BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 Official Trailer (2017) Game HD

BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2 Official Trailer (2017) Game HD

August 24, 2019

[general city noise] [neon sign crackles] [car zooms through] [police car sirens as it chases] [female chinese announcer talking] [eating sounds] [quiet belch] Where’s your master? I don’t deal with Domesticateds… I ain’t da fuc- I ain’t got no master. But I do have… your little toy. Mmmmph… Show me the idol. Show me The Redeemer. Here ya go, mate. [non-diagetic music swells] Oooh… [inhales] Peyjin… Yo yo yo, hand it over! I got a hot date, who don’t do… late! [musical pin drops] [low growl] Ha! Heh heh… Monkey’s got a date! [snaps finger] [hand hits table, pvc squeaks, high-pitched scratch noise as disc slides across table] [diagetic Chinese music plays softly in the restaurant] Aah… Mwah! [kissing noise] [quiet sound as gem falls to table] Wha-What?! [chair scrapes on floor] WHAT!?!? Wot wot? Tha’s Swiss fuckin’ chocklat, pig! [Indian-inspired upbeat steel drum music starts] [robot arm whizzes, glass shatters] Oh! Bone appetito! Whaaaaaa yeah baby! [rocket jet-pack noises] [heavy breathing] I want every fucking cop… … in this fucking city… [deep inhale] … after that fucking bastard!!! [dishes and table clatters] [grapple whizzes] Whaa wow whooo! Grab my chassis, Knoxie! [revs motorbike] [bike whooshes and zooms] [music continues, is a kind of whiny-pitched rap with strings and drums] Easy peasy, bruv! Wha ha hoo! [gunshot as bullet zings past] Shit! [police sirens, gun shots] Hang on! [bike zooming, bullets whizzing past, explosions] Bang, bang, muthafuckas! [zooming bike, whirring cop cars] [revs bike] [music continues] [deep thrumming sound] Fuck me… [cannons fire four times] [missiles whooshing] Damn! [revs bike] [explosions] [rap starts again] [bike zooming noises] [missiles whirring] [high-pitched whistle sound from above] Huh? [machine gun fire] [grapple whirrs] Dude! [different rocketpack noise with a bounce and a hiss] [music still going] Aaaahhh! [The Wilhelm Scream] [missiles whoosh] [explosions and music has stopped] [chopper noises] Whooo hooo! Ha ha ha ha haaa! [low strings start playing non-diagetically] [chopper whirrs] [strings gradually getting louder] [still strings, more chopper noises] [clicking sounds] [low rumbling as doors open] [door whines and clicks open] Yaaaaaay! [lots of cheering] It’s about bloody time… Hrmm… let’s see what we’ve got… [quiet beeps, then loud strange noise] [music swells and more beeps] [computery noises] Moksha… Just as Yama described it. True Freedom lies beyond… [low rumbles as large doors close and ship accelerates] [music and chorus swells] [ship rumbles] [engine sputters… once… twice…] [… then a whine and a zooming noise] [music fades and the ships zooming echoes] [a quiet piano plays us off into the stars… ]

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