Best Gaming Setup. PS4 Pro. DIY
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Best Gaming Setup. PS4 Pro. DIY

August 25, 2019

Changing my setup all the time is one of my favorite thing to do in my room That’s why I’m here once again with you guys to share another gaming setup that I made on my own. Hello everyone, this is Roland Uy and this is my most unique gaming setup So basically I built a pieces of wood in a form of a tripod and at the same time it looked like an easel stand On the bar across I stick a double adhesive foam for the protection of the bottom of my TV Mainly all the pieces are connected with one small bar at one end, but I purposely connected the back bar by a hinge So at least I can fold it in case I decided to keep it for storage. I Also put some bars across to serve as a shelf for my console Unfortunately, I miscalculated the center pole. The reason why there is a joint part as you can see here I also put a little support from a small rope across, even if I know that all connections are already sturdy Now, let me put on my TV To do this I’m going to remove first the small bar on top with the screw in the middle then after putting on my TV I’m going to put back the small bar as it is the one which serve as the lock from the top of the TV I Put a little design in the middle bar across which is my skull sticker just To cover the head of the wood screw connecting to the middle pole. Now, let me put my ps4 pro After setting up all those cables, I need to put some clips to organize the cables at least Now on top of this stand I decided to put my skype camera which was before it was my ps3 camera and also thought about putting a ps4 camera, but I decided not to because I’m not into those types of games That would be all for today let me know what you think about this kind of setup. Please leave your comment down below and please Subscribe and hit the bell because I’m looking forward to bring you more videos like this Thank you once again to all and I’ll see you again on my next video

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