Bizarre Cricket Stories Part 1 | S1E32 | WTD Googlies | Viu India

September 26, 2019

The most funniest incident was in 1894, there was a local match in Australia between Victoria state versus
some neighbourhood eleven Victoria went in to bat and they scored 286 runs in one ball How could this happen? The story is, in the first ball itself, batsman hit a shot
and the ball went and got stuck on a tree And they started running Opposition team appealed for lost ball,
which used to happen in those days But the umpires could see
the ball stuck on the tree So obviously they can’t
say this is a lost ball And the batsmen are running Now, what those guys tried to do is, they started searching for an axe,
so they could do something But no one had an axe And these guys are still running? Yeah, these guys keep on running These guys are running while
the others are using an axe And they are trying to look for an
axe but they are not finding one Next solution was to get a riffle All this is happening
and those two are running They are running, and when they’re
scoring 50 they’re doing this But how much did they run in total? So they took a rifle, but they were missing the shots And they keep running Then finally,
they shot the ball and it came down And the opposition did not even catch it So in the meantime, they made 286 runs If they had caught the ball,
the batsman would get out? Yes he would have out No, but imagine one No, but imagine one batsman made that shot,
all 286 runs will be in his name, non-striker will just run The guy is so selfless! If I was a girl,
I would have married this non-striker guy No one can love so unconditionally I am thinking, after 286 runs, if he gets
out at the 287th run, then what will happen? And non-striker gets run out The most important thing is amongst
these players, one had a rifle In his kit bag And he’s aiming for the ball Unbelievable! When the opposite team comes for batting, their
strategy was to get a ball stuck on a tree But one thing.. But by that time, the player standing
close to the tree, is holding a rifle Before the ball gets stuck, he’ll shoot it There’s one story more
interesting than this one Actually, this was the most interesting This incident that happened,
happened in cricketing terms There was a bowler, Bert Vance
who came for bowling Lee Germon, New Zealand’s
youngest captain, was batting In one over, he gave 77 runs Ask how? The Tree? “Un-Ped” – without the tree No, this was unpaid What happened here is, this bowler put 17 no balls Put 17 no balls,
six 4s and eight 6s were hit Lee Germon made 70 runs in that over And the funny part is when the
scorer pulled out the sheet, he saw he gave 5 legit
balls and gave one ball less This is what happened exactly He gave 70 runs in 5 balls I am thinking about the selector who
fought for this bowler in team meeting, ‘He’s a good bowler,
he’ll play you see’ The funny thing that must have happened here Usually bowlers ask the umpire
about how many balls are left? 1? 2? Here he asked, ‘How many balls left? ‘ ‘Can’t say’ There was an Indian bowler
named Bapu Nadkarni, who against England,
bowled 131 consecutive dot balls Wow! That’s 21.5 maiden overs I know that incident It happened in 1964,
when England was touring India And his bowling record
read 31 overs, 27 maidens 27 maidens? Yeah And the batsman did not score one shot But I can understand, if the name
is Bapu then it’s non-violence.. That was the first time
England resorted to non-violence That day, the best shot
must be the well left one The fast bowler must get really angry when he runs
with all strength, buffing it up and he does this No, he was a bowler He was a spinner Bapu Nadkarni was a spinner And the story goes like this When England came here, they had a case of Delhi belly So when they came, 5 batsmen from
the lower order got loose motion That’s why Brian Bolus and
Ken Barrington were batting and they decided they
don’t want to lose wickets So that’s why they gave so many dot balls If they give wickets,
they would have to go eat No, because rest of the
batsmen had loose motion Oh god! In India, half of the
matches are won like this Make the weather hot and all that They make conditions harsh for them Sir, if you don’t have fast bowlers,
then chicken curry is the only option Our food is not that spicy They must tell the chef to
put more spices in their food Take 4 wickets here itself sir! You remember South Africa’s batsman,
Daryll Cullinan? Yeah In a domestic match, he hit a shot and the ball went and dropped
in a hot pan of fried calamari They got the ball but then it was too hot Then they had to wait for 10
minutes for the ball to cool down, before starting again Such a bad attitude,
couldn’t they bring a new ball? And Cullinan used to
hit the ball really hard, his performance against
Australia was absolutely amazing Especially against India also
he’s had a great performance so he must have hit really long Anyway coming back, he hit the shot and I
know who he hit it against It was Roger Telemachus It went long, and went inside a
pan and this situation happened Good thing it wasn’t Inzi He would have eaten it Umpire must have said, ‘Right arm over,
season ball deep fried’

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