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August 16, 2019

Wow~~ Hello!
-Hello! I feel like we’re in “The Hunger Games” Enjoying real archery indoors! You can become an expert archer, too! I used to play VR games and there
was an archery game. I was better at it than expected. I wanted to try it because
it might be something I’m good at. Were you an archer? Yes. I was an archer.
-Really?? Lisa! Your destiny. She wants to be a member of
Korea’s national archery team. -Yes, that’s my dream I didn’t even make it to
the national team. You should be able to shoot
from this distance. (Lisa already seems like she’s
a member of the national team) Lisa, excuse me! Excuse me! (Shooting everything in sight!
Already the archery queen!) She’s so funny.
What’s wrong with her! She think she’s some kind
of movie character. (You’re going to run out of energy..) Did you watch “The Hunger Games”? Yes I did. Okay,
you have everything on. The arrows are here. You can put four in each quiver. It doesn’t matter which one. Just put it
into the quiver. Wow. This is kind of cool. Katniss carries her arrows
on her back. We’re ready! I’ll show you the basic form. You see the yellow line? Stand with your feet spread
out shoulder length over the yellow line. Hold out your left arm. Make sure to hold your
arm out straight. (Their posture looks pretty good) If you have the right posture
you should be able to shoot pretty well. Grab the handle.
(The bow is pretty heavy) Hold your elbow up. Bring your hand to under
your chin. It’s hard. I’m shaking. Rock, paper, scissors.
Let go! Good job! (The arrow goes into the target
on the first try) It’s amazing I got it in! Put it on top of the black plastic. Pull it up slowly. Pull up your elbow and pull back. Put your hand below your chin. Rock, paper, scissors. Let go. The arrow lands on target!
Lisa narrowly misses 3 points, earning 2. The grip feels familiar… Keeping her eyes on the target like a hawk! It feels like the Olympic
Athletes Village here! Black Pink Archery Competition Archer #1: Rosé from Melbourne Archer #2: Lisa from Thailand The girls are in competition mode… They maybe teammates,
but not for this competition ^^ (No one can predict the winner) (A tough competition is expected…) What should we bet on?
(We can’t leave out a bet) I want pho. Buy me pho. The loser of the second round has to buy
the winner what they want. You want that padded-coat?
-Yeah, I want the pink coat! I have a lot of things I want. Let’s go. 1, 2, 3! (The girls count down for fairplay.^^;;) Pho, pho, pho! (There is no such thing as fair play
when food’s involved ^^;;) Rosé scores 5 points Aww, I could have done better. (Now it’s Lisa’s turn) (We can already see
Lisa paying for the meal ^^) Pho, pho, pho! (7 points!) I’m moving closer to the yellow part! What do you think? (Focus Lisa!!) (6 points!) It’s hard! Isn’t my reaction great? Rosé 13:6 Lisa (Rosé steadily builds up her score) (She’s in the yellow! 9 points!!) Is it yellow?? (Let’s see it again in slow motion) (Oh I must have talent for archery!) You’re really good. (If you can’t catch up now…
it’ll be difficult to win) But she lands in yellow! 9 points! It’s yellow! Whew!
(Lisa catches her breath) Rosé 28:21 Lisa You’re 28. I’m doing well so far! I can’t give up!! (Looking back at wise Olympic quotes…) “You can do it”
-Park Sang-young (Fencing, Rio Olympics) “There’s just one shot in shooting”
-Jin Jong-oh (Shooting, London Olympics) I’ve staked my fate on this arrow”
-Lisa (Is this a spoiler for the results?) (What about Rosé’s surprised face?) With a cruel twist of fate…
the arrow lands at 0 points. We can see the end
of this competition I have a bad feeling about this. It’s okay.
I can buy you pho. (Rosé poses with confidence) (And steadily stacks up points) It must be because I’m bad… Wow you’re good. (On the other hand…) (Lisa loses points steadily…) Is she in a slump already? I haven’t changed anything… I think you’re putting too
much strength into your right arm. Ah, strength? Do you think that’s
the problem? (Still…no improvement ^^;;) Since you want to eat pho so much… (The last arrow! Go!) Perfect 10!!!! (Frozen) This is the power of pho!
Thank you pho!!! (A win led by Rosé’s appetite ^^) Wait a minute…
(I was so good during the VR game!) Why am I so bad!! (The stark difference
between reality and the virtual world) When we actually played,
Chaeyoung was so much better! I was like…what’s going on! Round 1: Rosé wins! It’s time for a break! Rose wins her pho So we’re going to go eat pho? Yeah. Now it’s time to play
for my pink coat. I want a necklace or bracelet…
I need to think about it. I don’t have money…(in Thai) I don’t have money. I think there’s a problem with this. I really…I was aiming for yellow… Don’t blame your arrows! Then change it to that
silver one. I want to try a different bow. Oh, not bad. Lisa changes her bow
for the next round. For my pink coat! Pink padded-coat!!
(She’s already the winner ^^) (Seriously taking aim) (8 points is nothing by now) (There is a big difference between
buying pho and a coat) (Imagining myself in the
pink padded-coat!) (The arrow has been cast) Hey!! (Right in the middle!! Lisa hits the mark!) (The bow must have
been the problem! ^^) Excuse me~ Perfect 10! (Hold steady. Keep up this pace!) (Can’t lose) (Rosé scores 8 points) I have to get this. It’s so cool. (I’m putting everything into this one shot.) (But, it’s only 2 points ^^) I told you… (It’s like getting 100 on your midterms
then 20 on your finals ^^;;) Concentrate! (One more time with renewed focus!!) (9 points!) (Again??!) Hey!!! You’re either REALLY good or REALLY bad! Hey! You’re right. ^^ You’re tied! Hey!! We’re currently tied! The score=30:30
Now they have to determine the winner. Pink coat, pink coat…
(Who will win? Lisa or Rosé?) Who will have to pay
in this cutthroat competition? (When one gets ahead
the other catches up…) (It’s a neck-and-neck match) (And now they are down to
the final arrow) We’ll do a mid-point check! With one arrow left the score is…
Rosé 60:61 Lisa Hey, you’re winning!! (My heart feels like it’ll explode) Wow, I can’t believe it. I can’t lose!!!! Why did I win the last game!! Lisa I’m really getting nervous. This is such a nerve-racking game. (Please~~~) (6 points) Lisa’s arrow remains with the score…
Rosé 66:61 Lisa I’m losing!!! It’s your last? (If Lisa scores above 6 points
she wins!) I’m so scared!!!
I can’t do it. (There’s so much tension!) (You can do it! You can do it!) The last arrow will determine
who will spend money! And the arrow heads for the target! (Oh…but your face says it all…again!) Thank you Lisa. (The cruel arrow lands at 2 points!) Thank you, Lisa. (No! My pink coat!!) You have such a warm heart! I kept winning what Lisa wanted to do. You still did well! (Lisa also loses Round 2) Let’s go eat pho!! (Really upset) I’m really out of strength. Let’s go. I’m really hungry. (Li-Chaeng’s bet results in just a bit!) Yay! This was fun! Sharing each other’s interests!

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  1. 8:25 lisa's smile so beautiful
    8:29 then lisa's hair😱😱that's so awesome and adorable😭😍
    8:33 rose:hey(how did you???)😂

  2. Lisa,Rosé,where is the follow through and plucking the string😮.Never mind,Rose still win with two 9 and 10.On the other hand,Lisa have three 9 and X even she lose.Really exciting match.

  3. 한국 역사적 군대 특성 기마, 궁수 특화, 태국 보병 특성화라서 게임이 안됩니다. ㅋ

  4. 9:19
    Rosé :you're really GOOD or really BAD??? ✘✔

  5. While else got really mad when lisa didnt win the second round??

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  7. Lisu u r too cute, pretty, lovely n I never see such an adorable, entertaining person in my life.. plz be always like this

  8. Annyeong Lisa my is lovers for blackpink…you so beautiful i like your name and i like your hair..😂😂😂

  9. I wish to see blackpink members in a Korean drama series, especially Lisa, but sadly they are in music industry.

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