Best Gaming Chair 2017 high quality
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Best Gaming Chair 2017 high quality

August 24, 2019

Wow! This is the package that I’vebeen wating for. this one is huge! Alright so lets get this inside. It’s pretty heavy. Woah. I’m so excited! I would like to thank ewinracing for sending me this huge package. you can check their website at alright so without further ado, Let’s do the unboxing. I just want to let you know guys that I am not paid to make this review. I just have this product for free. but anyways I’m excited to see and set this up. Let’s try to assemble it without using the manual. I think we can do it coz it’s pretty basic. That’s it, Pretty easy right? now, let’s roll the cinematics. Alright. so let’s talk about this masterpiece. First, the build and quality. I was blown away by its stunning design. Man.. This thing is absolutely gorgeous. I can say that they used High quality materials on this chair. Look, this is well stiched and look so neat and so premium. I’ve been using it for a week now and its so comfortable to sit on, specially when gaming and sitting for a long time. I like it so much so I’m giving it two thumbs up. The armrest is made up of soft rubber. You can also adjust the height by pulling this. The surface of the armrest is curved, Which makes it comfortable when resting your arms and I like that. You can adjust the height of the chair by pulling the lever below, and recline it with this. it reclines up to 155 degrees. You can also remove the neck and back pillows. this is how it looks like without the pillows. I’m really impressed wit the over all quality, and definitely worth the price. So happy to have this chair so big thanks to If you want to get yours, just go to and choose the gaming chair you want and use my discount code to get a 10 percent discount. just type brainstechknowlogy in the vouchers box. and there you have it. Hope you guys enjoyed it, and please leave a thumbs up and if you have any questions just leave it down below. and I’ll see you in the next one. Thanks for watching.

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  1. อ่าวพิมย์ไทยได้ด้วยหลอครับ ติดตามมาตั้งนานพึ่งรู้ก็วันนี้แหละ

  2. Bro, I really want to see ur collection of the stuffs u made so i suggest do a vid that show ur all stuffs? pls? THANKS AND GOD BLESS!

  3. COOL! Actually my friend got pretty much the same one like a month ago. But the difference is that the arm thingy was more adjustable and could be turned a bit to the right and to the left. Thumbs up for the awesome gaming chair!

  4. great vid could you make pospsicle stick shaddow daggers or huntsman knife or bayonet or any CS GO knives

  5. Hey, I've been watching your videos for a while now and I'm wondering if you can do a giveaway? I may sound greedy but I love everything you make and review so thank you for everything.

  6. I have an idea but it would be very hard. You should make a full length gengi sword from overwatch out of popsicle sticks. Btw I love yor vids!

  7. Grabe pre. Libre yan?! Gusto ko nga ng ganyang upuan kasi dali masira ng mga office chair na mga 2k eh. Anyways nc vid nag sub na ako sayo 🙂

  8. Dude the first time I saw your channel and some of your vids I knew you were Pinoy and so am I. I subscribed to you the moment I realized it. Also thats awesome man (date of subscription= past September 2016 doesn't know the real exact day tho :/)

  9. Question:
    2.make templates for knives plz
    3.Face reveal for 500,000 subs or 1,000,000 subs thats it

    Btw LOVE your vids

  10. Your camera produces a dead pixel.. or even multiple ones. Top right quarter, somewhat towards the middle on the diagonal.

  11. Lucky…if you only knew on what im playing roblox rocket league and minecraft……i don t even have a officer chair im playing on a table chair…. :/ ( i dont know how am i still not trrigerred that i don t have a gaming chair :/)

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