BEST OF Game Grumps – 2016!
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BEST OF Game Grumps – 2016!

August 24, 2019

Best of best of (bada) the best of [Arin] a movin’ to the groovin’ to the groovin’ to the movin’ to the groovin’ to the groovin’ to the groovin’ Gotta move it up gotta move it down Gotta move it up, down, up, down Opposite of the things that i’m sayin’ [Danny] that’s right [Arin] Left left Right, left, right Up I mean down Up Down Left, right, up [Danny] And that’s how you do cunnilingus (snickering) [Arin] You gotta spell out the alphabet with your tongue [Danny] Yup, you just gotta be like blalalalaalalalala [Arin] So you can think about something else other than eati- Look i never got that! [Danny] And the girls all like oh yeah! And then when you really wanna turn up the juice you’re just like BLALALALALALALA (Intense Laughing) [Danny] We should give like (laughing) [Danny] We should give terrible sex advice on this show (Arin laughing uncontrollably) Like When you’re ready for the girl to cum make sure you yell at the vagina Like CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM! Do it now! I know what girls like [Arin] BLALALALALALALA [Danny] BLALALALALA [Arin] you like that? [Danny] DO IT! [Arin] JUST CUM ALREADY! [Danny] NOW’S THE TIME! [Arin] DON’T WAIT! DON’T WAIT BLALALALALALALAL Game Grumps Sex Lessons: Satifaction Guaranteed [ERE ERE] Arin: I – I dont’ understand why the chinese don’t just use forks and spoons Arin: But I’m too old to get up and go to the kitchen Arin: So I suppose I’ll manage Oh my god Dan: Like she’s Arin: ITS COTTON CANDY THERE’S SO MUCH OF IT THAT THE STAIRWAY’S JUST BLOCKED This lady she’s got a lot goin on. She’s like–Oh! Arin: SHE’S GOT A FUCKIN SPIDER IN Her coffee or whatever Yeah Dan: she’s just like [old lady voice] Well… Arin: There’s no time for making tea and mixing sugar with the sPOON Dan: Yeah, not with a deadly tarantula on the loose No it’s a domestic, kind spider Dan: oh okay [eh PBFFT] Like You’re fully concentrating, on something else but you’re just Arin: fucking, fUCK Letting your lips and face move Arin: Yes It’s. My life pretty much Dan: yeah Everytime I go to a party I don’t know what the fuck to say to people So I’m just like “eYAHAH NICE COAT” And then they’re like “Oh thanks! I got it from JCPenny” And I’m like “UH HUH UH HUH UH HUH” SHIT! What? It just really got me Uh huh–[dan & arin] WOAH Dan: that’s pointless Arin: [rips a HEINOUS cough] Dan: Oh man Arin: Sure is Do you still have trouble at parties? Like with like feeling awkward and shit? Yeah of course rEALLY? Well No Yes and no because… Um The thing is like you really can’t I’ve read a ton of books and had a lot of practice on talkin’ to people Danny: Mhm I could give a fuckin’ lecture on how to talk to people right? D-man: right Um FiRST Ask them about their coat Arin: And go “MHM” Dan: Go “UH HUH UH HUH” For the next half hour Arin: But um– Dan the man: and if they stop talking about their coat for any reason Fucking PANIC It’s back on the menu Open that book back up You wanna stay on the tail of the thing a little longer A: I know D: okay But the-the thing is like it’s just I’m-I’m [processing words] And I wanna get over this and I wanna try to find a way to get over it but like It’s just my prersonality to just be like intimidated by social situations Dan: That’s interesting Egoraptor: Like I’m as confident as can be if-if you threw me in a coversation with some rando Sexbang: uh huh Hanson Manson: I would totally be able to talk to them Dan: What if they were mexican. What if it’s like a mexican rando? Well then I guess I’d have to learn a whole new language Dan: Holy Crap How’s your coat? Arin: Que paso es coat? SI SI SI oh man [bapadapdabodop] A-Han: I don’t know, man. D-style: that seems glitchy A: you’re glitchy D-dog: okay Well, maybe if you looked at me more. [inaudible yo] you never look at me during A-baby: you never look at me till completion D-money: And-Oh god That would be Suzy’s Least favortie thing you could ever say Aw, I’m gonna complete Where do you want me to complete? Oh my god How was it with her last night? “Oh my god, She made me complete so hard dude you don’t even fuckin’ know.” “That girl, she’s no joke.” “She drives me crazy with her–“[Dan&Arin] OOOHHHHH A-master: I WAS SO CLOSE Dan: YOU WERE SO CLOSE TO comPLETION Ugh “She drives me–she drives crazy with [inaudible yo]” Did you complete last night? D-Meister: Yeah Oh you better beleive it We completed together It was maximum completion Arin: At the same time Dan: yeah oh man That’s a beauiful, spiritual thing Duet: When you complete [Dan: with someone] [Arin: At the same time] D: Yeah [pbbt] Lying man Dan: You’re gonna wanna hop in that um, in that Mall, dude. Arin: Yeah well, I’m trying Isn’t it to the left? Yeah but I gotta get to the fuckin’ heliport, dude. Who knows how much time I’ll have. I would say go in the Mall first. Arin: yeah but then I gotta…ugh Dan: That’s where a helicopter is not Arin: Yeah but–
Dan: and all the weapons are
A: yeah but see it’s dark They can’t see me Look the helicopter’s way over there–Oh God. Dan: Are you insane?
Arin: No it’s dark over here He can’t see me Check it. Can you- He can’t see me [but he can. He totally can] OH MY GOD Holy fUCK JESUS You’ve been captured with napalm [blelup] this motherfucker HELLOOOOOO Arin: INFINIDAGGER RETURNS For another infinidagger adventure

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  1. Just thinking about this video in the game grumps starter pack, the first thing new viewers are going to be introduced to is horrible sex advice from the grumps.

  2. I love you guys your awesome….. Slurmp….. Also the first time I saw that it was the HARDEST IVE EVER LAUGHED IN MY LIIFE

  3. I’m watching this while I work out (running on the treadmill) and I look like a god damn weirdo giggling while I run at random

  4. I love how they can do the same voice for certain characters. That Zelda in ocarina kills me every time I listen to it.

  5. Yesterday I got a filling done and to keep myself calm while the dentist drilled into my tooth I listened to multiple grumps compilations on full blast. When it got to the bologna part in this video I was genuinely scared to laugh and mess my dentist up.

  6. Interesting that the first video you see on the game grumps intro playlist after the introduction video is this one, and the first moment is a conversation about cunnilingus.

  7. I was watching the first part and I got distracted from the whole cunnilingus thing by how bad Arin is playing ocarina of time…

    don’t sue me…

  8. 21:16 flower: Ò̷̄M̶̀̀A̵̅͆E̶̪͑ ̵̔̚W̸̄͒Ă̷̔H̸̾̈́ ̷̃̈́M̶̂͌Ô̵̇U̶͋̎ ̵͑̚S̵̏̾H̴̒͘I̴̡̿Ñ̸̛D̷̛́Ë̶͑Ī̴̛R̶̉̈́Ȗ̶͛

  9. This is amazing, haven't seen all that much of the Game Grumps content (yet) but this nearly killed me I was laughing so hard. Thanks for making the night-shift go by a little easier, I am looking forward to seeing more, I have a lot of catching up to do!


  11. i have always pronounced bologna the way its spelled, yes i have said it the right way but i have normally/usually pronounced it as (ba-log-na) instead of (ba-lone-ee)

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