BIGFOOT Caught On DRONE In Real Life (Sasquatch Evidence)
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BIGFOOT Caught On DRONE In Real Life (Sasquatch Evidence)

August 10, 2019

I don’t know what that is dude like it
could be a person but what there would have been like oh hey guys as I was
moving back and forth we were almost out of battery with about three minutes of
flight time left and that’s when I saw this but yeah I got some news from our
last video yeah it’s the viewers they uh they want us to go back to the forest
what do you mean they want us to go back to the forest I mean literally every
single comment is saying we need to go back to the forest did you even see what
we saw in the forest towards a Bigfoot in the forest well
Jake we still don’t know what that was how do we not know what that was I don’t
care what’s the big foot it could be an escape girl it was a big hairy thing you
guys and you you are all insane I’m not going back to the forest the whole point
of this was to find Bigfoot now we found something and we don’t know what it is
but we found something so we don’t know what but it could be something awesome
like what logan a leprechaun that’s gonna say here here’s some gold and
chocolates for you here you go no alright it’s not someone handing out
free iPads if there’s something in the forest at night it’s big it’s hairy it
was coming towards us is either wants to eat us or eat us literally that’s it
okay Jake why don’t we just slow things down a sec okay we have a ton of new
information we just found and we have a lot of comments from you guys with
really cool suggestions of what this might be yeah yeah you’re right and if
we don’t go back to the forest and figure out what this thing is that we
technically can’t film there or do any fun videos in it and yes you guys were
very helpful with your comments a lot of you guys were analyzing the footage
finding things that we didn’t even notice were there while we were there
which is kind of freaky okay Jake what kind of information do we have so far
about what this might be okay well based on the comment and you
guys helping yourself by analyzing the video
very slowly more than we could have the first thing that we found were that
those scratch marks we thought on the log were most likely caused by ants so
these aren’t anything to do yeah the next thing we notice those
creepy banging noises like that what dude those ones that Logan seem to
have ignored and made us go more forward into the forest those actually might be
being caused by Bigfoot himself you were saying that Bigfoot will actually bang
logs against trees to warn people when they’re getting too close to his area
and Logan that makes me think that there might be a Bigfoot nest that we were
getting too close to and if we got any closer he would have come and literally
ate us he’s protecting his babies wait so Jake you’re saying there might
be more than one Bigfoot like Bigfoot has babies I mean that’s what you guys
were saying in the comments that might be why he was trying to warn us like hey
you’re getting too close bam bam bam and then if there are babies
Logan that means there could be little babies like me running around I’m gonna
climb up my leg or something and eat me so that makes it even more scary and
more of a reason why we should not go back there okay Jake just calm down for
a second we still have a lot more information what about that weird smell
once we got down to those sewers or tunnel area it didn’t smell like sewage
it was like an old like musky smell you guys were saying that that could in fact
be Bigfoot and I started researching online it and people were saying that
you can smell Bigfoot before you see him he’s like some hairy dude that smells
bad I mean makes sense if the guy’s body just covered in hair and I don’t know
I’m guessing he doesn’t shampoo or conditioning Logan we’re dealing with
someone that doesn’t use conditioner all right well and then the most important
thing probably be single hand leave most important reason I do not want to go
back there is the footage we captured of this thing okay so this is the first
time we use thermo and I think right here you can see something in the bush
yeah right right that right there we’ll look pause it look at this look at this
it’s gonna move right wait so I think right now it’s crouched down I think
it’s I think it’s crouching and then I think you get scared maybe and you can
kind of see it like something’s crouched you right there and then look at this
look at this once we’re filming once you’re filming
and then it’ll move it moves so you see look look sitting right back see right
there and that’s moving get right there two feet
that is that’s two feet Logan that is not that is not a giant raccoon that is
not a wolf it could be a bear I don’t know but it
looks like it’s walking that’s lucky Tom’s the first ones we have what about
the second set okay now this is the scariest part right this is when it
actually comes towards us and this is what makes me think that maybe we’re
getting too close to a nest up to some sort and maybe there’s a nest nearby
okay look at this okay so right there you can definitely see something’s
moving something’s moving something’s moving I don’t know if it’s on all fours
or on two legs it’s really hard to tell and then look at this look at this I
don’t know what that is dude like it could be a person but would that would
have been like oh hey guys then we get way too scared and we start running away
so that’s that’s all we have but bro that is that is definitely something now
it could be a bear maybe it’s an escaped gorilla from the
zoo that’s been the living in the forest but here’s the other thing okay I had to
do research people were saying all Bigfoot you know might be here might be
there you know whatever we live in Toronto look at how many sightings there
have been online a Bigfoot in Toronto and these date back to 1958 so unless
this Bigfoot is 60 years old he’s just walking around the forest this might in
fact mean that Bigfoot is having Bigfoot babies fake foot babies smoking little
eight foot babies come on this is a photo that someone took in Toronto this
is uh this is one of the footprints here now this is actually a lot bigger than
what we saw so maybe we’re dealing with a female but the other thing is look at
this look at this so this is also from Ontario and look at this photo it looks
very similar to what we saw it’s the same type of hair with Jake we found
some of that hair on the branch and we brought it home what happened to it so a
lot of you guys were saying that that hair couldn’t be bear hair but it was
pretty hard to see during the night time so why don’t we go grab it and take a
look at it I had to lock it up inside her super secure room because I don’t
know if that Bigfoot can smell its own hair and I don’t want it tracing itself
back to the house put it behind this door super secure
metal door and inside the secure tape room I put the hair in this extremely
thick metal chest don’t you think this is all a little bit intense for a little
bit of hair Logan this is the only way we can stay safe okay it’s safe and
secure in here I want this thing coming after us whatever it is and there we go
okay there she is now this is the hair that we were able to grab from the
forest we’re gonna need your help I’m no expert on analyzing hair but you need to
help me figure out is this bear is it wolf humanely tell me if you know if you
have any cool ideas for some spy gadgets we should buy to help us on these
missions let us know down below you know should we get more night vision should
we get like a device microscope science kit let us know down below well here it
is I do not want to smell this I’m not going to smell it smell it
she’s smell like Bigfoot knowing that if I’m not gonna smell it okay so that’s uh
that’s it I mean people in the comments were saying it’s not bear hair I mean
you should probably view in gloves I don’t I don’t know what it is
it’s definitely hair okay kind of feels like fuzzy cat hair it was on a branch
that was like six feet tall so the definitely wasn’t a cat or a raccoon I
don’t know but the hair definitely does match up it’s thick it’s fuzzy can’t
believe I’m saying this but I think you guys are right I think we have to go
back do you remember in the last video we left a mold there of a Bigfoot print
well what we thought was a Bigfoot print if we go back now the mold would have
had enough time to harden we can pull it up and we can see what kind of
footprints this thing was leaving this mold was found right along the trail
with whatever was walking with this hair Jake I also had a really good idea why
don’t we bring my drone over to the forest
fly it above where you think the nest might be and maybe we can see Bigfoot or
some kind of nest it’s a good idea that we don’t have to get too close don’t
worry about getting eaten we’ll also go during the day because I am NOT going
back at night and based on the comments Bigfoot gets more active all the way up
until 3:00 a.m. so the sooner and the more daylight we have the better one
last problem is the extreme cold slowly move over here
the river has turned to ice and it’s freezing hey guys we’re dealing with extremely
cold temperatures here there’s an extreme cold warning which means we
cannot be here too long let alone the fact we don’t want to stay here till
dark because of wha bigfoot it’s also only getting colder as the minutes go by
so where did we put the footprint change should be down to somewhere over there
yeah now the only good thing about this cold is it’ll make traveling a lot
quicker we actually travel directly down the creek bed if you guys remember in
the last video this was all water flowing extremely fast now it’s like our
own little personal walkway okay guys this is so cool this is probably the
coldest we’ve ever done a video and hopefully the equipment including the
camera that we’re filming with can sustain this type of temperature but
we’re getting closer and closer to where we put the footprint now keep in mind
guys when we were here at night Bigfoot was making noises like he didn’t want us
to come near here there is a nest and we wake him up this could be really bad
buddy keep check focus we then headed west traveling towards where we last
left the footprint with newfound confidence traveling during the day but
still the thought of Bigfoot looming above us Jake that looks like a
footprint right there swish you swallow for Bigfoot what what
if it was like a baby Bigfoot footprint footprint footprint footprint frozen the
ice definitely could be baby dude look at this it’s like a giant popsicle it’s
one big icing that doesn’t show you how cold it is I don’t know what will
actually might be a good time to go exploring in the tunnels if this cold
stays up let us know guys we should go in there sooo guys before
like this would have tons of foaming water at us it’d be really hard to get
in here I’m gonna get soaking wet but because of this deep freeze
these solid ice now I think if you guys want we could definitely go and explore
some of these tunnels all right but we need to keep moving we got to find this
big footprint smell that smell again nice fella – we haven’t noticed anything
other than the smell but the footprint should be just up ahead I think it’s
just down there walk right here yeah thanks brockhard okay let’s get this
thing out of here let’s get the mold and get out maybe you get some drone footage
search for that nest and then we’ll get back home I have some cocoa and
hopefully never come back here because this is gonna be a bear footprint or
something once we found the mold I started clearing the dirt around it I
did carefully make sure that I was able to lift it up and remove it from the
ground without it breaking unfortunately it was covered in dirt there’s too much
money to really c+ to wait till we get home and clear it off okay I got it
though it’s bagged well analyze it when we get home okay guys so we have the
footprint we can take that home and analyze it but what I want to do right
now is I want to fly the drone in the direction where we think Bigfoot’s nest
might be I’ll hopefully be able to get some good footage with this I don’t know
if he’ll be out during the day but at least we can see if we can find a nest
not to launch it on the ice here all right so I got a visual on us from
below all right okay now what we need to do is go over a couple miles to the west
that’s where we last saw Bigfoot well what we think was Bigfoot
Logan check this out I’ve got uh I’ve got some sort of it looks like a brick
like almost like a cave or something just along the creek bed farther than
we’ve ever traveled towards where we last saw Bigfoot look at that thing
can you get any closer I’ve got like really reach signal I I can’t even I
can’t see I’m flying off the camera look I’ll Aggie this thing is okay I don’t
want to get too close guys we might lose the drone and we’ll lose all this
footage we should get an aerial shot of it yeah you’re right dude look look this
guy’s there’s too many trees I can’t push farther after not being able to get
closer to the cave we took the drone up and got an aerial shot of the
surrounding area I started looking around scanning the forest for any type
of movement as I was moving back and forth we were almost out of battery with
about three minutes of flight time left and that’s when I saw this wait wait
wait look you see that do you see that what is that Jake oh I I think I think
that might be very but I think that might be Bigfoot look we got what I get
this wrong back I hit the drum back we got you out of here right now you you

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  2. I don't know much about the legendary woodland creature named Bigfoot but I do know a bit about the closest primitive creature known as gigantopiticus and one fact about it is that they were known to use large and medium sized sticks to produce noise to scare away prey while another pithicus hides in bushes to ambush the prey.

  3. That is 100% Bigfoot because the footage of the first time u used thermo vision I saw a body shape that looks exactly like Bigfoot btw I’m scared behind my phone screen u and logan are very brave for going in the woods at night with Bigfoot around u need to move out of there

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  9. Wait wait wait hold the phone papa jake said he bangs a log on a tree to warn people there in his territory? In the last episode when papa jake stole bigfoots egg Bigfoot threw a branch at him! Oh and by the way I hope your ok when the branch hit you it look like it hit you pretty hard

  10. Bears can stand on two legs and walk on two legs
    Black bears are smaller than brown bears
    And people have been mistaking bears for big foot for years as long as big foot siteings have been around

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