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Best Archery Bow Sights

August 10, 2019

Having a bow sight, while not necessary, is certainly a piece of bow hunting equipment that should be used. However, like most bow hunting equipment on the market, there are so many choices that we could mention. So, how do you choose the best bow sight? Some bow sights are quite simple. They are only made of plastic and have pins that are positioned in an up or down fashion to indicate the proper elevation. On the other hand, some sights can be a bit more sophisticated. They’re usually made of machined aluminum and have various adjustments, not just for elevation but for windage and a lot of other extras. Bow hunters understand that having a good bow sight can make or break your hunt. So after some testing, I’ve narrowed the field to the top 5 bow sights for the serious bow hunter. The first is the Trophy Ridge React. Though Trophy Ridge has been making bow sights for a long time, they have set the bar with the React. This sight uses a new pin system called Smart Pin Technology. This allows you to sight in a 20 & 30 yard pin and with the twist of a lever, all other other pins out to 60 get automatically get sighted in. This sight is tool less. All adjustments are made with knobs located on the sight itself. The React has a 5 pin sight, and it’s lighter than aluminum. The Trophy Ridge React retails for between $125 – $160. The second is the Spot Hog Spark. This sight is built for low light conditions. It is designed with adjustable, illuminated crosshairs, which can be adjusted during daylight. The crosshairs are available in a variety of colors and the Spark is crafted with light weight aluminum. If you’re a hunter who likes to hunt in the early morning or at last shooting light, the Spark is for you. The Spot Hog Spark retails for between $120 – $180. The thrid sight on the list is the Tru Glo Carbon XS. Built from carbon and designed to be light weight and durable, the Carbon XS can meet the demands of any bow hunter. With a reversible bracket capable of accommodating right or left handed shooters, the Carbon XS has a glow in the dark level and a protected fiber, micro push button lighted pin system. As with most Tru Glo products, the hunter’s wallet is kept in mind. Though this sight did not top my list, it will certainly be another in a long line of Tru Glo products I use on my hunts. The Tru Glo Carbon XS retails from $40 – $60. The fourth sight on the list is the Trijicon Accupin. The Accupin is a high end bow sight built by a company which has staked it’s claim in the gun world by manufacturing high quality rifle scopes. The Accupin has been on the market now for a few years, but has recently undergone a facelift. When he Accupin hit the market a few years ago, it was a set above the rest by it’s Accudial and bow sync technology. Since then, improvements include nylon patches, on the adjustment screws and a larger, easier to see level. The Trijicon Accupin retails from between $400 – $480. And to round out the top 5 is the Cobra Buckhead Double Tine. This single pin adjustment sight was designed with the tree stand hunter in mind. This sight is protected with a metal hood to deflect branches. It has a bright alignment ring and a rheostat light which keeps you in your tree stand until the last possible minute. The Buckhead Double Tine also keeps the hunter also keeps the hunters wallet in mind. This sight retails for between $70 – $90. A good bow sight should do one thing well, it should extend the time you have in your stand or hunting blind. No matter which sight you use, be sure to exercise safety and never shoot when your visibility is impaired due to lighting conditions. To find out more about any oft he sights we spoke of here today, check below this video.

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