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August 26, 2019

– They are the best texting
gloves on the market. My favorite deal today and I’m
giving a bunch away for free. And they’re not these. Hi, I’m the YouTube
Deal Guy, Matt Granite. How many times, and again, I know this is a first world problem, but you want to send a text message, and if you live in a
colder climate like I do, I work in Toronto, I live in Toronto, and I also work in New
York City and Cleveland, and Buffalo, and all these other areas where you don’t want to take
your hands out of your glove. If you do need to send that message from any of the texting gloves I know you guys have seen them they have all of these very
specific places on the glove where if you don’t press
in that finger area, well, your message isn’t
going to make sense. My favorite pair of gloves is conductive. The whole glove is able to
interact with your iPad, your iPhone, your Android
device, whatever it is. I’m gonna show you my texts the full demo. Of course, if you want to grab this deal it’s located right under the video screen. Let’s get to the savings. At under 20 bucks with
prices lower than that depending on how many you buy this is my favorite texting gloves. Yes, they’re warm, but the
entire glove is conductive in that you do not just have these stupid little
things on your fingertips, you know, where you have to press through a very specific spot, the whole phone, the whole finger, look at that everything works. It works with Apple,
it works with Android. I can easily compose a message with these, and I love how they feel. These have actually stood
up well in the Toronto, Ohio, and New York State
winters that I’ve experienced. They’re great for iPad,
they’re great for iPhones, Android, whatever it is. There is not a better pair of
texting gloves on the market. My favorite deal on the A glove, especially, if you’re
buying more than one pair because you do get the benefit
of included free shipping is the deal that you can find
today under this video screen. You get your choices of sizes, and out of anything else I
have tested this bad boy wins. Before we get to the
giveaway I’d love to know for the amazing people watching, and I really do appreciate you how many of you are texting
on an Android device? Yes, go Android. How many of you are using that on an overpriced Apple device, but don’t worry because I’m
in our studio even using an iPhone 10 as well now,
although, I am an Android owner, and, well, this doesn’t have
a touchscreen, but anyhow, just want you to know I speak
out of both sides of my mouth. All right, here we go. I’m now going to give away
two free pairs of gloves using TubeBuddy’s random selection tool to find two subscribers who’ve commented in the last six months. Congratulations goes to
Victor Lopez, you’ve won, and the brand that I was
talking about was Treblab, and our second winner for today is Steel. I’m sorry you didn’t get the PS4 giveaway, but don’t worry I will have more, and you both won, awesome. Oh, there you go. Touch ’til your heart, touch-type
to your heart’s content. I almost said something
that I didn’t mean. Okay, all right, for those of you that now want to win my next giveaway as I babble away more bargains to come I want to make sure that
I do get you hooked up, very easy way to get subscribed. Just click on my head right here that will subscribe you to the channel. If you need help turning
on your notifications, or leaving a comment just click here, and the last big round up of
deals I did right over here. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Safe to use while pumping gas? Lol. Bought a pair for myself and relative but worried to use around gas ⛽️ stations ? ? I’m an “overpriced” Apple Team user ?

  2. Hi this is a great entry n the searhc for the perfect texting glove. Now a question please ppst when you find some with non-slip palms for driving.  Thanks!

  3. I definitely am going to get these! Will come in handy this week for the artic air coming our way! Thanks Matt! Ashley

  4. I received my gloves and I have to say that my son and I both love them. My teenager said these are great!! Thank you Matt for this deal!!!

  5. I’m giving these gloves a 2.5/5 it’s perfect if your white ( finish reading before u come to any conclusions ) don’t get close from weathers below 20 and want to text. These gloves do not want so ever hold heat I’m really disappointed, does it text? Yes 100% but that’s half the purpose not whole, I was looking for gloves I could text and work with because I’m outside 90% of the time and these are no good. I’m black so anything below 30 is cold for me and need gloves, idk how you survived Canada with these. Overall if your not cold from 20-10 degree weather these are perfect for u and yes you can text. If you get cold 30 degrees or higher these gloves are no good, I live in MA so it gets cold very cold.

  6. Can you do a video on the top best 5 winter gloves for work that holds heat, or just holds heat and don’t smell bad inside? It don’t have to text i accepted that I just want heat.

  7. I have android I need these yes it's very frustrating because you had to take your gloves off whenever the phone ring

  8. Hey Matt my name is Carl. I use a lot of tech because I have a vision problem. I use screen magnification programs, Bluetooth, special keyboards and other devices. t
    That make using my computer and my phone easier for me to use daily. I love All Tech and gadgets because that is my background. I really hope that maybe one day I get to meet you and intern Daria or Casey. I really would love to win something possibly a big TV that I could see or a nice tablet that I could see.

  9. These do not work. I have tried numerous times. I tried on the I phone 8 plus and a tablet. I'm so disappointed.

  10. Just received these gloves and gave to my family. I love how you can use any part of the finger to touch the screen and it works. Great deal and Great gloves!!!! # Thanksdealguy

  11. I bought a pair of those gloves and I kept taking them off to text cause I kept forgetting what they were for lol

  12. that is awesome! I don't have big hands and so a lot of the time my fingers don't always reach the area where you are supposed to for texting.

  13. I legit have a pair of these in my purse right now. I never leave the house without them. Actually, I should probably take them out now that it's a lot warmer. I doubt CA will be getting cold weather any more.

  14. These will be perfect for me. Currently having issues working overnight security. Constantly having to take my gloves off. Thank you for sharing these… you just earned a sub.

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