B&H Gaming Competition with Shonduras & SSG
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B&H Gaming Competition with Shonduras & SSG

September 1, 2019

Hey everybody this is Doug with B&H and I’m
here with Mendy–also, from B&H, and what are we looking at here? So we partnered with SpaceStation Gaming who
are running a gaming competition. And we have a whole bunch of gamers and the
2 pro Smite teams that he represents. We have Corridor Digital and the Hacksmith. Two large YouTubers here with us and they’re
competing of variety of different the games like Smite, Ultimate Chicken Horse. We’re just really having a good time and looking
to win a Super NES. What kind of setups are we looking at? So, we have each of the setup on a gaming
laptop/high spec GTX 1080–newest graphics card. We have them with the Marantz Turret which
is a brand-new product at B&H for now. It has a all-in-one solution with a camera,
ring light, and a microphone. All built into it. So, you can stream anything you want. In this case, gameplay. Super simple. And then we have them with a gaming mouse
so that they don’t have to use the built-in trackpad. Yeah, these guys I imagine they’re used to
really high and setups so, I’m glad you got them comfortable. Yeah what were the chairs? One of the brands we work with: Spieltek. They have a bunch gaming chairs…different
types. We’re actually going to be going to give
them some to the guys who came today. And they’re going to try it out there some
wider, some different types of different people but they’re designed to sit there gaming
all night. No back pain. I learned it the hard way. I heard you talking about some rules before? With how everybody is supposed matchup–is
it tournament-style? So, were having it tournament style. So, that’s a little bit more fitting bro! That’s a little bit better for this environment. So, this is Hollady, Shonduras’s gaming
business partner. Pay guys to play games all day? As good as it gets man. Who’s reppin’ B&H? Who’s going to play for you guys? This guy? I’m going to destroy you in this game today. We’re going to be on the same team. Sorry for the interruption. So, we’re going to be having them collectively
scored by that if the won the game or lost the game. But also, individually tailing up their personal
score stats. In order to give a score to the individually
paired up each gamer and each YouTuber. That way we can have them have a paired team. It’s not fair otherwise because the gamers
obviously know the game a lot better. We want to have like individual teams of 2
and we’re going to collectively put their scores together and then the winning team
to have all three games, is going to be getting the prize. So now everybody here, is everybody at the
pro level? Or, is there like a range? All of the gamers are all 10 gamers are on
the pro level. 5 of them have actually gone to the world
championships Wow… The other 5 are still they called them
the Smite minor teams. But, they’re working on it. They’re working on it. Okay. How long are you guys going to be locked in
the chairs today? I’m just really curious. So they’re doing 2 games of 13 minutes. Then we’re going to swap out the other 10
guys. Again 2 games of 13 minutes. And then in finals a half an hour game. This is great! This is really incredible. So, thank you for putting it together. 100% and looking forward to growing it bigger
with everybody. See you everybody. This is Douglas B&H and Mendy Paul.

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  1. My 2 favourite pass times brought together. Photography and gaming 😀
    Do you have a link, so I can watch more from that awesome looking day please.

  2. Yo, I need that ring light camera set up. Where them females at? Your girl over here is all about League too!

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