Black Shark 2 Durability Test! – a Cheap Gaming Phone?!

September 15, 2019

Before we durability test the new Black Shark
2 gaming phone, I’ve had a few people ask me what happens when I try to use the telephoto
periscope camera on the P30 Pro that I dissected and left out of the phone. The answer is nothing. I initially assumed that the other cameras
would still work, but they don’t. The camera app just freezes and doesn’t function
when one camera is missing. Kind of strange…but hey, now we know. This gaming phone durability test is sponsored
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this video. Now it’s time to check out what kind of hardware
a dedicated gaming smartphone brings to the table with the newest Black Shark 2. Let’s get started. [Intro] While every smartphone can technically game,
there are a few phones on the market that are built specifically for gaming. Usually they get pretty expensive. This Black Shark 2 is about half the cost
of other flagship gaming phones while still providing a lot of the same exact features. And you know that gets my attention pretty
quick. Inside the box we have a charger and a power
cord, and it also includes a case that’s form fit to the unique design of the Black Shark
2. This thing looks pretty sweet with it’s intricate
meshed together glass and metal design and subtle dark green shine along the edges. I almost feel bad about putting this phone
through my tests…almost. The cool thing about gaming phones is that
they usually add LED accents like we saw on the Razer Phone 2 and the ROG Phone. This Black Shark 2 is no different. My camera doesn’t pick it up super well, but
it has an LED light up logo on back and LED bars that light up on the sides when it’s
plugged in. I’m a fan. Let’s start with the scratch test. Black Shark was nice enough to add a plastic
protective screen protector. I have a set of Mohs mineral picks that tell
us what materials things are made from. Plastic screens, like a Nintendo Switch, scratch
at a level 3. Glass screens would scratch at a level 5 or
6. And sapphire screens scratch at a level 8
or 9. Diamonds are the only thing that scratch at
a level 10. This Black Shark 2 gaming phone shows scratches
at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7, which is pretty much the norm these days. But, we still always got to check to make
sure. There is an earpiece on this smart phone. This also doubles as a stereo speaker, which
makes sense, even with only one speaker would be pretty hard. The front 20 megapixel camera is covered with
the same glass as the screen and is scratch resistant. One thing I am kind of worried about are the
LED strips along the side. Like we learned with the iPad Pro, any defect
or hole introduced into the metal frame makes the metal weaker and this plastic bar is taking
up quite a bit of space. The power button is made from metal and there
is one more little slider switch up here at the top. Black Shark creatively calls this the Shark
Key. When flipped, this throws the phone into a
shark space mode with a bit better dedicated game performance and no notifications. The button is made from metal, along with
the top of the phone. The left side has its volume rocker and same
LED strip embedded along the edge. We’ll find out later if the flashy bits make
the phone weaker or not. Down here at the bottom of the phone, we are
missing the headphone jack, but do have a USB-C port and dual SIM card tray. There is no water resistance rating on the
Black Shark 2. One thing I do like about gaming phones is
their ability to break out of the normal smart phone mold and add a little bit of design
flare. This phone appears to be using metal for the
matte black bits as you can see from my little shark drawing down here at the bottom. Sharks have a reputation for being loners,
but a lot of sharks are actually social with each other, sometimes hunting in packs or
just hanging out in groups called a shiver. A shiver of sharks. I guess you could say that this is a baby
shark, mommy shark, and daddy shark doodoodoodododo…okay, I’m really sorry. The glass area intertwined with the metal
is where Black Shark has stuck their antennas. Taking apart this phone is going to be interesting,
especially because they claim to have made the world’s first smart phone with direct
touch full coverage liquid cooling, whatever that means. So subscribe if you want to see the internal
guts of the phone. The main camera here is a 48 megapixel monster,
paired with a 12 megapixel telephoto camera – both protected by scratch resistant glass. One thing that Black Shark has been bragging
about is the display. It’s a normal 1080p AMOLED, but they say that
the touch sensitivity is where this phone excels, with a 43.5 millisecond response time. They’ve tested it against the iPhone, the
S10, and even the ROG gaming phone. Of course it’s Black Shark’s own test, and
Black Shark did come out on top, but that’s still pretty cool, and a pretty important
feature while gaming. The screen lasted for about 20 seconds under
the heat from my flame before going white and never completely recovered. Like a lot of other high end flagships, the
Black Shark 2 does come with an under screen optical fingerprint scanner. We can tell it’s optical by the way it uses
green light to illuminate my fingerprint while it’s taking pictures. I’ll scuff up the glass with some deeper grooves
and try the fingerprint scanner again, just to make sure it can survive some abuse. And it looks like even with this damage, the
fingerprint scanner still functions. A durable smart phone is important, especially
a gaming phone that’s going to be manhandled constantly. It’s time to see if this aesthetic blend of
metal, glass, and plastic LED sidebars is durable. When bent from the back there is almost zero
flex to the phone. With the exact same result when bent from
the front. This phone is totally rock solid. Whether you keep your phone in your back pocket,
or are a gamer with anger issues, this phone should survive the rigors of everyday life
and gaming just fine. I’m looking forward to see how the internal
LEDs integrate with the hardware and to see if the internal liquid cooling of the Black
Shark 2 even comes close to the water bed sized heat pipe we found inside of the Razor
Phone 2. Remember, there’s a link in the description
for Raid Shadow Legends if you want to try a new game. Hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already. And come hang out with me on Instagram and
Twitter. Thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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