Between the Games – Michael’s Segway Tour
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Between the Games – Michael’s Segway Tour

August 23, 2019

Gavin: Here we go Gavin: Michael’s found his new favorite toy Michael: I feel like this is a good equivalent of like tapping your foot Michael: You know what I mean Gavin: Yeah Gavin: Is there anyone in there? Jack: Gus is in here Michael: Are you serious? Jack: Yeah Michael: Gus is here today? Gus: It seems dangerous to me to have the drunk people on that scooter Gus: in the room with the most expensive equipment Jack: Seems. Gavin: I don’t think its- Michael: It would seem dangerous but you can Michael: Like, appreciate that we’re professional Gavin: I don’t think this is the most expensive equipment Gus: Well not counting the fucking Phantom Michael: I’ll say me drunk on this thing, I will probably pull out less cables than Geoff Michael: Just Michael: sober walking Michael: Thanks Gus Michael: I’m gonna grab a jacket, wait? did I leave my jacket inside the streaming room Gavin: I don’t know Michael: Oh dude if we film a Lets Watch Jack: oh there’s your jacket on the floor Jack: I can see it Michael: Where? Michael: Oh down there Gavin: You have to do a little man to get it Jack: Good luck *Laughing* Jack: Ayyyyy Gavin: Wow Jack: Impressive sir *Laughing* Michael: Who put that kino there? Gavin: So your challenge is to see if you can now sit down and get up without getting off this Jack: While holding a beer Gavin: While holding a beer at all times Michael: Ah *Laughing* Ayyy! Gavin: So can you now drive your chair with it? Michael: I don’t think it’s got enough pull Michael: Nope Gavin: Oh! Oh? Gavin: Give it a little nudge and see if it–the momentum will keep– Gavin: Oh dude we should just take it outside on the– ?: Oh! There he goes! Gavin: Yes! *Laughing* ?: He’s like a grandma! *Laughing* Michael: Now it’s a car Michael: Now I’m driving the fucking car! Michael: I can’t stop! *Laughing* Michael: I’m driftin’ Gavin: Uh, let me give you a lil’– Michael: Yeah, give me a nudge over the– Over the– Michael: Alright, you gotta nudge harder man Michael: Jeez, you’re gonna- you’re just pushing me out of the chair Michael: fuck almighty Gavin: Alright go all the way around the other way Michael: You wanna know how to drift? Gavin: Duuude Michael: Holy shit! *Laughing* Michael: Stooop! *Laughing* ?: Can we get two of these and race ’em? Gavin: This is working great Gavin: There’s a slight obstacle up ahead Gavin: Let me get ahead of you Michael: Don’t drink and drive Michael: But do drink and ride (Reminder: Michael does not condone drinking and driving) *Scooter beeping* Michael: Shut up you don’t know what you’re doing *Giggling* Michael: Ooh fire extinguisher, real close Gavin: Wonder how far outside you’d go? Michael: Nuhh I’m driftin’ Michael: I’m driftin’ Michael: Push it *struggling noises* *More struggling* Michael: Annnd we’re out! Gavin: This is smoother Michael: Dude, this thing wants to GO Michael: come on *Gavin laughing* Gavin: Oh, oh dear. *Gavin laughing* Michael: AHHHHHHHH Gavin: Oh my God Gavin: Dude, these DXRacer chairs truly are what they say Michael: Dude, what do they say? Gavin:They’re racing chairs! Michael: They’re nice as fuck? Gavin: Aw, nice drift! Michael: It is not meant for this Michael: Dude it’s trying Michael: Can’t do it Michael: It can’t do it, it’s not strong enough Michael: I guess I’ll have to walk *Music playing* Michael: Is it empty in- Is no one here? Michael: Hello?? Gavin: Not even Caleb Michael: Bungalow?! Michael: Hello??!! Michael: What a fucking thief! Michael: I also turned the lights on too, so he waste electricity Michael: Push your fucking chair in, come on *grunting* Michael: She’ll think that was Santa Gavin: She left an open can Michael: Yeah, so I’d like- I’m glad everyone joined us here Michael: Hang on, hang on. Let’s… wait Michael: Thank you for joining me Michael: Obviously we’re here to discuss very serious issues about the business of Rooster Teeth Productions Michael: Let me just bring this chair right over here Michael: Well… Michael: Gonna push all the chairs around here. Yes, you sit here. yes Michael: Let me ask you something, gentlemen. What do you think when you see PLG? Michael: People love grapes, dammit! Michael: Good day! Michael: Oh God… *screaming* Gavin: Did you do that? *Michael in pain & Gavin laughing* Michael: Ow Michael: I’m DX racin’ Michael: Holy shit, holy shit Michael: Drift! Michael: Hope they didn’t need that stuff Gavin: Oh my God, what was in there? Michael: Drift
*Gavin laughing* Michael: We’re good, we’re good Michael: Happy New Years! Gavin: Alright so e- Michael, every video needs a grand finale and uh, we don’t know what this is but it looks like a ramp *laughs* Michael: We have no idea what this is, its just like a table… that certainly, certainly should not be fucked with in this manner Gavin: Alright where do you think you’ll land and where should be put the crash mat Gavin: like here Michael: You want this and the chair? Gavin: *laughs* Yeah Michael: I’m gonna go like one inch Gavin: It’s grand finale, it’s not medium finale Michael: This also has been in my back pocket the whole time Michael: like uh, it’s just wedging up my ass *laughing* Gavin: Gus, what are your thoughts? Gus: I really shouldn’t be watching this Gavin: On the grand finale Gavin: Do you know what this is? Michael: Like a desk, right? *Gus mumbles something* Gavin: Ow Ow Ow it’s driving into my penis *laughing* Michael: You think it’s too close? Gus: Should I dial 9-1? Michael: Yeah yeah, please Gus: and then get ready Gavin: We can put it further away cause your face, it’ll tip Michael: I’m gonna be a father Gavin: Okay, I’m gonna put some distance Gus: You better clear that, you have to make it now Gus: Hold on, let me get behind the camera so when it goes to court Gavin: You weren’t there *Gus mumbling* Gus: I’m leaving! Gus: I am not gonna watch Gavin: Sound effect of a door Gus: *sarcastically* You shouldn’t be doing that. Don- Get down from there Michael: So, you don’t think the cushion should be closer? Gavin: Well you just told me- I think if you go down you’re gonna tip forwards a- ahead of it *Dramatic music* Gus: Better than I expected. Ha ha Gus: Wait, I’m not here Michael: Gus no! Gavin: That was an amazing grand finale- ha ha Gus: I didn’t realise that that whole table tilted like that Gavin: Yeah Gavin: It was a part of the uh- Gavin: part of the trick Gus: That’s cool Gus: Victory lap, well deserved Gus: I would say get back to work but you are working Gavin: Yup *Michael hums the On The Spot theme song*

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  1. Just…for all those people saying "I wish I had a job like this." This is literally two guys with a camera, Segway, and a chair.

  2. 3:45 This is the greatest moment in Achievement Hunter: A drunk New Jersey born riding a chair while using a small segway as momentum.
    TL;DR Folks – Best AH Moment: Drunk Michael.

  3. Scooter: check
    Steering Stick: check
    Chair that moves: check
    Dumbass to drive that death machine: check

  4. I don't think there is a single normal day in your office. I would so work with you guys, but I can't stand the heat.

  5. I'm not really sure why yt recommended this 2 and a half year old video suddenly but I'm not mad about it

  6. "that has got to be the best pirate I have ever seen"
    "So it would seem"
    Input Michael drinking and riding at the same time

  7. this is by far one of the best between the games videos. just the absolute chaotic energy of it. michael using the segway in a wildly unintended way pulling his chair around the entire rt studio. gus looking mildly disappointed, somewhat concerned, yet not surprised in the slightest when he sees the shenanigans taking place, almost like a concerned father. and gavin, just being the cameraman following the absolute mad lad around wherever michael goes on his drunken adventure. this is the quality content i signed up for.

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