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November 20, 2019

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  1. Next Week, Please some KO-INU's in your intro ??? …if you can't find a INU-related technique in karate ?
    Always small tiny tips, or just some tools to remember your proper technique, thanks Jesse!

  2. wow awesome. I have 2 weeks holiday right now here in the netherlands. there is no training in those 2 weeks so i'm training for myself. and for those 2 weeks my goal was to train this stance! (and more ofcourse) so it's the perfect timing for this vid! thank you jesse. keep up the good work 😉

  3. Looking at Jesse walking on the red line, trying to do the same, and fucking understand you have cartbord legs compare to his iron legs! xD

  4. Thank you sensi for this beautiful video? .but l have a question.. an international referee told me there is a differance between shotokan and shitoryo in cat stance in the angle of back leg and in the length between the 2 that correct sensi ? Again thank you very much ?

  5. My sensei always sweeps our front legs to make sure we're not putting weight on it, while making us sit in the stance while he tells a long story 🙂

  6. Thanks Sensei Jesse! This will help me in my Pinan Shodan. I test for blue belt next week and need it. You’re Awesome!

  7. This channel is getting better every time, now it seems can read minds cause I was about to ask for this video. Thanks you Jesse.

  8. Great vid, I pulled a muscle in my glutius last night doing cat stance. Regular squats was not isolating the muscle enough to strengthen and condition. I've never heard of pistol squats but can't wait to try them. Osu!

  9. Oss that excercise not only works for neko dachi, olso for zenkutsu , kokutsu, kiba in shotokan style wich I practice, and mani stances that all know! thank you I'll apply in my karate.

  10. Haha just in time. I'm having trouble with that stance today I really want to improve it so bad. And thanks for the video.

  11. Thank you for fulfilling my request!! As always, it helps me a lot. You are the best sensei, really apreciate you oss ??

  12. This is a rly cool vid and I love all of them and I’m subscribed and I was wondering if I can make a crazy suggestion

  13. Great video and I am going to work on this. Exactly what I need. I have decided you have the best supporters. Reading the comments on your posts are always a pleasure. People are highly respectful and it’s good to see. Good people like you and your family deserve it.

  14. Thank you Jesse for giving my comment a ❤️ This is why I love your videos . You are kind and you spread a lot of positivity, you teach me some karate.Thank you for everything you do . You are very funny my family laughs everytime they see you do something hilarious ? Thank you for everything you do,We need more people like you. If you ever get hate from people just know you still have a bunch of people supporting you, You are the best youtuber I know.We love you Jesse. If you ever want to take a break and spend time on what you want to do, do it. I don’t care if it means a month because you could get sick or tired get sleep and stay positive

    ~The notification family

  15. hiiii its nice to see ur alll updates
    but i hav a much of interest in shito ryu style of karate
    so would u able to upload all katas from white belt to blak belt especially in shito ryu style plzzzzzz???

  16. Just what I needed thank you! In struggling with cat stance and am learning Pinan Shodan at the moment. This video will help me loads

  17. I like this tip, 70% of my students are children and teaching the correct way to execute this posture is difficult especially for them, very good exercises

  18. In Shorinryu we practice this stance a lot and our Sensei always told us not to put both feets on the same line because you could get sweeped with a kick

  19. Jesse-san, are there any styles of Karate where there is a 90 degree angle in the feet with Neko-ashi Dachi?

  20. Thank you JessyEnkamp for another very helpful vide. I appreciate your years of experience that you offer to us in these tips. OSU

  21. Great work Jesse! I use this kind of training for my single leg stance. So it’s not different from the cat stance ?

  22. this has really helped me with my kata Pinan Shodan as most of it is me in cat stance just need to try and learn go a little faster as just before my first kiai I have to do 3 in a row

  23. Another great video, sensei Jesse, thank you.
    I am a Wado-Ryu instructor and – if you don't mind – it's perhaps worth mentioning (for beginner and intermediate karateka), that 2 other practical applications, in addition to those you kindly mention for nekoashidachi, are: a) avoidance of having your front foot swept with an ashi barrai, as there is little or no weight on it, and b) it puts a very fast-strike weapon at the ready – a front-foot maegeri, as the weight is not on that leg, so no tell-tale shifting of the body is needed in order to fire it.
    We teach 3 lengths of cat-stance (as featured in our kata). The shortest has back foot at 30 degrees (hips 'shomen' or front-facing; the mid-length one has back foot at about 90 degrees, with hips 'mahanmi' or diagonal to target; our longest cat-stance has back foot at approx 135 degrees with hips 'hanmi' or fully side–on to target (at which point our hikite hand is a concealed weapon around the corner from the attacker's view). The longer the cat-stance, the more weight on the front foot, but the heel always raised, so the foot can be lifted fast.

  24. This is my fave stance in Karate. Your videos about kicks helped me strengthen my kicks significantly. 🙂

  25. In Kung Fu the cat stance is supposed to represent a leg sweep, where you use the leg raised on the ball on the foot to pull somebodies leg away

  26. wow, pretty interesting, in kyokushin we call this position kokutsu dachi, and neko ashi dachi is much closer, also very interesting exercise!! thank u!!!

  27. Just a humble question for you man,
    Why don't karate practitioners use any of the stances in a real fighting tournament? Cause i never saw them using it. Excluding the forward stances.

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