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  1. I met Tom at the 4 Wide Drag Races in Charlotte a few years ago talked to him quite a bit about cars actually every time I seen him through out the day , he would see me in the crowd and tell me I have another car story to tell you , I live the NHRA DRAG Races, but talking to Tom was better than the Drag Races, He IS A GREAT DOWN TO EARTH GUY ITWAS A REAL PLEASURE MEETING HIM , KEEP IT GOING TOM !

  2. Tom is excellent, being around cars my whole life its nice to find someone who is informative, articulate and HONEST…It took me awhile to figure out who he reminds me of, and ill bet hes heard it before… Harrison Ford keep up the great work tom!

  3. Ohhh man fellow Mainer here. Mr. Reny (?) seems like such a great man and what a great, eclectic collection! Love this show. Thanks for no drama and a real enthusiast type program pointing out the little details.

  4. God how many Barns on one property seems like Half Dozen. Where do these people get that kind of Money for Cars and Barns? and Huge Lots? Curious Suburban City Boy.

  5. Great show! And Tom is the perfect host for a show like this. A friendly affable guy who really knows cars. This show deserves all the recognition it can get! And then some.

  6. Kind of reminds me of the show that used to be on Velocity called "The American Car Prospector"…..Great show, as well…..

  7. found a 1951 Chrysler Windsor sitting on a field for sale at 500 CAD. all trim wis there with almost no body rust, nice patina and engine that turns over.. (owner says it last ran 10 years ago) but the floor was pretty bad on some spot and interior is rough with trims complete.. I'd love to have it but I'm in high school and I have no space for it.. ??

  8. The Monza shared its basics with the Vega.

    The Edsel's engine is the 361 FE big block. That "400" on the valve cover is the torque rating.

  9. It's funny that you said they used it in winterport, because everyday I drive through there on route 1 and there is another old fire truck for sale not far from it in Frankfort!

  10. My Dad had many cars but in 1978 he bought a Chevy Monza. Black with black and white interior. My brother was a mechanic and would get so furious and throw wrenches and cuss G.M. for puting a 305 in such a small

  11. whats the name of the music in the video..??? where i cand find this music…thanks

  12. When I was 19 – 20 years old I worked at chevy dealership when the Monza first came out! I was only person who had small hands that was able to change the spark plugs on the V8 model. Note I am 60 years old now…..

  13. Awesome to see you made it up to Vassalboro! I live about a mile up the road from petter rainy have talked to him many times about his amazing collection of cars he has stashed away

  14. I fly drones and make videos and love cars, of course. I really like the way they add the aerial shots into these stories. Adds a really unique perspective to the locations where these barn finds take place. Bravo, Tom, from a fellow Tar Heel.

  15. the fire truck, obviously restored and this guy has it outside under a tarp…thats just disgraceful he cared so little

  16. I would like to know if you buy some of these models or just search for rare cars and film them something like this I'm from Brazil I really liked your videos channel for the quality of the videos and the cars and places to which you visit a big hug Thiago sobral city Marília Sao Paulo

  17. You are Mr. Barn Find but you don't know what an engine in an Edsel classified as an E-400 means? Really? The 400 was the torque of the engine. Engines used in the Edsel before it turned into a Ford clone and then died were MEL Y-blocks as opposed to FE Y-blocks. In this case an E-400 was a MEL 361 cubic inch Y-block. The E-475 was a 410 cubic inch engine, and completely different from the FE-based 410. I love your show, but you really need to bone up on your late 50's – early 60's Ford engines.

  18. I got the cash to buy 40 of these finds, $500, $1900, $2000, $2,500. All of the are nice regardless of what condition. Problem is towing them or payin; for transoport, then findin'a spot to store them. Plus I got lots of medical issues. I shoulda started 10 years ago when I retire on disability and had no hobbies, except for looking for old cars online. Damn I love them!

  19. Anybody have land to store about 25 of these that he finds? Need some buikings with lifts and jacks, maybe a paint booth. And an upholsterer. That woul finally be my life's work!

  20. I watched a s-parter last night of a guy showing how to repair andfix an Edelbrrok carburetor, now I;m certain I could handle that with no prblem. There;s 1,000s of tips on Youtube on how to do stuff.

  21. I owned a 38 Master Deluxe just like that in 1973. It had been abandoned down beside the river and someone had thrown bricks through all the side windows. We pulled it up and towed it to town. We put the jumper cables on it and primed the carburetor. Amazingly it started up after about four revolutions. The clutch plate was rusted to the flywheel and after working it for about thirty minute with the rear axle raised off the ground it came loose. The brakes still worked and I drove it home from the shop after changing the oil and filter.

  22. Patena that a nice way of saying pos and im i dont under stand how people like them not restored over a beutifull resto in less u dont have the cash

  23. A bunch of cars you can't buy or wouldn't buy. A waste of time if your on the road driving to all these places.

  24. I have to laugh I was so excited watching this and thinking of you guys should get a hold of Jay Leno to buy it. Then I looked at its production date. I guess it's probably already sold.

  25. This is a very interesting episode. It was great seeing the old iron, except for the T-Bird and other cars that were not covered.

  26. Chevy Monza….I remember it, my brother just got out of the Air Firce in 1977 and bought one. I was 17. Honestly I really liked driving that car. Maybe because it was better than my 1974 Chevy Nova?

  27. DON'T YOU OWN A PAIR OF PANTS ARE THOSE THE ONLY SHORTS YOU OWN MAN WHO KEEPS HANDS IN POCKETS FEELS COCKY ALL DAY you change your shirt but never your shorts what the hell is that tommy

  28. I am from Maine , (central western) and as a kid I spied thousands of old classic cars,however my first love was for fast boats. Today I am a classic car lover. Barn Find Hunter is #1 !!

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