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Biathlon Overview

November 18, 2019

Biathlon is a sport that combines rifle
marksmanship with an aerobic activity. There’s a few different race formats in
biathlon. They all involve shooting from the prone position lying down on a mat and the offhand or standing position. The shortest race would be a ski loop,
shooting prone, five shots. another ski loop, and then five shots of standing
shooting, and then a ski loop to the finish. Some of the longer races would be
five loop races, where you shoot twice prone, and then twice standing, or even prone, standing, prone, standing, alternating. The unique thing about biathlon is the combination of this high level of physical aerobic activity. You’re straining yourself. You’re breathing really hard. Your heart’s racing, but then you have to be able to relax. You have to be able to calm down and you have to be able to do this very precise, fine motor skill. For any of those targets that they miss, they have to complete a penalty, which in Olympic biathlon, that penalty is a hundred and fifty meter additional ski loop. By adding that penalty, it sort of adds a
whole twist to everything, as well, so you’re skiing, you’re shooting, and then you have this penalty component for your missed targets and
and you’re on the clock the whole time. The best biathletes in the world are incredibly fit, so that’s aerobically, they’re going to be very strong, but it’s a strength to body weight. There’s also mentality to shoot, to being
a good shot in biathlon. You have to keep your focus. You have to not get too emotional if you miss or if you hit, so you have to keep a level head. You want to be focusing on what you’re doing right then and there. You want to…your mind has to be a hundred percent focused on the task at hand, and what you can affect. There’s really a lot of room for exciting races, because, because, really, there’s a whole, a big range of people who, you know, might any given day, be able to hit all their targets, and win the race. And all of a sudden they’re, they’re duking it out for a first place, or you might have someone who’s like, you know, actually kind of a mediocre skier, and, like, maybe they’re not even the best shot, but they can put together a quality race day package that that can win, and just because of those, different variables that can come into play, it’s, it makes it really exciting, and kind of unpredictable, really. It can be a real roller coaster ride to do biathlon, but that’s what makes it really exciting. It’s exciting to watch and hard, but also exciting to do, because, you know, you might have a really bad race one day, but that doesn’t mean you’re in terrible shape. It might just mean you missed one or two targets more than you should have, so there’s always hope in biathlon. You know, if you hit all those targets,
you can beat people who are faster than you, which is pretty cool.

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