Best Easter Eggs Hidden in Video Games 2018
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Best Easter Eggs Hidden in Video Games 2018

September 7, 2019

warning the following video contains some major video game spoilers when you take a look at the best Easter eggs hidden in video games from 2018 and right here on rocky star big concern [Music] are you okay ma’am Carmen and I’m fine it’s my husband Rodrigo he’s been acting weird and I just found out he’s meeting this woman well listen I’m not the best person to help with relationship problems yeah this is insomniac games spider-man and side mission named spider-man p.i which appears just after taking down Herman in the mission this shocking comeback that’s like zero personality but your suit is awesome anyway after locating comments husband tailing this mysterious woman and following a man named – aunt of this building and scaling to an office on the fifth floor you can spot a whiteboard detailing the plans for a casino heist [Music] the cool thing is though that two of the gang members names are actually Roman and Nico in reference to cousins Roman and lik o bellick and leading characters in rock stars gta4 plus there’s even a note 7 f and more likely a reference to youtuber founder and leader of the Spidey squad Evan falaqa who’s been a spider-man fan ever since he was four years old [Music] this is one of the most intense moments in the film any and free and it is in shadow of the Tomb Raider when Lara must have feed some fend off a gathering of Jaguars and rough landing but this scene will eventually play out back on the 19th of January YouTube’s flat fire posted a small video on his Twitter account showing his character and battlefield 1 reloaded in the MgO 818 also pasting a jack-in-the-box sound click over the hand crank animation he was just a joke but then not long after the apocalypse DLC arrives bringing with it the LMG 18 low weight and the LMG Oh 8 18 suppressive and loses after unlocking both of these weapons and opting for the suppressive model that if you practically unload most of your realms until you have just 13 left and then reload the gun that there is a chance this will happen [Music] enemy spotted oh he was like driving his golf cart he hits oh my god that board spread was so lucky was he trying to like drive it on to this guy down there oh there’s a guy down there they must be like fighting and had like a fall hey dude this was the moment australian youtuber mr. Marcelle spotted the player who had fallen off a cliff to the south for the racetrack in Paradise Palms and attempted to rescue him the only thing was and while he had enough mats to do so but it was actually below the build limit wait man oh no it’s at the build limit you can’t go lower that’s why he’s stuck and that’s when he decided to try utilize in the golf cart instead which hopefully would give the player a boost up unfortunately things think quite go as planned okay here we go yes this good hat Oh God dude if we slide off the edge oh no oh no I’m coming for you boy I’m coming for you hold on loses it oh no we killed Sharpie doodle in a few days later if it games honored this amazing rescue mission with a gravestone for Chapa doodle and a set of toys for anyone else who finds themself in the same situation [Music] if you happen to pick up the collector’s edition of God of War included inside was a cloth map that contains secret messages surrounding the outer rim and a large paragraph position to the top left that when translated and thanks large in parts of the awesome reddit community lead you to a treasure that Brock and sindri had lost and by carrying out a special sequence of moves of the must behind tower will unlock the forbidden grip of the ages [Music] this is jimboy Callaway V Jim boy Callaway ooh the gunslinger fastest left-handed draw that ever drew breath in Red Dead Redemption – in a saloon located in Valentine you can stumble upon Fyodor Levin a writer who is interviewing renowned gunslinger jimboy Callaway and asks you to track down on photograph for our notable gunslingers for his project and it is once he reached chapter 4 and as long as you have completed the mission that this jewel will occur you should show him 20 years ago he’s dead now our sickness scum like you and you Fredo come on da why ask that draw god damn it no [Music] it is once jimboy Calloway is dead that you should pick up and inspect his revolver on both sides it reads can us canon edit or in other words dog-eat-dog and was a phrase used upon the European and UK version of rockstars believe [Music] I absolutely love it when Easter eggs have been hiding in video games for years and then finally one day they are discovered this one is pretty cool there’s two years ago a chap contacted tech land creators of dying light asking them to set up a special quest that leads you to three secret letters and a very special message that rests at the top of the dam a secret that was only revealed to us just back in July and he come the following locations of the letters and the location of the Easter egg and please note this can only be achieved on the PC version [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Hannah will you marry me please [Music] well that’s just about it from me for today and if you enjoyed the video please send us a like as it really helps the channel out and let us know in the comments section below what your favorite Easter egg of 2018 has been so far and until next time friends I will see see

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  2. in super mario galaxy in the space junk galaxy in the fountain area take a look at the ship you eventually launch to cause it looks like the SS dolphin from pikmin

  3. Tombraider was more like a Predator homage to me. A combination of when Arnie realises he can use mud to mask himself and when the predator removes his helmet and roars before they fight

  4. 2:20 shadow of the tomb raider clip is not an easter egg, it was shown in the games trailers prior to release. It's also a ridiculous moment since most people know that jaguars in the wild would not behave in that way

  5. the lara one is also a nod to predator when arnie is covered in mud which blocks the visual heat pattern in the predators goggles

  6. If nothing else can be said about fortnite, at least they pay attention to and care about their community, it's cool to see them add shit like that gravestone, even if it's small

  7. That Dying Light easter egg is fantastic, I'm currently with a woman who's name is Hannah….hoping everything works out with us, having her find that would be one hell of a life starter.

  8. Love all your Easter egg hunts reminds me of being a kid looking for all the fun and wonderful things hidden in games and currently showing my little one all the things I found (or what I can remember) on the games we play now

  9. It might be a stretch, but when spidey says "you have like zero personality, but the suit is awesome", it reminded me of that anime code geass since the main character of that show is named Zero, wears a flashy disguise, and the voice actor for spiderman also voiced Zero's biggest enemy/best friend. Pretty sure it wasnt intentional but it's a thought.

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  11. Yeah alien 3 is the first and only movie to have an animal smell a human while they are in a corner, totally not a reach…

  12. Honestly don't think the Tomb raid one is an easter egg at all… to be fair, the jaguar is seen later in the game and is said to be a shape shifter and guardian of some kind AIRC. It seemed to notice the that thing on Lara's neck before stopping. More likely the two events are linked in some way. But still, could be a nod to the alien movie.

  13. Hey, let's propose to my … yea real life girlfriend … by doing some rally stupid side quest in some lame video game?
    Yea, I totally have a girlfriend named Hanna … I mean, I like this girl named Hanna.
    Well I saw a girl from afar that looked my way briefly.
    So I named her Hanna.
    And we are in love.
    Will you marry me … Hanna Banana Montana?
    To be continued … in the sequel to whatever that game was … I really don't care.

  14. Another god of war Easter egg to Avengers is the ability to find and use the infinity gauntlet itself

  15. Reference 2 may have just been some inspiration but bf secret reloads are ALWAYS amazing. I've never seen one myself, but I only put like 70 hrs into bf4 so I guess it's pretty rare.

  16. I didnt know, that that scene in shadow of the tomb raider was an alien 3 reference when I played it… well, now I know^^

  17. Not even one of the best Easter eggs from 2018 just the most trendy game Easter eggs fuck you man retitle this shit

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