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Best Ice Skating Game

August 27, 2019

Hi! I want you to know this game! It changed
my life. It probably won’t change yours, but it’s still fun as hell. Basically it was the
game that made me love ice skating. It’s a kind of tag game, divided into rounds. We
call it fishing but it doesn’t matter. In a round the catcher or the catchers are going
from one end to the other, while the fish are coming from the opposite side. Whoever
remains last on the fish side, wins the game. So, why is it so good? First you can improve
your skills. Your turns will improve, your speed will improve, you will learn the limitations
of your blades. Second, rules apply to the number of players, so if you are more playing,
then different rules will apply. I’ll talk about them in a few minutes. Thirds: everyone
can play together. So amateurs and pros can play together. And fourth: everyone can play
it, that means you don’t need to be a professional, amateurs can start playing it immediately.
Okay, so first there is only one catcher and there are the fish. Just randomly choose someone
by spinning your glove for the catcher. He will be the first and he goes to the end of
the rink. Anyone else to the other side. For the fish the goal is to reach the other side
without being caught. If you are too many playing you can forbid for the catcher to
turn back, but normally it is allowed to move in any direction. I’d say above 20 people
this rule can apply. By the way there is no restriction for the minimum number of players,
but it’s more fun above 10 players. The game is over when everybody is caught. You need
to catch the last person as well. If there is only 1 person and he/she survives 3 rounds
the game also ends. Who will start the new game, who will be the first catcher? It can
be the guy who was caught in the last round or in the first. We used to play it with the
last guy. Some additional tricks: If he or she survived the last 3 rounds, this protected
him or her from starting the next game as a catcher so it was a huge pride. There is
still one modification: If you play it in a frozen lake where there are no borders (but
it works in an ice rink as well) you can mark an area for the catcher then they only will
move in that area. In this case one round ends when all the fish get to the other side.
However until there are at least 2 catchers you start with the classic rules. And now
some footage! Captured with the first – not HD Gopro. It doesn’t look as fancy as the
HD but I insist on showing these images. The comments will be written. One more thing: it is possible that a catcher tells you that you are caught for example he grabbed this
part of you clothes or the hoodies, that you normally don’t feel, then just believe him
and join the catcher side, if he tells. For me playing this game was the best feeling,
ever. We don’t even have better quality images because we didn’t care about filming, just
having fun back then. Thanks for watching the tutorial. See you next time.

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  1. It might sound weird.
    I was interested in ice skating.
    But you and your films make me love ice skating 😀 You inspired me a lot.
    Looking forward to see more films, and hope I can become a skillful skater just like you someday<3

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