Best Baby Gender Reveal Ever / Tannerite Explosion!
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Best Baby Gender Reveal Ever / Tannerite Explosion!

August 15, 2019

we decided that there’s no better way to find out if it’s gonna be a boy or girl then to blow something up alright guys got a pretty big announcement today my wife and I are having our first baby we just went yesterday for the ultrasound to find out gender and everything and we decided that we don’t want to know yet we’re gonna have a gender-reveal party we’re sitting around thinking about ways to do it you know a lot of people they’ll cut a cake and its either going to be blue or pink on the inside but in true pilot Patriot fashion we decided that there’s no better way to find out if it’s gonna be a boy or girl then to blow something up so what we’re going to do is we got four pounds of tannerite and we got 15 pounds of blue chalk and 15 pounds of pink chalk we got the baby gender in an envelope that we’re going to give to one of my friends it’s going to set up the target for us and we have a cardboard box that we’re going to set up the four pounds of tannerite and 15 pounds of whatever chalk it needs to be personally I’m hoping for blue so when it comes time to do this thing I’m gonna shoot the target and we’re either going to get a huge cloud of blue smoke or huge cloud of pink smoke I’m happy either way so let me show you guys how we’re gonna do this we got our spot all set up and we’re gonna be shooting way down there hundred yard shot gonna be about 45 people here so i hope i don’t miss. I got in a couple practice shots on that target down there let’s go check that out this is what we’re gonna have the Tannerite right in and that’s how big a spot i have to hit give you a little comparison that’s my hand from a hundred yards usually is not a problem got my rifle sighted in good but with 40 people watching and finding out what my baby’s gonna be there might be a little bit of pressure but it is my practice target and see my first two shots a little little shaky last four right in there you probably covered up with a quarter so hopefully we’ll get a big boom when it comes time to actually do this thing for any of yall thats wanting to do this we got this from color blaze wholesale color powder com the kit comes with two pounds of Tannerite and whatever color chalk you want since we don’t know what our baby’s gonna be we had to get enough for everything we’re going to 4 pounds of tannerite four pounds ought to give us a pretty good boom and this is how the chalk comes comes in five pound bags personally I’m hoping it’s gonna end up being blue but wont know till I shoot it I got a good friend that’s going to set this up for me and i’ll go ahead and show you how it’s going to be set up in the box when you mix this stuff up you want to make sure that it’s good and tight in there so the front of the tannerite is going to be bumped up right against the front of the box where the target is going to be, going to do a bag of chalk on either side and the box is a little big so we’re going to have some filler back here maybe some foam or something like that and then the last bags going to sit right on top like that right there so we know we get a nice big cloud of color going on both side and straight up the gender the gender thing Aaaahhhhh Yeeeaaaaa, Git R Done! the blue there yeah or is it pink what do you want to put in there should we really screwed it up I really want to…hahaha, they have no idea….

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  1. "Im here to say that it is not Politically Correct to do a gender reveal! Let the baby decide what it wants to be when it grows up" said no one ever. Jokes aside. That is how them idiots are. Congratulations and you will have fun shooting with your little man!

  2. we are doing that with my sister I am the only one who knows and my sister hasn't known for 3 weeks now

  3. I'm a little late to the party! Buts congratulations man, I saw ur video on the stupid new bill their trying to pass… I live around wilkesboro and ran across ur channel so I instantly subscribed

  4. I bought the 2lb package from color blaze and will be putting this together for a friend next month. What was your stand off distance? 2lb bottle says 200 yards but that seems a little much.

  5. This was great! We just posted our SURPRISE PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT and now planning on doing a gender reveal! My husband's a hunter so this maybe a good idea but we will have to change it up!

  6. I'm gonna be doing the same thing and maybe going a little over the top but that's how we wanna do our first little one….my question is do you think the ration of 10lbs of tannerite and 50lbs of chalk will be ok? Just don't want the white smoke from the tannerite to take overtake the color of the chalk?

  7. blowing up stuff and shooting rifles because you are. REVEALING. THE GENDER. OF. YOUR CHILD.

    your mind is so fucked up, your country is so fucked up, everyone hates americans exactly because of fucked up people like you. i hope every single one of you gets lethal shots from another fucked up american with a gun or rifle. you will never learn. you are an absolute stereotype. people like you will always be the reason, why there will be senseless death, terror and innocent people getting shot.

  8. Gender reveals are ridiculous. I’m a trans guy and it’s the stupidest shit I’ve seen. I’m so glad my parents didn’t participate in that nonsense

  9. No one seems to mention that this is binary explosive and under ATF regulations. How did you get the license to transport the stuff and explode it? for more info

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