Best HD Anime Android & iOS Games 2017
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Best HD Anime Android & iOS Games 2017

September 14, 2019

Hello Guys welcome to Gamers Point. Today we are back with the list of best anime
games for your smartphones.. So without wasting anytime, lets get started. First on our list is Blazblue: Revolution reburning Choose one of the unique heroes and go through
many dynamic battles with crowds of enemies. This game for Android will take you into the
world of the distant future controlled by mage organization. Guide the hero through a fantastic city and
other scenic locations. On each level you’ll have crowds of enemies
that will attack from two sides. You can use a variety of punches, jumps, combos,
and extraordinary skills of the your hero to defeat ememies and big bosses. This 2 dimensional hack and slash game is
totally free and will not disappoint you. One piece: Treasure Cruise go searching for treasure of a famous pirate
together with heroes of a popular anime series. Create your team for the pirate ship and fight
enemies. Travel the endless ocean in pursuit of treasure. In this game you’ll lead a team of 6 fearless
pirates, each with unique abilities and skills. Explore distant islands while defeating different
monsters, and enemies. Take control of members of your team on the
battlefield so they complement each other. This game is fun and worth having for one
piece fans. You can download this strategy rpg game for
free from your ios and android store. Pokemon: Trading Card Game Online Collect cards with different pokemon and Get
new cards, upgrade them. and take part in card battles. In this Android and ios game, you can collect
a deck of cards that belong to 3 different elements. Each element has its strengths and weaknesses. Unique Pokémon on cards have individual characteristics. Create a winning strategy for each battle. Use your best cards and win battles against
the AI or other players from around the world to Increase your rank. This online game can be downloaded for free
from your app stores. Yu-gi-oh Duel links – Participate in card battles against various
opponents. Apply unique cards and enlarge your pack with
new heroes. Become the best dueler in the world in this
Android game. Collect cards with mythic monsters and legendary
heroes having incredible abilities. Gather an invincible pack of cards and challenge
other duelers. Fight against computer opponents and get prizes
for victories. Challenge players from all over the world,
use the power of your cards, win duels and increase your ratings. Yu-gi-oh duel links is totally free and is
worth having. Soccer Spirits Collect cards with different fantastic football
players. Create a strong team and fight the best teams
of the galaxy. In this game your mission is to Stop an interstellar
war . Defeat the evil league teams in the arena matches. Help your team get to the first place in the
galactic league. Train your players, hire coaches and managers
to develop the abilities of your players. All characters have unique skills and stats. Play against more and more powerful rivals
and improve your team. Soccer Spirits is a sports role playing game
which is available for free in your app stores. Ace attorney -Dual Destinies In this mega popular game series, you help
a young lawyer who have to prove innocence of his clients at court. Carry your own investigation of an intricate
case. You are going to stuggle against a state accuser,
who is trying to send your client to jail. To prevent this you must investigate a crime. Visit crime scenes and look around in order
to find evidence. Find clues, question witnesses and reveal
secrets to find a real criminal. Ace Attorney Dual Destinies has got 7.2 rating
from IGN. You can easily purchase this game from apple
and android app store Bleach: Brave souls Guide heroes through many absorbing battles
with dark creatures. Use combos and unique abilities of your heroes. In this game for Android you’ll meet heroes
of the popular anime. Form a squad of 3 of your favorite heroes
and do exciting tasks. Compete with many monsters. Get experience for defeating enemies and level
up your heroes. Learn unique skills of your heroes and turn
each of them into an invincible warrior. Try fighting in weekly tournaments and become
the best. Bleach Brave Souls is a action rpg game and
can be downloaded for free. Naruto shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Gather a team of strong ninjas having unique
abilities and skills and defeat your enemies. Go to different adventures with Naruto, the
main character of this game and his friends. Unblock new characters having unique appearance
and abilities. Place the heroes on the battle field in the
best order to crush your enemies. Master new techniques, make your character
stronger, and Team up with your friends from all over the world. You can download this online arcade game from
android and ios app store for free. ZENONIA 5 ZENONIA 5 is an excellent Action RPG!. In the game you will have an opportunity to
select one of characters: Berserker, Mechanic, Mage and Paladin. Every character is good enough in his own
way and has his unique skills, thanks to whitch, he can cope with evil spirits, and become
the only hope for salvation of the exhausted people. In the game you will fight with the most various
monsters, gain experience, earn money, and reveal mysteries. You have to upgrade your character and his
weapons. You will also have the opportunity to participate
in battles against real opponents. Zenonia 5 can be easily downloaded from your
apple and android stores for free. Dragon ball Z: Dokkan battle Make a team of heroes and fight numerous enemies. Tap colored spheres appearing on the screen
in order to gain energy. This Android game is based on a popular anime
series. Make a team choosing among numerous characters
each having his individual skills and abilities. Meet enemy teams in tensed fights. The characters will need energy to damage
their enemies and You can get this energy when you tap energy spheres and blast them. Train your fingers and reflexes. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan battle is an arcade game
with unique gameplay and can be downloaded for free on your smart phone devices. In the end, Thanks guys for watching this
video. If you liked this video then hit the like
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miss any future updates. We will be back with another video soon. Untill them, have a nice day.

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