Best MTB Upgrades For Your Bike | Dirt Shed Show Ep.193
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Best MTB Upgrades For Your Bike | Dirt Shed Show Ep.193

November 7, 2019

– This week we talk the very best upgrades for your bike and riding life. Plus, we tell you the best
upgrade for under $30. – We’ve got some huge
fails and we’re also, we’ve got some in ingenious tech hacks. – We have. And, of course, we’ve got
that 100 pound voucher from Chain Reaction Cycles. It’s all coming up on the Dirt Shed Show. (rock music) – Welcome to this week’s Dirt Shed Show with Chain Reaction Cycles, of course. Neil, welcome, how are you feeling? – I’m feeling tired Mike. – Tired? – I raced a pro cross country
race with Titswan Kiro, recently, I’m still tired, he’s coming back tomorrow actually. – And was he fast? – Yeah, he was very fast everywhere as probably expected. – Well I’m looking forward to seeing that. Right, before we getting
going this week, right you’ve probably noticed our new tops. Our metallic limited-edition GMBN tops. – Yeah. Silver. Gold. – You can get these in the GMBN shop in our Black Friday Season sale. Yeah, so don’t miss out on
the opportunity to do that. We’ve got a limited edition race top. This is the same race top as our GMBC race tops. – That’s common bronze. Does that mean you’re gold, I’m silver and Blake can where the bronze one. – Yeah, it’s nice isn’t, it? It’s very stealth, that one. – [Neil] Cool. – That’s in our limited edition
season metallic edition. And then we’ve got this one like you’re wearing Neil but long
sleeve like I’ve got on. It’s all happening in
the GMBN shop, isn’t it. Okay, let’s talk upgrades, upgrading your bike, upgrading you, there’s so many ways you can do it. But we’re gonna give you
the suggestions right now. – It’s such a mountain biker
thing, isn’t it, upgrades. Think other people do this. It’s quite exciting, isn’t it (mumbles). – It’s brilliant. Putting a new bit on your
bike feels fantastic. I’m gonna suggest the first option, the dropper post. – [Neil] Yup.
– [Mike] I think that is one of the best
upgrades for a bike. It can transform how you ride your bike. – [Neil] Yeah.
– [Mike] It really is brilliant. It makes a huge difference. Neil, how much money are you
gonna spend on a dopper post to really make it work. – Anywhere between 100 to 300
or 400 pounds you can spend. But they’re getting cheaper definitely. – Yeah. – Interesting point, that
BMC bike though rode against (mumbles) it’s got an
integrated dropper post. So, is this a future thing, we may not even have to buy a post, it comes on all your bikes.
– Oh that’s cool. – That’s very cool. It’s completely sort of invisible as well. You couldn’t see under the (mumbles). – That is so cool But til that point that
we can all get that, an upgrade on a dropper is a great idea. – It is.
– It really is. What would you say? Neil, what’s your other suggestion? – [Neil] Tyres would be my thing. – [Mike] Oh yes. – [Neil] You’re always gonna need tyres, you’re always gonna need to buy new ones. So, why not have a few really good sets, three good sets, that you change for the seasons. And also (mumbles) use
them for a bit of the year. – [Mike] Yeah, yeah, I
mean really can transform the way the bike works.
– [Neil] Absolutely. – Can’t it, yeah, you
get so much more grip and you won’t believe the
difference a better grip can make out on the trail. Right, so dropper post, tyres. Two great ways. This one, slightly more technical, but I think it’s really
worth thinking about. Suspension. – Yeah. – Upgrading your suspension, front probably the easiest
to contemplate how to do it. Rear suspension can feel a
little bit more technical to do. – Yeah.
– But both make a massive difference
the way the bike works. – The more money you spend the more premium the suspension will feel, probably stiffer they’ll
be, the lighter they’ll be. You also gets lots of knobs
for dialing in your rebound. But sometimes, that
doesn’t work for everyone. So, if you don’t know what
your doing with the knobs, they can come back to haunt you. – They can, can’t they just. Yeah, so that’s three great bike upgrades. Suspension, dropper post, and tyres. – Yup. – Now, let’s think about
upgrading the rider. – Oh, do we talk about
skills here, aren’t we Mike? – Skills (mumbling) – Christmas list, I should buy myself, buying your favorite person
a coaching course, maybe. – Yes! (mumbling) That is a great idea. Upgrading your skills is a hard thing to contemplate. But the moment you’re riding with someone like Yaself, who’s done coaching, makes a massive difference. You’ve actually said things, I’ve been riding for 30 years. You’ve said things to
me that have made me go, oh yeah, you’re right,
that is a lot easier to do now that I’ve thought about that. – But it might not be a skills thing, it might be a bit of time – Yeah.
– Like that, finding the time to ride a bit more, that might be a good upgrade. So, you know, getting rid of something, dropping a day at work to go ride it more, that’s a good upgrade. – I like that idea. Dropping a day of work. Do you think we could get
that passed the big boss? – We’ll just try it. – I wonder if he’s watching us, yeah, an extra day off. Yeah, well, skills is a great way to it. So, coaching, time, like he said. What about fitness? – [Neil] Well that would be (mumbles) the more time you bike, definitely improves your riding. In fact, go and watch that video again. So, we have (mumbles) and I bombed lap two, I was much slower. And obviously, as far as fitter, I would ride better and be faster. – Yeah, yeah. (mumbling) – I do think focusing on your fitness is a slightly different thing to just adding more time to your riding. I think if you put time
in to what fitness means, what your fitness is,
and how to improve it that suits you, is a
really worth while thing. There’s lots of videos
on GMBN about fitness and how to improve it, and
how to prepare for races. – But also–
– Things like that. – I’ve thought of it, if were talking upgrades, I got myself a smart trainer
and (mumbles) subscription that improved my fitness. – Ah, clever. So, sort of like the technological ways of improving yourself. Is a really great upgrade,
I like this upgrade. It’s something that you
probably don’t think about and sometimes, maybe, don’t think you should be
spending money on tools. – [Neil] Tools, I love a good tool. – [Mike] Upgrading your tool
box makes a huge difference to your riding and your
confidence in fixing your bike. – [Neil] Yeah.
– The moment, what is it, right tool for the right job.
– Yup. – You know what I mean? There’s nothing wrong with having a tool that only does one thing. But as long as it, that moment comes and
you’ve got that one tool, you’ll be like, oh my God, I can’t believe I got the right tool to
get this bottom bracket off or this cassette off or whatever it is. – Back in the old days,
before lock-on grips, I had some of those pliers, you know you squeeze them
together and then they spin – Yes.
– So it’d spin the wire on to your grip. – Aw man.
(mumbling). Yeah, shame, shame. Lock-ons have ruined that. But yeah, best tool for the job, another great upgrade. Right, last one I’m gonna think about and this one’s really fun. It’s about upgrading the
person rather the ride. Nutrition. – [Neil] Oh.
– [Mike] Yes. – [Neil] Would never had thought of that. – [Mike] Thinking about your food. – [Neil] Yup.
– [Mike] Now, if, so many of us are trying to get energy out of us.
– [Neil] Yup. – Into the pedals and
down on to the ground so we can have a great time riding, right? That’s all about fuel. It’s the fuel you’re putting in, it’s so important. – Hashtag vegan power. – I was gonna come to that. (laughing) You don’t have to go vegan, but thinking about your nutrition, – Yeah.
– Is so important. Again, we’ve got some great videos. Blake’s even got some ingredients and– – Terrible, his power
balls are disgusting. (laughing) – Ingredients of how
to get nutrition right. Take it out on the trail with you or just think about what
you’re eating and changing it to make sure that you’ve got the best fuel to have the best ride out on your bike. Those are some great upgrades. Right. Next, I’m gonna tell you and
Neil you won’t believe it, I’ve got the best
suggestion of the upgrade to get to change how your
bike feels for less than $30. I’m gonna give you three
guesses what it is. – Hmm. – No, it isn’t any of those things. Here we go, grips. – Grips?
– Grips. I just went on Chain
Reaction Cycles, right? I put in grips, right. The link’s in the description down below. – $30 is a lot of money for grips. – Exactly, you can buy, I looked at the best Ergon Fat Grips, I looked at Nukeproof grips, there was some amazing. Oh what was the other
pair I was looking up. I forgot. – All those foamy silicone grips, cross country one, the easy grips. – Yeah easy grips and
Brenddog stiff grips. All of these things, right, under $30 and may change the way your bike feels. Gets it? Feels, it’s where you feels, isn’t it? (mumbling) But I tell you what, the grip really does make a difference. If you got a crap grip on your bike, that isn’t good. And I moved up to the
Fat grip, Ergon Fat grip, on my bike. Ah man, it is so good. – I like the (mumbles) grips. – No, I love it, I love
it, I love the (mumbles). – You’ve got fat hands. – Yeah, oh I’ve got, I do. I don’t know what I’d say about that. (laughing)
But yeah, just thinking about your grips, under $30, (mumbles) bike there,
great Christmas present. So have a think about that. Those are all the upgrades. Right, that’s enough upgrades, let’s do the News. (loud ringing) In Euro racing is going for (mumbles) and the EWS has announced a two new series called the EWS100 and the 80. – [Neil] Oh cool. – [Mike] So rather than
the challenge of races where you can go and have a go. There’s one in Finali. Not with the pros, it’s a separate race. So, these races are now
just much more relaxed than the pro race. Anyone can have a go. So, 100 is the full length trails. 80 is just 80% of the trail. So, if you want to slightly ease your– – [Neil] Right, right. So get more people involved
in racing in Europe. – [Mike] And that’s
incredible because that means that you don’t have to pre-qualify using the continental series, which– – [Neil] (mumbles). – [Mike] EWS series racers
are gonna need to do. – Yup, first come first served on these entries though, so – That is awesome. – Still be popular, I’m sure. – That’s cool isn’t it, because that means that’s like being at, go up to F1 and go, I’m gonna have a drive around. – Yeah.
(laughing) – That is brilliant. Right, next up, I’ve been on Kick Star, I’ve found some amazing tech for us. – I dread it when you
go on that (mumbles). – I’ve found some amazing tech. Now this is cool, look. The FenderBag. (mumbling) Look at that, that is a great idea. – [Neil] (mumbles) disgusting, I hate them. I’ve (mumbles) bag. Disgusting.
– [Mike] Brilliant. – [Neil] But you know
who’s going to love this? – Who, me? – E bike riders. – Oh, E bike riders, yeah. – (mumbles) one more bag
to put on their bike. – They love putting, because that’s because
they’ve got so much power, they can carry anything. I think, I think this
thing is really cool. Now, I want to mention
that the guy who’s made it because I watch this
video, and he totally, he knows his stuff. Dr. Moose. Dr. Moose and Kathleen Fits-Simmons they have created the FenderBag. – [Neil] Maybe I’m
being a bit unfair Mike. – [Mike] They’ve got their
funding, it’s happening. You can buy this thing. It’s the best bit of
tech I’ve seen in ages. – What are you gonna
put in there, bananas? – Bananas. Upgrade. – Well, yeah. (laughing) – There you go, (mumbles) you put that on, it’s got a bag and mud guard. Brilliant, love combining things. Right, last off we got big news Neil, tell the world what’s happening? – I don’t know. – You do, go on, tell them. (beeping) I’ll ask that again
Neil, what is the news? – Oh the Dirt Shed Show is moving. – Oh my God! – To the new, not to a new shirt, but it’s moving days from a Friday to a Tuesday. – So you’ve got more time
to prepare for the weekend and get inspired. So, yeah, we’re moving
to a Tuesday (mumbles) – (mumbles) to your weekend
(mumbles) from riding on Tuesday night you can
watch the Dirt Shed Show. – Right, we want to help
roll you into the weekend. So coming off from having that flat spot, we are going to brighten up the week with the Dirt Shed Show. You can still watch it
on a Friday if you want. – Yeah.
– Technically. But, we’re gonna put out
on Tuesday none the less. So make sure you’re watching next Tuesday – Yeah.
– Because that’s when the Dirt Shed Show is coming out. (loud crashing) – Yeah, seeing that you guys
are talking about upgrades I thought I’d throw my
monies worth in here. So, let’s just say, we’re looking to set the suspension forks from a few years ago. I just want to tell you how
much more you’re getting for the money by today’s standards. So if you go back to the mid 90s when the Rock Shock Duty first came out there were three models. There was the Duty XC, the
Duty SL, and the Duty DH. Now, if my memory serves me right they retail for somewhere around, I think the 280 to about 400
Quid in that sort of region. Now, although the Duty
today is similarly priced, to get an equivalent
fork to say that Duty SL, let’s say that was 300 to 350 Quid. If you’re gonna get
equivalent fork of that by today’s standards, you’re looking at a Sid World Cup fork. Alright, so, a serious bit of kit. And, at a bad end of
thousand pounds, really, that’s a seriously expensive
fork, super high-end. You see that sort of fork on
the front of (mumbles) bike. Now, a little bit of
underlying research suggests that you’re gonna be able to
get something similar to this, a slightly older model, mind, for about 300 Quid. So, it’s not far off from
what you would have paid for an equivalent fork
way back in the mid 90s. It’s fully featured, it’s
got all the stuff on there, adjustable compression, rebound, lock-out, all of that fancy stuff for not much more money. So, actually by today’s standards, you’re getting a hell of a lot more on your bikes if you just
wait and you’re a bit patient and you shop around a bit. Of course, some people
have to have that new tech and I mean, I always want to
have the latest stuff, so, I’m not gonna be the sort
of person that waits around to make an upgrade to save a
few Quid, or a lot of Quid, in this case. But that’s what you need to be doing. Rummage around online and you
will find some great bargains. (loud crashing) (upbeat music) (loud crashing) – Oh, some of those were nasty. Right, hacks and bodges. I didn’t sing. – Yes. – Well I was thinking, right, is what about if you guys send in your hacks and bodges songs? – That’s way preferable. – That would be brilliant. So, go to the GMBN uploader
link is just there. Go the the hacks and bodges section and upload your singing
hacks and bodges song. I dare you. I bet they won’t. But maybe next week, we’ll
sing one of you guys singing, and I won’t sing it. – There you go. – Alright, let’s get going. Hacks and bodges with
Chain Reaction Cycles, we’re giving away 100 pound voucher to the best one from today’s selection. I’m gonna start right. – We’ve got bodges or hacks this week? – This, I’m starting with a bodge. I’m starting with a bodge Neil. My first one is from Adonis, he nearly wins just because of his name. – Lovely. – Adonis. Okay, here we go. – Grips, that’s a hack. – It, well, it’s a
bodge of my upgrade idea from the $30, you know. – Don’t need it. – Granted, this is cheaper. – (mumbles) rode bike bar tape. – Adonis is basically just recycled some old rode bike bar tape and– – Hack.
– And hacked his mountain bike. So now his mountain bike
feels like a rode bike. – More like a Fixi I would say. – Bleh. There you go
– It’s lovely. – Well anyway, there we are. That’s a great one from Adonis. If you’ve got some old bar tape there, you’ve basically got new grips. – Well this one comes all
the way from New Zealand. Eon in Queenstown has made
these chain wipes 30 years ago with a bit of a flat bar and an eight speed chain
out dates it, doesn’t it? Eight speed chain. – That is very, very cool. – Although two, you made two, didn’t really think the one
was gonna work for 30 years, he made two. – And they just lasted forever. And he’s done a lovely job of it, lovely job of it. – That’s a hack, definitely. Now this one. – That’s in the running. – Quinn, another great hack. So,
– Brilliant. – He’s made one of those tools that goes in that uesless void, as Quinn calls it. Between, you know, your
BB, so your cranks. – Yeah, yeah, that hollow. – You can buy these, but no, Quinn has made his own
with a lot of those bits. So (mumbles). – Really nice. Really nice. – Really cool. – That’s a lot of work
gone into that, actually. That’s very clever. Great upgrade! Grips upgrades, tools upgrades, like it. Right, I’m gonna end with
a really great piece of, I call this hacks and bodges art really. – Okay.
– Hacks and bodges art. This is from Stevie. Look at this, what do you think that is? Nice little bit of wood art. – [Neil] Toilet roll holder. – [Mike] No, not a toilet, it’s a bike rack. – [Neil] Ahh.
– [Mike] Look at that. Bike hanging on the wall. Just put your ole front
axle through there. – [Neil] So, bike becomes your wall art. – That’s pretty cool, isn’t it. – Yeah.
– Because I think what’s nice about it is
when your bike’s not there, it still doesn’t look gross. It looks alright. – It looks alright. – It looks (laughs) Neil wasn’t convinced there. I think that’s a good one. I think, I feel like you
had, it’s between your two. – Um, some really good ones. – There’s some really good ones, these are decent, these are decent. But someone’s got to take
the 100 pound voucher from Chain Reaction Cycles. – I reckon Quinn, he’s riding a YT Japsi, he lives in Cooper Harbor, Michigan. Made his tool, goes in the BB. Quinn, it’s coming your way, 100 pounds or the equivalent in dollars. – Congratulations, that is fantastic. (cowbell ringing) Another 100 pound from
Chain Reaction Cycles gone out to one of our viewers. – Nice one.
– Love doing that. Before we’re gonna move on Neil, have you noticed my new
race top I’ve put on? – It’s the Black Friday race top. – Pretty cool, aint it? – Looks good.
– Pretty cool. Like I said, remember, limited edition. They’re in the shop, don’t let me down. I said this is cool. Actually Neil did, but I just put it on
and tried to claim it. (loud crashing) Right, before we go any
further, I want to mention subscribing to GMBN. – Yeah!
– Because I think it’s genuinely a good idea. (laughing)
– Yeah. – I really do.
– You would say that. – (laughs) I would I guess,
but it is a good idea. You get loads of videos,
– Yeah. – You get all the notifications, and, of course, it sorta makes (mumbles) part of the crew,
– Yeah. – Extended crew. So, subscribe, don’t forget. Right, in the comments this week, what you guys have been
saying below our videos and on the channel – From the Dirt Shed last week talking about how to choose a bike. So, Lukas Games says his advice is – Yeah that’s right. I mean you can get a fantastic bike if you’re spending that kinda cash. – Good advice, yeah. – [ It is, yeah. Will Greenfield says, aw
poor Jack Gill the cameraman who broke his leg, who I
told you about last week. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Mike] But he said one like is one prayer for his get well soon. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Mike] It’s currently
on, well at that point, when I read it.
– [Neil] It’s 98. – [Mike] 98 likes. – Well that’s definitely helping Jack. – That’s a lot of prayers. – Because he was in the
office yesterday, so. – Yeah, he’s looking alright. He’s all (mumbles) but he looks
alright, yeah, not to bad. – It’s not as bad as he’s making it. – Yeah, and it’s actually
alright because now we get Josh on the camera, and that’s actually good, that’s actually good. – Yeah. – Yes. Yeah that’s true. Right, this is from Daniel. Now remember last week we
were talking about upgrade, this week we were talking
about upgrading your bikes. Last week, one of our hacks and bodges was this. Look at this stem upgrade. – [Neil] What’s that, a GoPro
mound on the front is it? – [Mike] A GoPro mount, it’s a 3D print, but Daniel says, he wants one and that’s a great product. – He can buy them, (mumbles) make them. – Oh, that’s ruined it. I thought I was like a (mumbles) idea. – Nope.
– Shame. Okay, when riding destinations what have people been
saying about that Neil. – Ricky Marek even, that was on the list actually. – Yeah. – I’ve seen some cool
videos out of Israel. – Yeah, yeah. Israel and it’s like permanent summer. – Yup. – Like permanent summer there. Right, what you guys are
saying about our tech MTB hill climbing video, which was record– – [Neil] The challenge, me versus Blake. – [Mike] Yeah, yeah it
was good fun actually. – [Neil] John Davis says. (laughing) – [Mike] I like them words.
– [Neil] It doesn’t. The word is steepocity, yeah. – [Neil] Blake rode back down
on his back a couple of times. – Yeah it’s a problem with anything to do with gradients. It is hard to show
without cheating the angle and then you’ve kinda
defeated the objective. – Like the old magazines,
remember that trick where you’d see the trees
were a bit like this if you looked at it. – Yeah, yeah don’t ever think that and
look at any of my photos. – Your old covers. – I might have done that a few times. Andrea Squeos says. – [Neil] Blake’s power balls disgusting, we talked about this earlier. – But it might have been the other balls he’s talking about. Yeah some great comments on our videos. Thanks for getting involved in
the section below the videos and tell us what you think. Definitely do that this
week about upgrades, on this show, you know,
we’ll know what you think the best upgrade is. – And for those people
that are subscribers, of course, anyone can watch them but you’ll get a notification because this week we’ve got
some good videos coming. We’ve got our top Christmas
presents from my inbox coming tomorrow, Saturday.
– Yeah. – And then I’m racing to
(mumbles) on Saturday. – Yeah. – Watch the results might be me racing a professional
cross country racer around a cross country course. – Mmhmm, yeah. I reckon the results to the second corner are up for debate. – Wow.
(laughing) It was actually–
– I think (mumbles) – It’s just a staggered race, I got a two minute
headstart for this race. – Alright, so I think
the first three minutes is up for grabs. – Well. (laughing) – We’ve also got how to
ride a pump track coming up. – Yeah, (mumbles). – That’ll be really fun. Of course there’s the
new Dirt Shed Show day on Tuesday, don’t forget that, and lots of other stuff. So we’ve got some great
videos coming up on GMBN and don’t miss out. Right, time for the bike vault. (loud crashing) Right, let’s get going. First bike in the bike vault
this week is from George. I’m riding a Marion RiftZone. – I know where that is, that’s one of our local
parts of the country. – Oh yeah, that’s near us. – That’s Bristol. – Yeah look at that. – (mumbles) – Yeah that bridge in
the background, actually, you remember the slab,
that the GMBN guys rode and you tried to ride up,
that’s just under that bridge. – Yeah, whatcha reckon? – Nice, it’s nice, it’s nice to start. – It’s nice, it’s a cool bike. – It’s a nice bike.
– Nice color. – Yeah. Yeah that’s nice. – Ah, that’s nice.
Go on. – Okay, next up we have got a Q – It’s a cool picture. – Yeah from Pieter. – That looks like you’ve
used that portrait mode on your new iPhone because it doesn’t quite
get the spokey bits right. I’ve done it myself. – Yeah, that is in Belgium,
I think that’s nice. – I think that’s nice. – That’s nice and the ole portrait mode has done a lovely job of it. – Yup.
– Yeah, I would say, next one is from Charlie. Yeah that is Charlie’s Giant. – Vienna, I’ve got a
friend who lives in Vienna who rides bikes. – Oh, I like that. – Recovering from a severe injury, it’s good to be back on the bike. Oh nice one. – The pedals aren’t at three o’clock, but other than that,
there’s a lovely leafy trail going off into the distance. I think that’s a
– (mumbles). – Super nice! (cowbell ringing) Super nice, very cool bike. – Ohh.
– Next up, we have got Daniel’s White
is in Gitzben Forest. That’s in the UK. – Yeah (mumbles). – Oh, trail dog.
– Crazy collie. – Trail dog. – All collies are crazy, aren’t they? It’s cool, is it, are we going for a super nice? The grips match the
pedals match the stickers on the fork and the mud guards. I think that’s pretty cool. – Super nice! This is super nice. (cowbell ringing) Here we go, next up, we have got Zach’s. – Wow, is that a GoPro
mount stuck on the frame or are my eyes deceiving me? – I think that could be. – That’s unusual. – I’m not a huge fan of
Ibisk, I’ve got to be honest. – What?
– I don’t like all the curvy weird lines. – What’s the 29 (mumbles), I’ve forgotten, it’s supposed to be really good. – I don’t know, I always used
to remember watching over it like Lopes rode these, didn’t he? – He did for awhile. – And I used to not like, I do admit, that one
actually looks pretty cool. – I like him. – It’s nice.
– (mumbles) – It’s nice.
– I like him, it’s cool. And where’s he? – Yeah, I, – It’s in Queens? – See, I feel bad now and I feel like I should upgrade my view. – What’s the (mumbles) let me know in the comments down below, it looks really cool (mumbles). – I think this is nice.
– Alright. – Neil, what do you think. – I’ll go with you,
come on, let’s move on. – It’s nice.
– See another bike. – Next up, we have– – Whoa,
– What the heck is in the background? – It’s the salsa (mumbles)
with a Life fork, so (whistles) If you check out GCN, recently
they’ve done a little tour around the Life HQ in Requivic, well worth the watch. Pretty unusual fork. – (mumbles) loves those forks. – I bet it works really
well on the Fat Bike. – Yeah, he loves those forks. It looks amazing, that bike. It’s super nice, for show. – Where is this, Wisconsin? – Wisconsin, it’s Jacquelyn’s, and it is definitely a super nice. – Come on. (cowbell ringing) – It is so out there.
– It is. – It’s so out there and the
skeleton in the background just pumps it into a new level. (laughing) Lovely, lovely. – Wow.
– Oh it’s snake! I don’t like snakes. – First snake in the bike vault, it is. (mumbles) Australia. Everything wants to kill you in Australia including that bike. The stem is really high on it. – That snake doesn’t look
happy about the bike. It looks like it’s like, what the hell is that, I hate Mondrakers. – Hemrick, did you take the snake with you just for the photo, in your backpack. – Does it say what sort of snake that is? Oh, I don’t like. Well I think the snake is
just going to corss that path and it’s gone, it’s double
took, and it’s like, whoa. – That’s a Mondraker. – Super nice. (cowbell ringing) That’s what the snake is saying. I think if you can get
a snake in the photo then you’ve got a super nice. Roar. (mumbling) – It’s kinda chase one of my old locals. – Yeah. – Nice and dry. – Jump bike, treck, – It’s not a jump bike is it? No I think it’s a Hottel, it looks a bit like, no, maybe it is. I don’t know, let’s go with a flat (mumbles) – Alright, it can’t be a jump bike because it’s got like a
number plate in the front. – That’s cool, I like that. – I really, that looks like
a fun trail on a fun bike. (mumbling) Ring the bell. (mumbles)
Super nice. (cowbell ringing) I love a hard tail, I do love a hard tail. They’re the most fun. (loud crashing)
(mumbling) – Just when I was enjoying myself. – That’s good. Well, can you get your
bike in the bike vault, will it get super nice, go to our uploader where you put all of your viewer edits or your hacks and bodges, remember hacks and bodges song, and your bike vault, go to that, upload your bike, and we will see. If you haven’t seen your
bike for a few weeks and you did it like a month or so, maybe upload again because. – Yeah. – There’s so many bikes. We try and get through
them, but as you can tell, in the show, we haven’t
got an awful lot of time. We do look at the bikes, but we can’t get them all on screen. But don’t give up, keep trying to get a
super nice for your bike. (loud crashing) Instabangers. I’m gonna use this opportunity, right, to send you over to Jack Carthy – Cool, will do. – He is three times world trails champion. He is unbelievable. But in mention Jack, I’m
gonna use it as an excuse to name drop a few other
riders you should follow (mumbles) right. – OP? – No, not OP, but he’s a great rider. Nina Reichenbach, she is another
three time world champion so she’s definitely worth following and her skills are unbelievable. Who else, Andre Burton. He’s a UK guy, he’s been riding trials for as long as I have nearly. And he is amazing, he’s
always at all the events. He’s still riding, fantastically. Who else would I mention? Ali Clarkson, – Of course.
– Great, I’ve mentioned him loads of times. – Yeah.
– Danny Mac of course, great trials, yes. He’s got a new project on the way. – Oh. – Charles, Charles, Charles. – Alright. I’ll bring it back to my
world and check out this guy, Peter Kaiser from Ensbrooke. Just done a great bit called the void. – Brilliant.
– Amazing rider. His Instagram is full of
some cool stuff, I’ve seen. – That video he’s riding in trails that’s getting trashed. And this was like his last ride on it. So, some big tricks going down. It’s very cool. Wow, great show this week. Enjoyed that a lot, a lot. I’m, a shame it’s over, actually. – Good vibes. – Yeah, good vibes. – Good hacks I should say, as well. – Enjoyed that. Neil, what could we be watching when we’re not watching this? – If you want to see me and
Blake messing around on bikes, and why wouldn’t you, trying to climb up hills
and fall down backwards, click over here for that one. – Absolutely, and I’m gonna send you to make simple trout snacks, just here. The simple bit of is Blake Samson. – Yes, yeah. – Click on the upload,
subscribe, and don’t forget– – Thumbs up. – Thumbs Tuesday. See you then. (loud crashing)

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  1. Get a good set of pedals with some good metal pins. The Pedals are of your main contact points and slipping a pedal is one of every mountain bikers worst nightmares!

  2. those ergon fat grips absolutely suck without gloves. there's barely any grip pattern to lock in your hand, and when you get sweaty hands from hot weather they are actually scary. if you always wear gloves with no exception though they'd be nice.

  3. Watching this in my van with my bike. Ready for a peak tomorrow and enjoying the show! I'll try to make it to the bike vault ? cheers!

  4. Upgrading my old Trek, very glad I put on a new air fork to replace the old coil one. Also getting rid of the mechanical brakes for Shimano hydraulics was also a massive improvement. Last one, don't go cheap on things that hit the ground: shoes, beds and tires! Thanks for the content guys (and gal)!

  5. What the hey. You get rid of first try Friday, then change the day of the show, and finally blow through fails and bails like passing something smelly on the trail. Dirt shed show on Friday was the proper start to my weekend.

  6. This is just my opinion but the Dirt Shed show would be better off with a cardboard cut out of Neil as opposed to the real thing. Dude has no personality and makes more negative comments than positive. Is he only on this show due to being an ex pro? I got 2 words for you, Sam Pilgrim. GMBN would benefit greatly with the addition of Sam, the guy is a 1 man show and think of how many more people would subscribe if he were on the channel. Early Happy Thanksgiving to yall.

  7. Contact points, contact points, contact points… from grips to pedals to saddle. These are how you are connected to the bike and can really change how the bike feels…. but don't get sucked into the trends when buying these, get one that suit you, your size, and how you like to ride. Fat/big grips are all the range but it have small hands go for a smaller grip. Likewise for pedals. And get properly fitted for a saddle, it can make a massive difference to your comfort.

    I once had to cut a riding holiday in Squamish short cause the saddle on the rental bike was so awful that replacing it with a dildo would have been more comfortable.

  8. Wheels! Duh, come on. Don't have to be carbon, just a good quality set that requires little maintenance and has good engagement (once you get used to this, you won't go back trust me). If you like to push your bike, good wheels outweigh any other upgrade

  9. I’d rather a HT with dropper post than a FS without, easily best bang for buck! Shitty tubeless tires (tyres, twires lol) are better than best tubed tires (unless you’re like fkn pro and can hold a line with shit traction, Gwinning is winning), grips and pedals and a carbon bar, fk carbon frames, carbon bar does so much more damping than frame, I have metal plates in left arm and had carbon frame with aluminium bars and aluminium frame with carbon bars, save your money and just get the bars!!!!

  10. #askgmbn please can you start shipping products to South Africa because I really want one of your riding jerseys????

  11. Haha love it when Neil is on the Dirt Shed Show.

    'Tell 'em what's happening Neil'

    As much as I love Blake and Martyn and Blake – I think Neil's dry sense of humour counteracts them brilliantly.

  12. Upgraded my workout by adding row machine. Full body pain and suffering. Felt significant power after a week. Attitude: upgrade. watch better vids and thinking,i can do that. Bom….upgraded. I work the poor man’s upgrade…
    washing it and maybe adding a sticker. Let me hear the crowd raor!

  13. You tried to move the dirt shed before. Didn't work. Not into it at all. Neil and Martyn beat dirt shed combo, chalk and cheese, two proper riders!!!!

  14. Best upgrades to do first are probably tires, going tubeless, seat and grips imo. Wheels and fork are good upgrades too but much higher budget and most bikes come with pretty good forks these days to start out with.

  15. Aw I'm going to miss the dirt shed Friday uploads. It's like a ritual for my girlfriend and I to have breakfast in bed on the Saturday and watch the show! ?

  16. Since GMBN has gotten it's new uploader (UPLOAD.GMBN.COM) it doesn't seem to work and the provided link doesn't seem to work either. What's the deal or is it just me? I am starting to think for the Bike Vault you guys are downloading random pics and making up locations and stories and that's not a bad idea but what does it take to get our bikes featured in the bike fault. I know a Year End Roundup of the Bike Vault only if GMBN can get the link to work or just a proper email address something like [email protected] Thanks Upset in Arizona

  17. could you do a £1000 hard tail review? looking to add a hard tail to my collection but I will be purchasing via the cycle to work scheme so £1000 is my max.

  18. What tires should I go for under 30£ I'm riding quite varied terrain so riding to the trails on road and riding the trails

  19. Got the "Black Friday Has Gone Metal" email and bought one of the golden race tops. After that I came to look for the video in which they were announced…then I realized I also bought it before the actual bike for which I am saving for. No regrets

  20. Right guys… I'm looking to buy a new bike and I've narrowed it down to 3 bikes. The Giant Reign 2, the Trek Slash 8 and the Trek Remedy 9.7. If you guys would be able to give just a wee bit of time to give me a hand I'd really appreciate it. Just to give me an idea of what I should go for!! Keep up the great work guys and I loved the Halloween video!!!

  21. We enjoyed this show, especially when Martin said a dropper post is the number 1 upgrade. Nathan is getting one for his birthday next month and can't wait! We're forward to the pumptrack video, here's one of ours:

  22. Haven't bothered with watching this channel for over two years. Noticed that you are now sponsored by an online retailer and that you had a feature on 'Upgrades'…which encouraged buying equipment for your bike. Are you going to have an online shopping promo feature soon?

  23. moving to Tuesday…. now I have to contain myself till Saturday. My Mountain Bike routine starts with Saturday morning breakfast of marmite toast a cup of tea and the latest Dirt Shed Show.

  24. surely one of the best upgrades is going tubeless…… I converted the standard WTB tyres on my Calibre Bossnut Evo to tubeless for less than £30. No more punctures or pinch flats and definitely no more swearing and skinned knuckles trying to break the bead on the tyre mid-ride in the pouring rain. #moremilesmoresmiles

  25. No way should the Giant have been a super nice. From Neil's reaction, you're basically saying your favourite bikes, or the more expensive ones, are automatic super-nice material. Y'all should revisit Martin's video on what makes a great bike Vault picture, and follow your own rules! Other than that, great content as ever.

  26. upgrades don't really help, they will only get you so far. investing in yourself and your ability will show the most significant gains. Since humans are target-driven, having a structured plan, accountability and increased motivation are a huge plus.

  27. Why don’t we ever see any Carreras or btwins in the bike vault, most of us can only afford those for like £400/£800 not the 2k-6k bikes that cost more than our cars and whilst given the fact they are amazing, they’re just not realistic for most of us, could we see some cheaper bikes in the bike vault! Given some little upgrades they still look nice!??

  28. The bloke on the left won't shut up lol. You can see how frustrated the bloke on the right is getting.

    Mate top tip, if your co-hosting something let the other person frigging speak!

  29. I am a noob to mountain biking but I've ridden bmx my whole life with some road bikes in between. I think the right tools and knowing what you want your bike to feel like is the most important upgrade.

  30. I have a Scott Scale Limited 2004 hard tail that I’ve done some improvements with 1. Drop Post Rock Shock 2. Tyres Maxxis tubeless 3. Shoes 510 and 4. Pedals Chromag Contact. Until I buy a Scott full suspension I’ll keep on tweaking. Thanks for the advice.

  31. The fat wheel bike is the same as a normal mountain bike it just looks better that’s why people buy it

  32. Upgrade my whole bike to something real. Not cubes fake cross country analog.. forks bottom out on the tenth step

  33. #ask gmbn, i see many bikes that have a small sprocket in the front and a huge cassette in the rear, dont these guys need gears? i like riding with my 30 gears, but on regular cyclepaths i find myself often using the large sprocket in the front in combination with the tiny ones in the rear…, which isnt very healthy for the chain i presume….lol, when i am thinking about the ratio, i get lost because with those little ones in front i see them ride it in combination with a large sprocket in the rear, which doesnt calculate right when im on a hard trail, making you paddle wayway faster than my setup ever would…., so therefor this question;) great show guys, and keep it up^^

  34. You guys got me into MTB world and I love it I now start to make jumps and tricks and I learn a lot to work on bike thanks

  35. Best upgrade? Easy . Fitness, started peddling this past spring and could barely make it over a hump. Now I fly down the trail, at least in comparison to where I was!

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