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BIG Indie Game SALES and SAVINGS! | PC, PS4, Switch & Xbox One!

February 13, 2020

we all love a good deal right well
welcome to get indie gaming and to the first of a new weekly series where we
troll through the most important and popular online stores and take you
through our top 5 indie games currently on sale up first and with a huge
discount of 40% off its usual price blasphemous is currently listed on the
Nintendo eShop at $14.99 u.s. dollars the same in euros although for any Brits
out there it’s currently as low as 1199 we reviewed this one back when it first
came out in September of last year and while at the time it didn’t entirely rub
us up completely the right way there’s no denying it’s exquisite pixel art and
soundtrack are some of the best looking and sounding you’ll find in any game of
recent years it certainly isn’t however one for everybody it’s hyper grisly it’s
ultra violent and has themes and motifs some people will find somewhat
distasteful all wrapped together within a law that’s laid as thickly as cold
treacle it does however shine with a combat heavy gameplay where the combos
and finishing execution moves all feel pretty darn solid and nicely meaty
as with any other hack and slash Metroidvania you’re able to upgrade your
character as you progress or we’re finding religious relics rosary beads
and prayers which give you an extra edge in your fight against eternal damnation
if you missed blasphemous first time around and want to take advantage of
this offer on the eShop you’d better be quick as it’s currently listed to end
February 9th the day this video goes to air now at number four currently with a sale
price of 80 percent off its usual RRP on both the UK and US Microsoft Xbox stores
Kona is an action-adventure game with survival elements where you step into
the shoes of a private detective to explore an odd and strange things going
on sort of thing within a northern Canadian town for something so very
scripted playing Kona really feels like it’s actually fairly wide open by this
we mean in how you’re free to explore and generally take in your surroundings
mostly as you see fit that said it does use subtle signposting in making sure
you take the path best suited for the overall narrative or at least that’s how
it feels aided by a sublime narration which every
so often over explains things perhaps a little too much and while not offering
or delivering the same punch on many levels a safe fire watch one of its
contemporaries at under three US dollars or two pound fifty in the UK this feels
almost a steal yeah this week’s number three children
of mortar is currently for sale via Steam and the Nintendo eShop for just
over 15 US dollars and euros with it also coming under 13 UK pounds this is a
30% or so saving on its usual price released towards the tail end of last
year it feels this one went way under the radar with it getting lost amongst
the other heavy hitters that came out at around the same time you take control of
up to six playable characters all members of the Bergesen family of
adventure warriors who take on an evil force known as the corruption you pull
all this off by delving into procedurally generated dungeons and
seeing away hordes of nasties with each of them ending in a boss fight which
opens up a new area of the game in between runs you find out more about the
family and their backstory in what’s really quite a strong overall narrative
offering each family member has their own specific traits and abilities more
of which are unlocked with points you earn during each run you’re also able to
find money and loot within the dungeons to use on upgrades which is shared among
the family members such benefits here include more health taking less damage
and so on and so forth in a nice little touch player characters can become tired
and less able to cope with the demands of the game this forces you to swap them
out for other family members which keeps things fresh and encourages you to
experiment with the family members different abilities at times the combat
can feel a little button mocchi although the ranged attacks in
particular are enjoyable to pull off if you miss children of mortar first time
around and a curious to find out more the current offer is expected to end on
February the 20th up now at number 2 and currently selling for 88 percent off on
the UK e store for one pound of 49 pence that’s down from its usual 1199 death
squared as a pleasantly charming co-op and multiplayer game from SMG Studios
based out of Sydney Australia while it came out around the summer time of 2017
it’s lost none of its Barn and the game that honestly feels
and plays better the more you pick it up the local co-op is the main one for us
here at get indie gaming although from time to time we have dabbled with
playing randoms online the community around it feels pretty darn cool to boot
now there is a single-player although in the years we’ve played this with all the
spiky explosive traps about the place we fired this part of the game up perhaps
less than five times while death squared is available to play on mobiles and all
the usual consoles at the time this video goes out this awesome saving is
only to be had and found on the Nintendo switch at number one and the deal of the
week weird most recommend to friends and family and you dear viewers is
blood-stained ritual of the night whereby you can pick this up on the
PlayStation Store with a saving of 40% in the US and Europe and 45 in the UK
for those new to this or as a quick memory jog ritual of the night is the
spiritual success of Castlevania Symphony of the Night again that for
many ranks as one of the best ever made now if you’re already of this type of
viewpoint then you probably have this sitting away in your Playstation 4
already but if you haven’t then why is it worth getting hold of in this sale
which is scheduled to end on or around February 20th well to be honest one of
the best things I can say about ritual of the night comes from its overall
atmosphere and not just how good it all looks and sounds but how the combat and
overall tactical elements have been drawn together the writing is top-notch
all the way through and all in it just feels so very polished right up until
the very end when some players might consider it a little bit too grindy for
its own good with around 15 to 20 or so hours of
gameplay and plenty of Easter eggs and treasures to find it’s well worth coming
back once the end credits have rolled if you haven’t already done so go grab
this bargain while you still can it’s one of the best Metroidvania games
you can play on any system today many thanks to you all for watching us here
get indie gaming please let us know what you think of this is a new series in the
comments and by clicking that big old like button if you haven’t subbed there
now’s an awesome time to do so and with PAX East just around the corner
there still plenty to come from us this february 2020 we look forward to seeing
you all here again soon for more indie game videos

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  1. Timestamps and Links:

    All details correct as of 13:00 / 1pm on February 9th 2020.:
    0:18 – Blasphemous:

    1:44 – Kona:

    3:07 – Children of Morta:

    5:00 – Death Squared:

    6:02 – Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night:

  2. Check out the iOS app "Ducko", it's like Flappy Bird, but with more features. It's really addictive 🙂

  3. Not sure if this comment is allowed but I highly recommend discount trackers like 'psprices' for consoles, 'MaGog engine' for GoG and 'steamdb' for Steam.
    Children of Morta is also on the biggest sale on PS4 in some European countries.

  4. Kona gives me "The Long Dark" vibes, which I like a lot. I might pick it indeed.

    I personally check IsThereAnyDeal quite often, but I like this new series. It will surely help keep an eye on good deals on good games. 🙂

  5. dude!! this one will become a quick favorite for me! I do love a nice sale, especially now that I am looking for a Ape Out (played the demo, loved it!), ministry of broadcast and Katana Zero deal. I want to point out that I am noticing a resurgence of the metroidvania genre which I love but I fear it might become oversaturated, you know what we need? more Beat Em Ups!

  6. Great idea for a series. Would you consider putting the end date of the sale in the info box for each game? You tend to say the end dates out loud which is nice, but that feels like vital enough info to merit seeing up at the beginning in writing.

  7. I think The Tourist is also on sale for Nintendo Switch. One of the best indie gems of last year and a great homage to Zelda.

  8. @getindiegaming Dead Cells is also on sale on the Nintendo E-shop. Wasnt sure if I wanted it on ps4 or switch? Which is better do you know

  9. I highly recommend Children of Morta if you haven't played it. It's an excellent co-op experience with a ton of experimentation, beautiful pixel art, and a wonderful soundtrack.

  10. Children of Morta was on my wishlist, finally I can buy it now and feature out the walkthrough on my channel 🙂

  11. Dark Devotion has way more content than Blasphemous and it is on sale for 7USD. Also, do not waste your money on children of morta unless you enjoy grinding for hours and hours and hours.

  12. Just bought Kona on xbox… Cheers for the heads up. Had seen this game on the store but had never clicked on it to find out anything about it. Thanks again 🙂

  13. This is great! I usually check for sales every week or so, but I love this format of review + sale, as it not only tells me when I should try and buy new games, but shows whether or not I would enjoy them in the first place. Keep up the great work!

  14. 2:22 "Playing Kona really feels like it's actually fairly wide open" – Did you know that Kona sounds exactly like the Portuguese slang word "cona" which means vagina…?

  15. Nice list ! Ill be buying children of morta for sure. Not played it yet but recently purchased Little Briar Rose on steam, a point and click adventure game with a very unique art style.

  16. Hey, great video, just on future videos I think you should mention which of the games chosen are also available on x box gamepass (for pc at least) since that might be a better value proposition for some people. I mention this since Children of Morta and Bloodstained are on it.

  17. not sponsored in any way but if anyone hasn't found it yet, isthereanydeal .com is a superb site that tracks all stores, can set up price thresholds to email you and can import wishlists too

  18. I'll chime in as a dissenter. The "game deals" thing is done much better and broader across other communities, and it doesn't play to this channel's strengths. Nearly every single game goes on (~40%) sale every 2-3 months, so a weekly top-5 seems rather pointless (especially when it's stretched to include multiple platforms). I like Clemmy's version (i.e., when a large-scale sale bonanza erupts — Winter Sale, Lunar Year Sale, etc. — a one-off, deep, curated list of recommendations.

  19. I hate to be one of those guys but i never pay more than 10$ for indie games. The games are good but i end up buying the stuff and never end up playing it. 🙂

  20. Puzzle fans should checkout GLASS MASQUERADE on sale for about £3…really relaxing and fun game and the sequel gets released this week on Switch Eshop 😃

  21. Blashemus is one of the best platform ( or i think best ) game i ever played total must buy everyone
    Epic climat and story is amazing
    World is big and ugly biutiffffuuuulll !!!! Same children of morta is something awsome
    The story is so good total worth !

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