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Biathlon Stadium Casablanca – El Documental

November 17, 2019

Biathlon is a winter sport which combines two disciplines: cross-country skiing and rifle shooting Biathlon has its origins from the beginnings of history, considering that in North Europe people used ski-like gadgets on
their feets to move through the snow carrying hunting weapons when
the they did with that purpose We are few people in Spain, but the true is that we
are pushing to make this sport bigger in our
country every day There aren’t too many
eases to practice it, but, as many things in life we overcome it and continue forward Now, we are in the 50m
shooting range, where we practice with
the same distance that we find at the biathlon stadium The movement that
we are watching, is the imitation of the movement
that we perform when we arrive skiing to the
biathlon stadium In our circumstances, we can’t dispose of snow in
Zaragoza, but we do it running Shooting supposes a 40%
of our performance in biathlon competitions because every time
that we miss a shot automatically, we get a penalty, adding one minute to our
race time for each miss or with one 150m
penalty loop We adapt to the resources we have So, we use large foams, where we dispose five targets Similar to those that we find
at any biathlon stadium, although they aren’t mobile I watch them by the spyglass and I can see how they are doing, so I can adapt the
training for each one To train cross-country skiing, we use many sports
like cycling, running or gym, because it’s a sport where
physical endurance is needed Furthermore, we use
an adaptation to train cross-country skiing
for asphalt, rollerski in other countries, athletes only use
their rollerski to train in pre-season, changing them to skis
in october-november However, due to weather
conditions we have in Spain, we keep training with
rollerskis most of the season This is a rollerski, and it’s what we use
to train throughout the year Consists of a bar made of
aluminum, different kinds of metal or carbon fiber Although brands are
making big efforts to improve rollerski sensations it’s very difficult to simulate
the snow surface in asphalt This depends largely on the
type of snow that we find, having different
types of speeds in function of the
type of snow Moreover, we also depend greatly
on weather conditions, as wind To achieve higher gliding, we treat the ski sole
with chemical products, that repel water increasing by this
way, our skis speed Effort training control and overcome
yourself beyond nature

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