was safe but for all he knew the Hunters agility was greater and he cut him across the chest. Gehrman dropped to his knees in pain, but stood up and some blue aura began to pervade him. All of a sudden a blast sent the Hunter flying backwards onto the ground. Gehrman wasted no time and slammed down on the ground, but the Hunter rolled to the side and sliced at Gehrman’s ankles, staggering the old man. The Hunter barely got a moment of safety, as he barely stayed on the ground . Gehrman’s scythe swiped at the Hunter’s leg, making it instantly bleed. They were both weak. They limped towards one another, but as soon as Gehrman’s scythe was raised the Hunter already slashed at his neck, causing him to drop to the ground and he uttered the words “The Night and the dream were long” before dying.

    So yeah hope you guys liked that! This better not go badly this took ages.

  22. Gerhman*Starts to get up*
    Me:Ok I’m ready to fight you give me all you got
    Gerhman:*Extends weapon*
    Me:ok not bad
    Me:UH OH
    Gerhman*Lifts arms up*


  23. I really really love videogame music in general, but that build up at 3:30… made me shiver so hard. God I love this game's music probably on my top 3 OST's of all time.

  24. i started playing bloodborne a month ago. i've beaten the wet nurse and the dlc, now i'm completely going through the chalice dungeons so as to avoid fighting gehrman. i'm just not ready to face the feels

  25. All ‘Soulsborne’ final bosses all share one thing in common.

    They all old white (apart from Isshin) men.

  26. Fighting German is special. You're sad, defeated, your body feels rusty, you don't know what to do.
    Yet you're filled with honor and determination too. You can still manage to sqeeze up your best, your absolute full power to fight him. Relentless yet not reckless, aggressive yet not consumed in bloodlust. It's like enlightenment.

  27. Man, I came across this piece during the worst time of my entire life. Just listening to it makes me feel full of sorrow. Thanks for creating something that so eloquently described how I feeled.

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