Best POV Archery Deer Hunt Video! – 100% Film It Yourself – Solvid FIY
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Best POV Archery Deer Hunt Video! – 100% Film It Yourself – Solvid FIY

August 14, 2019

It’s late in the morning during the beginning of the Archery Mule Deer hunting season. After locating this mule deer buck, I set up a second camera, and made my way below him to come up from behind. With the landmark now in sight, I set up another camera and made sure my Solvid CamStrap was dialed Sweet, I think that about does it. 2013 2nd day. That was awesome. As soon as that wind hit my back, I kow he was getting up. I felt the breeze hit me a couple times, and as soon as he got up, I was on him That’s one thing the Solvid CamStrap does for you, gets you footage nobody else can. I Filmed this all by myself. The buck is laying down and it’s a pretty good shot. Looked like I clipped high lung and he’s not going anywhere. After replaying the CamStrap footage, I grabbed the rest of my cameras and made it down to the mule deer kill Awesome!

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  1. Awesome video! What are you guys using for camcorders? I'm thinking of getting the Canon VIXIA HF R400 and pair it up with with a camstrap! 

  2. Another great video! Great footage as well, and that was sure a nice buck…. Heck it was in velvet too! Keep the videos comin 😉

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