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  1. We're new subscribers. Thanks for a great video!! Beautiful, well trained dogs!! Many of my students brought bear meat to school for lunch. The meat was cut in small cubes, cooked with taters and onions. I heated it up hot for the kids in the microwave. Many students/families had plott hounds but some had treeing Walkers and black and tans. Ever lose a dog to a bear? Some bears took off dog's shoulder and leg with one swipe!

  2. My friend killed a 600 pound bear with a 44 magnum pistol whilst turkey hunting here in Arizona. Pointless. Bear was over 20 years old.

  3. Wow, what a great video, thanks for bringing us along! We're finally getting enough bears in Kentucky to hunt. You've go a new subscriber.

  4. bloody good vid, i follow clay tall stories N/Z pig hunting with dogs, i'm in the uk, the most i've hunted with dogs is bunnies, or go shoot dear now and then, what does bear taste like? any comparison to other game? Dogs look fine, almost like a visula or weinermerer

  5. Brings tears to my eyes. I used to run beats in my home territory of northern Wisconsin. That first bawling echo through the forest at dawn, gave me chills. Hell. Still does. Many ran Plotts. I preferred Redbone dogs. But regardless of breed, it was the chase we lived for. Many think it's cruel. Yet some of these folks are hunters and wouldn't be fought dead in the pheasant fields without their trusty pointer. Not much difference in my minds eye. It's the chase that matters most. It's that eerie echo of the pack through the swamps and hemlock ridges. The chatter on the radio of everyone and their excitement or disappointment. The stories. The fellowship. The brotherhood and the bloodlines. The bonds created for life. That, and that alone is what being a hound owner is about. Many will never get to feel that. Many will express disdain. But I, I will know the song of hounds of antiquity. I will know the passion of man and beast. I will know the struggle of life and death. For I am a hound dog man. I will be so until I die. Great piece.

  6. Great video. What caliber is most popular hunting bear over dogs? Also is there a preference of rifle action (ie lever, pump, etc)? Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have the passion of the fire arms, so I admire your country because every citizen can have hand gun or a rifle. But I am also disappointed to see that there are some people with psychic drives which are allowed to have weapons or some others which don't understand that your freedom stops there you viloate the freedom of others… Anyway, I don't agree that anybody to be allowed to have automatic weapons as this favors those horrible armed incidents. Such kind of weapons should be allowed only for police, army forces and secret services. As hunter I like a lot to walk through the forest looking and stalking for these amazing wild animals, this is why I tried to replace alive targets (wild animals) with Atropos leavin natural selection to do his job …

  8. looks like the crew i run with 🙂 i've been at this a long time myself, an been know to tell a story or two
    along the way – it's a rule ! nice pack. hot track. lead dog pullin' hair. and all get wooled !! i could help
    with a little color 🙂
    thanks for the video.

  9. Man,  This is an great video. The woods look exactly the same as the mountians where I love to hunt today and where I killed my first bear. Its beautiful up there. Awesome film!

  10. Fake bear hunters, you cant comapare these guys to great actual trackers. Dogs, walkie talkies and a bunch of loud people.

  11. my dad raised walker foxhounds here in southern Illinois. I love to here the chase. No bears though. We enjoyed going to foxhound field trials. really enjoyed this video.

  12. If I was that cameraman, that ole boy with the gun woulda had a fight on his hands. Somebody shoot in my direction, they better be aiming to kill me.

  13. Best bear hunting video i have seen better one if you want to see a real Good bear hunting video search for interjak and there is a video that im in best hunting video ever

  14. Absolutely wonderful video those old timers could really tell you how we used to hunt bear I've heard of plot dogs but we use Healers down here in South Georgia

  15. Being from Tennessee myself it is nice to see someone catch the human side of this story, men like the ones shown in this video are a rare breed! To capture these moments when a man is proud to see his work in action, the dogs to deliver as they were trained and people enjoying being together in a beautiful place is priceless!

  16. Ive probably watched this video a dozen times… Would love to hunt with these ole boys and thier dogs. Real mountain music…

  17. Great hunt! This video is truly magnificent – I share your passion for hound hunting and love my dogs as much as my children. This sport is the most fun in life I have ever had.

  18. I cannot believe that this cruel inhumane form of hunting is still permitted! Why do these bastards hate bears so much?! However, Karma is a bitch and God has a nice warm place in hell waiting!

  19. Great video! Thank you for a beautiful video, fantastic dogs, and lovely scenery. What type of rifle of shotgun was used to harvest the bear? Thanks.

  20. I ran bears for years in the Adirondacks, mostly training with a buddy that guided, put on a lot of miles. We were in the woods the day the seaso was cancelled by NYS due to a lawsuit, Conservation officer found us in the woods and told us. Do you know Bill Vaznis, I knew him quite some time ago and some good times with him. Hav'nt seen him in years.

  21. No chance in hell I’d hunt with these guys. He shot right at the camera man. And don’t try to tell me I’m wrong, my gang hunts this exact type of terrain every year and pile bears up (8 this year)

  22. Raised out here in South valley California my grandpa had this breed of plotts started with two awesome dogs great video sad to see these older guys coming to an end of the chase god bless all of you great men who raised us on such a great tradition

  23. nice video but u shouldn’t shoot when the camera man is behind the target even if u hit the animal but it could still penetrate but good shot anyway?

  24. Was a good video up to the point when the hunter took the shot in the direction of the camera man, holy shit!! So much for gun safety

  25. I love the sound when the dogs are barking I. The woods eclectically when it is a hot trial I also love rigging to its fun hearing them go crazy when one crosses the road or they smell a hot trial

  26. Art of killing? Having been the victim of aggressive humans baiting their hounds for ‘aggression’, I can only pray for these tormented holy Beings. U$ society thrives on subjugation, rape and torture, so it is not surprising to find such a following for this horrific treatment of such noble beasts – both canines and bears! May karma be swift and may peace eventually return to humanity, before we kill every being not suitable to our delicate ego’s & lies.

  27. Be sure to drain the blood into the earth as soon as he is killed, otherwise you attract the curses of "God" to our land.

  28. Lmao all of us with a hunters license learned not to shoot towards someone, but this guy on a video and maybe even tv shows himself shooting right towards the camera man. Smh ?‍♂️

  29. A friend of mine had two Plotts brought to him to hunt cats (bobcats to the nonhunter) on the big ranch country in South Texas. These two hounds were from out of state and added to his pack of Treeing Walkers. Not only did they fight cats well, they fought the Treeing Walkers harder than they fought bobcats and fought each other constantly. It got so bad he sold them to another houndsman near San Antonio. On another note; I am glad to see the houndsman tradition so strong in other parts of the country. It is nearly dead in South Texas ( not to be confused with East Texas). All the old time houndsmen families are gone, Mills, Murphy, Snow, Davidson, Gray, Ward, Reyas. Most houndsmen now have turned to hog hunting in this area.

  30. This is cruel to both bears and dogs. They shouldn't have to live like this. This is just an opinion, but think about if that dog or bear was you.

  31. "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." (Matt. 6:33) 

    A man bought a new hunting dog. Eager to see how he would perform, he took him out to track a bear. No sooner had they gotten into the woods than the dog picked up the trail. Suddenly he stopped, sniffed the ground, and headed in a new direction. He had caught the scent of a deer that had crossed the bear's path. A few moments later he halted again, this time smelling a racoon that had crossed the path of the deer. Then a turkey, a rabbit, and so on, until finally the breathless hunter caught up with his dog, only to find him barking triumphantly down the hole of a field mouse. 

    Often Christians start out with high resolve, putting the kingdom of God first in their lives, but their attention is soon diverted to things of lesser worth. One pursuit leads to another until they've strayed far from their original purpose. Let us do our best to put first things first.

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