Best foot ball match ever|Brazil vs Germany world cup sami final (1-7)
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Best foot ball match ever|Brazil vs Germany world cup sami final (1-7)

November 4, 2019

bullet in there as well he goes back to
sitting I’m German elite Thomas wanted from the corner touch
Germany in front here Norris laughs closer closer looking to
playing mullah will get a shot away it was shot
in the end but Tony crochet throws through the legs back into another
roller closer will it’s a closer scores Germany to Brazil nil and Miroslav Klose
is the all-time World Cup record love in all kinds of space love moolah through
mother could be embarrassing it’s Jerry Jerry tous
Raziel have fallen apart in some 25 minutes and it’s getting embarrassing
it could be for exchange grant Rosa is flown in to Germany after 25 minutes
Fernandina George in possession Brazil are being humiliated hopelessly might be
through again here Khedira Iselle Khedira absolute humiliation one’s down to that Ashley nominal
plaintiffs face bodies all over the place deflection and it’s only a yard
why did Tony Crozier thought he was about to complete a first-half Adric
those are their two pros it’s going to be easy over the top of the wall and
over the top of the crossbar as Ramirez Ramirez drive back in to shred shred
cleverly done Ramirez Bacolod square Norris after Germany over days away to
visit a zoo Ramirez Ramirez can happen on – Oscar Oscar royal at the safer part
turning away neither can Ramirez mullet back into Paulino he’s on site
Palladino Meyer in the way again talena magnificence a fine lawyer
absolutely brilliant safe I’m Manuel Neuer good job for Brazil David Luiz one
that Ramirez well cutter said with the shortage we contain
comfortable for Moya when wanna go central well I’ve given away badly
mother mother mother and the goalkeeper New Year says our manages to get a foot
on it and put it behind for a corner kick Thomas month October disguise on
that show later mother mother shot good save while jr. says our
top play there now contentment here thinks about it looks for paulinho motor
suckers header oh no no sons in the chest of thread but
the offside flag was up and had Fred got a touch on any wooden of three in the
middle Khedira lovely ball until arm long square and it’s a chatting for six
and Andre Schurrle makes it 6-2 Germany and it finds
William this has been such a happy hunting
ground it’s a lovely of the reverse for shallow starting off highlights of the second
semi-final Argentina against Netherlands that’s Paulino attacking it a mustard of
lawyers toast and why immediately there Martin Ramirez Ramirez shot Goya right
behind it never took his eye off it William that’s a decent vault Oscar is
on side Moya stands out a failed abysmally bernard wild Hill down the middle bezel is on side
and through this fate and he’s putting why I’ve thought about coming innocent
retreated here Oscar Oscar for Brazil getcha Germans are furious
tells you a lot about them the Germans are absolutely with the header away
David Luiz Ruiz with a shot which I love annoying
collections of Brazilian free-kick and that’s it and Germany are into the World
Cup final with an incredible victory over the hosts Brazil thoroughly
unforgivable performance Germany thoroughly unforgettable performance it
is finished in Peru Horizonte

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